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This thread is like... a giant bucket filled with famous people. A bucket of awesome.

Oh God, Panel 9... I can't stop laughing.


I'm gonna be honest. I love Gaia.

I haven't really had a bitchfest over any major features, except for the forum redesign.

Along with most of the other users, I was a bit pissed off. But then, I let them finish the layout. I was bitching and butthurt and the forum wasn't even done.

Much as I hate Naruto, the new game for the Xbox looks pretty cool. (Sad thing is I don't own an Xbox)

Not to mention the Naruto quest items are pretty damn awesome. I absolutely adore the parasol. At least it looks like a parasol and not a giant tampon.

Another feature.

While I don't particularly hate it in the way GCD McSourface froths at the mouth, I do think it's lame as all hell.

Bee Movie.

The entire movie seems to be incredibly lame and the items don't even make up for it.
Didn't know it was such a hit with the devs. X3


@Getso: You're the first to admit. :] There was a time where I too, was so caught up that I kept defending everything to a core, hour after hour, but that was because I didn't have a job and had nothing better to do. XDD
But yeah. I think it's GREAT to sit back and laugh at yourself. Lightens everything up. :B

@Klim: The BS will never come out?
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"I don't like the sound of that. >:|
Gaia sucks anyway."

That's great stuff.

Did the reject *really* need to like Battle though? <Qixter says completely selfishly.>

Just kidding. That strip is *awesome*. Great job! Hilarioulsly funny.

-- Q.
This comic almost makes the bitchfest worth it. xD

If I ever get PO'd at Gaia, I go do something else. When I come back, I'm over it. Problem solved. :D
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Ahhhh ha a ha! I have to show all the other zombies this.

That really describes a large portion of gaians out there. The sad part is it's not much of an exaggeration of the truth. Keep doing whatchu do, mang.

I still love the avatar art you made for me earlier this summer. 4laugh
o______O;; wow.
that is the absolute BEST.
you clearly expressed how ungrateful users are sometimes....

mind if i link you? xD
i wanna send some of these links to people
that are just like that. haha.
That was seriously the greatest thing EVAR. You WIN at Gaia, the internet, life, and everything in general. rofl rofl rofl

You described 99.99999999999999999999999999% of GCDers with that comic...seriously. XDDD
Seems like the dude in the comic is selfish. >_> Theres a seperate team working on the battle system. The progress isnt slowed down by other new features and stuff. Theres many more things i can say but im not in the mood.
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Rofl @ all the Dev's commenting on this comic. You just know this thing is being passed around the office back in Cali.

I wonder how many mods feel like this sometimes. I know I do; and seeing as how I don't do work for gaia; I wouldn't be suprised if everyone working on gaia didn't find this hillarious.
rofl You're brilliant. rofl
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Best comic ever ! Great job heart
Thanks again everyone. I am humbled.


@Shaun: Wait..I drew you art? @3@
I love you for this.

      Fooking win. heart

      I really miss the old Gaia. ;(

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