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I... gonk

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-This is to good for the average gaian...i almost sneezed rice...i'm on a lunch break and i just start having laugh convulsions and everyone staring at me...well what i meant was...this is uber funny...great job DrunkenStyle pirate ...V...for victory...
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Talk about an effective medium. Good show.
As They say....

You Can't Please Everybody.
It's DRUNKENSTYLE art, of course this would be a hit. talk2hand

And did you just punch the ADMIN?! D:

FORSHAME. *shuns* talk2hand

From 1-1O, my passion for Gaia is Pi. 3nodding

I hate how GCD-ers make an issue out of EVERYTHING.

Sometimes it's common sense to understand the new things GAIA implements.

But then again, there is usually a shortage of that around here. Dx

Oh well. All I can say is, if GAIA listened to everything that users wanted, GAIA would DIE.

Gaiamodmins won't be able to facilitate all the wants of the users. They would also have to consider the legal and economic side of such things.

The fact that they hired expert economists in order to sort out the MP trends already shows that GAIA is already spending TOO MUCH money on WHINY users.

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rofl Very much a WIN.
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I just KNOW this is being printed out and posted all over Gaia's offices. xd Awesomeness, man! Pure awesomeness. I wanna kick that jerk, slapping cute lil' Admin like that! She was just doing her job and trying to help! mad

It's funny because it's true rofl

I wonder why no one has yet posted about their aneurysm from bitching about DIs or "Bee Movie" (the name of which, makes me cringe personally - nothing against Gaia though : D)
I would have laughed, but I was too busy being ******** TERRIFIED by the guy's face. gonk
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That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Maybe I don't get out enough, but still, it's teh LAWL.

"GCD McSourface. He loves Gaia with a PASSION." I believe that qualifies for the Gaia Understatement of the Year Award. 5 trillion gold to you! heart
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You have now been eternally memorialized in my siggy.

That is, IF it's working correctly.

And until next week or so, when I change it.

Gaia continues to entertain.
As long as I don't see Gaia popping up in Happy Meals I'll be content.

That guy's effing scary all the same.
Uber-lol at the comic. xD
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I can be quite pationate about Gaia if I want to be.

But it seems thatr people have just taken it to a whole new level this time around.

I totally understand what Gaia is trying to do with the cash shop, and people are freaking out.

The cash shop is a clever way to keep this site free. Without it, we might be forced to go to a pay site, which the admins promised would never happen, so we need to understand that if subscription fees are out, that Gaia has to find other ways to make its costs back.

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