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Sorry for the size. :< Smallest I can get while still being able to read the text clearly. If you can't read the text let me know and I'll link a larger version.

GAIATARDS! You know you're one of them. And if you're not, you know tons of other GCDers who are.

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Who's the character in the comic? His name is GCD McSourface. He loves Gaia with a PASSION. The only thing is, that kind of passion is too...PASSIONATE. But can there be a limit? Can passion turn into a bitchfest? GCD McSourface is very high-strung, he hasn't gotten any fresh air in days. :<

Lately I've seen a lot of understanding GCDers compared to earlier this year, however there's still a lot of negativity to the max against what Gaia's doing.

So hey, how "passionate" are you about Gaia? Do you get so caught up and get so high strung that you realize what you're doing and go outside in the fresh air and ride a bike? Or are you a fanboy/girl and absolutely LOVE ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about Gaia and defend it against people who are on the opposite side of the passion spectrum? Do you fit any of said stereotypes and/or try not to?

And try not to pop a vein.

EDIT: Didn't know it was gonna be a hit. @3@;;; Thanks a lot! Feel free to link/mess with my s**t, whoever wanted to ask me.

LAWL McSourface love:
[by Diamond Ragamuffin] [by reapersun]
Lmao nice one rofl
Heh there's always going to be one group of people that's not happy with something, which is why the GCD as a whole is often branded as being a sour-faced spoilt brat.

On the whole I totally know where you're coming from, but I promise there's a lot of us here who are genreally quite content most of the time ^.^

Edit: Yuk at spam





heart heart heart heart

And boo at spamRaptorJesus. sad
Ahaha, typical elitest f*****t. :3 Urgly face too.

Anyway, I love Gaia, but not enough to not go outside. Seems a little silly.
rofl I am almost in tears from laughing so hard at that comic.

I totally agree that a lot of people on here are getting bitchy for no reason. I am glad that gaia is getting more high profile sponser so they can afford to update the servers and pay their developers. If I don't want to do a quest, I won't. I also LIKE the Gaia cash cards, so I don't have to use my debit card online anymore (which is empty anyways...).
xD make me sourfaced avi art

Being passionate's one thing
But being a self and site absorbed freak that has little to no idea what they want/a GCD stereotype is quite another
I may not have much of a life
but god I treasure it D:
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I always like to say to those gaians who complain about everything is: hey, you get what you pay for.

Which is probably the wrong thing to say when I look back at it. We get way more than that.

I'm not saying everything that the admins decide is right, look at the marketplace after the 2% for prove of that.
But the majority of the time even if I don't like something to start out with, if I give it time I do end up enjoying it.
I wouldn't say I was passionate about Gaia, not as much as others I've seen on this site. Gaia is just a site to me, nothing more, nothing less.

I wish I could say I was, it would probably make my time on here a lot more interesting and entertaining if I was, but I guess it's a good thing that I don't take Gaia that seriously, to the point where it crosses the line into obsession.
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Your comic opens up some vaild points. Gaia is changing and some resist the change. It's the way things are and the way things will be.

I know I'm not the most devout Christian but I do know when something is blasphemous. I'm almost certain that Jesus didn't star in Jurrassic Park. Samuel L. Jackson did but I think he got eaten.
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I thought you were a troll when I saw this topic title... then saw the name and knew it was alright. <3

That comic is awesome. I remember someone in the GD tried making topics with his awesome comics but they got moved every time. I hope that doesn't happen to your topic. crying

I like Gaia, a lot. So when I was banned I was upset because I had the notion I was a valuable customer for paying something like $15 a month almost every month. Apparently not.

I don't let it bother me to much. I doubt I'll ever spend more then $5 again on the site, but s**t happens.

I don't tend to b***h about the site to much either. Gaia is prone to change like everything else.
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I love that. Seriously. rofl

But yes, GCD does get that reputation easily and honestly. We do complain a lot here (not everyone, obviously). I think it's because we really do love Gaia, which is partly why this is our home forum. It's funny to step back and take a look at it though - thank you for that! <33
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    rofl rofl rofl

    ...I love you... xDD
    The admin should've punched him. D< I know I would've. xDD

    I'll admit I'm a Gaiatard...but I'm a Gaiatard that just loves Gaia. xD;
    If I don't like something, I try to give good feedback instead of mindless bitching. :3 And sometimes I really just want to punch some of these people.

. . . Happy Halloween~ User Image
DrunkenStyle, you win. You win so very hard. <3

I am not so passionate about Gaia that I let it interfere with my mood. I mean, yes I've invested time and a few dollars, but in the end it's just pixels. I refuse to allow myself a headache over those poor Gaiatarded souls. In fact, I may go outside right now.

.... Hm. Or not.

Anyway, massive kudos to you for that awesome minicomic. You hit the nail on the head. On its fugly, elitist head. I just love how GCD McSourface had a crown, cape and kiki. XD I'm just waiting for this comic to personally offend someone. Muaha.
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DrunkenStyle, you're the best. Seriously, I love your art, and I laughed so hard at this comic... but then I felt bad for the admin. Poor admin! She gets so abused, and poked at....

I guess I can't deny getting caught up in the drama sometimes, but that's what makes us GCDers... right? sweatdrop I try to be understanding.

Oh Gaia! Listen as I sing my swan song to you.


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