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Favorite YYH Season?

Season One: Spirit Detective Saga 0.12176165803109 12.2% [ 47 ]
Season Two: Dark Tournament Saga 0.2720207253886 27.2% [ 105 ]
Season Three: Chapter Black Saga 0.10621761658031 10.6% [ 41 ]
Season Four: Three Kings Saga 0.11917098445596 11.9% [ 46 ]
I DRAWERED A SQUIRREL! :D 0.38082901554404 38.1% [ 147 ]
Total Votes:[ 386 ]
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This is an informal chat thread created for the people of the Yu Yu Hakusho Community. Anyone is free to join, so long they keep an open mind, positive attitude and follow the rules. Purpose of the thread is to have a place to talk freely about Yu Yu Hakusho and not have to worry about straying to other topics. Its a friend hangout and fandom community.


even though this is an informal chat thread we still need rules.
NO Advertising
NO Spam or bumping
NO Page stretching
NO Harassment towards the club members & friends
NO Begging
NO Trashing "The Box"
NO putting yourself down
NO Complaining about boredom

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Please respect the monitors of the thread. They are here to keep this thread from becoming something distasteful.

Club Monitors
Teh Fawx

Please also show respect to our regulars. They keep our discussions and conversations alive and we couldn't keep the club moving with out them.

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Links Out

The UNofficial Yusuke Urameshi Fan Thread
Kuwabara Kazuma Discussion Thread

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learn about our thread regulars!

Profile for: ToushinYusuke
Birthday: ...You mean I still have these things?!
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Tournament and Chapter Black
Favorite Character(s): Yusuke, Raizen, Jin, Chuu, Genkai, Karasu, Shizuru
Bio: I suck at filling these damn things out... >/

Profile for: MisterJin
Birthday: 1/22
Favorite Arc(s): uuhhhh... I'm not very picky
Favorite Character(s): Yusuke, Kuwabara, Chuu, Genkai, Jin, Shizuru, Raizen and Shishiwakamaru
Bio: Average demon mercenary, people will get tha drift.

Profile for: Noble Kazuma Kuwabara
Birthday: November 28th
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Trounament Arc!! Oh the angst!!! Black chapter Arc! Kidnapping, hidden powers, and demon Yusuke-oh my!!
Favorite Character(s): Kuwabara~the man, Yusuke...and Hinageshi
Bio: uhm...bio...bio...bio...bio...bio??

Profile for: Kaji-Kaijuu_Hiei
Birthday: July 4th 1991
Favorite Arc(s): Hmm, Dark Tournement and Chapter Black
Favorite Character(s): Hiei obviously but I like everyon- Okay wait no I take that back. ALMOST everyone. I mean comeon who likes Keiko? Seriously. ._.
Bio: Just a small time cosplayer and dancer. Fun loving and open to anything. A self-proclamed music warehouse. Loves art and good friends. <3

Profile for: Janeju
Birthday: 11th April, 1987
Favorite Arc(s): Chapter Black, Dark Tourney
Favorite Character(s): Kuwabara, Kurama, Kuronue at the very top, everyone else a close second. (Except that rat-faced teacher. He's a bag of dicks.)
Bio: I bring high doses of snark, occasional art, and I write fic with reckless abandon. Talk to me if you want obscure series knowledge, great links to outside sources, and a leg-in to the Yuu Yuu Hakusho Recommended Fanfiction List.

Profile for: ll T O U Y A ll
Birthday: February 18th
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Tournament
Favorite Character(s): Boton, Yusuke, Kurama, Touya, Jin, Juri, Rando
Bio: Calm, cool, and collected. I'm often lost in my own little world. I love to draw fanart and original characters of mine.

Profile for: oOoNarcissa MalfoyoOo
Birthday: June 21
Favorite Arc(s):
Favorite Character(s): Karasu, Elder Toguro, Jin, Shishi
Bio: Just another fic writer with a dirty mind.

Profile for: psychicfiredemoness
Birthday: May 5th
Favorite Arc(s): Maze Castle (Technically Spirit Detective Saga though isn't it?) and Dark Tournament.
Favorite Character(s): Hiei, Yukina, Yusuke
Bio: Sarcastic fanfic writer.

Profile for: DigitalDawn
Birthday: October 1st
Favorite Arc(s): I'm pretty neutral on them all
Favorite Character(s): Kurama and Hiei, though I appreciate all the characters. I'm sure I'll love them all soon.
Bio: I write and draw. I'm usually neutral about everything and indecisive. I never know what to put here. =w=

Profile for: Carnival_Kat
Birthday: April 24th
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Tournament, Chapter Black
Favorite Character(s): Chu, Jin, Touya, Hiei, Kurama, Yusuke, Puu, Shishiwakamaru theres more.
Bio: Angry, Young and Poor! Story of my life. Though really about 98% Im Happy, Young and Poor. x3
I Love Drawing, Cole<3, Cats, A Cold Glass of Dr.Pepper, a good cuddle, The sound of a Bass being played, getting lost, getting unlost, CAPITAL LETTERS, tattoos, tattooed people, the right consistency of cake batter, creating charms, this smiley x3, styrofoam, taking pictures, adventuring, beaches, attempting to get tan, yard sales, a fluffy blanket, a good fitting bra, people who speak whatevers on their mind, long walks, swinging, orange chicken, Silly menage a trois and the dust left over when you finish a box of cereal. Theres so much more, but Ill stop there cause you guys are probably bored by now. x3

Profile for: Seri Dreams
Birthday: November 21st, 1986
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Demon Tournament a.k.a Fan Service/Blood
Favorite Character(s): Hiei, Yomi, Ayame and Karasu.
Bio: Average wallflower, Computer artist in the making, a dreamer. Word to your momma.

Profile for: Eyes of Eventide
Birthday: August 26, 1990
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Tournament and Three Kings
Favorite Character(s): Everybody, but Hiei mostest. And Yusuke, and Chu, and Kuwabara.
Bio: I am Kiyo, and I am awesome. I likes music, and lolita, and chocolate, and yaoi smut, and cuddly things. N' I like to cuddle said cuddly things. And, um~ coffee~! O w O

Profile for:Dr Jin Love
Birthday: Dec,12,1990
Favorite Arc(s): I'd have to say I like them all.
Favorite Character(s): Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Shizuru, Jin, Younger Toguro, Sakyo - I pretty much like almost all the characters it's kinda hard for me not to like someone.
Bio:Loves to draw, day dream, Is over active and your average Yu Yu Hakusho fanatic.

Profile for: Sephiroth soldier general
Birthday: April 13
Favorite Arc(s): Spirit Detective, Dark tournament, and Sensui.
Favorite Character(s): Yusuke, Karasu, and Kuwabara
Bio: I'm fairly quiet but really nice when I open up to people. I guess I can say that I am an avid fan of video games and reading fiction on my spare time. I just realized that I am beginning to love learning History more than English o.o

Profile for: Rozy Kiss
Birthday: Oct 10
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Tournament
Favorite Character(s): Hiei, Yusuke, Yukina, Jin, Botan, Kurama, Kuwabara, Shizuru
Bio: just a girl thinking about her damn fanfics.5% weaboo, betches.easy to like.unless you hate those cutesy asian girls.but i can be mean...if you want ^ u ^

Profile for: Kara Kazeneko
Birthday: February 10
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Tournament, Three Kings Saga
Favorite Character(s): A LOT! But out of all of 'em, I'd say the ones I love the most are - Yusuke, Jin, Koenma, Kuwabara, Hiei, & Rando
Bio: Hardcore anime fan, gamer, cosplayer, artist, and roleplay nut. Officially the oldest member of the club, but if anyone were to meet me in real life, they wouldn't believe me if I told them my age...LOL (I look much younger than I am, and am quite glad of it). Frequent attendee of anime conventions/cosplay gatherings, and one time was a bonafide 'Guest of Honor' at a con (which was TOTALLY EPIC). Also, I have an awesome 2nd account here on Gaia - "Rando the Badass", and have done a pretty decent job of making that avatar look like Rando.

Profile for:Hexwitch-reborn/ Kurama of the Makai
Birthday:may 30th
Favorite Arc(s):Dark tourney!
Favorite Character(s):Kurama, Hiei, and Jin
Bio:I am an avid gamer, and lover of all things anime. I can be very random, and...I cook? Yush, I am a chef. Not professionally, but in training to become one.

Profile for: Kara Madora
Birthday:April 25th
Favorite Arc(s): Maze Castle and Three Kings
Favorite Character(s): Suzaku (all 7 :3) Kurama, Kuronue, Youko Kurama, Hiei, and Yomi
Bio: Female Artist, who has an easy-going personality. I love all reptiles, and concider the ones I own my "babies." Uh... Found out about YYH by looking at fanart and fanfiction. ["Oh. He looks cool! What show is he from?"] and started reading the Manga. Promptly became a fan of Suzaku, from his first appearence, and see no change in that status ever happening.

Profile for:xLostAndBrokenx
Birthday: September 30
Favorite Arc(s): Spirit Detective and Dark Tournament
Favorite Character(s): All of them really...but my top five would be Hiei, Kuwabara, Yusuke, Jin and Genkai.
Bio: I'm a lover of many things...poetry, scotch and my good friend Baxter. *coughs* Seriously though I love to write and act and do other artsy things. I love tv and movies so if you ask I probably know it. Learned of YYH through a friend and have been so happy that she did. Then I found the manga later on due to the United Stated being behind in everything. I am a theatre major in college now.

Profile for: Akuma Kison
Birthday: June 3rd
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Tournament, Maze Castle, and pretty much the rest. xD
Favorite Character(s): Hiei, Kurama, Youko, and Kuronue are the top three while the others including Sensui's team, rank somewhere near the top.
Bio: There isn't much about me that is interesting. I have been roleplaying YYH ever since I first read and watched the series. Which was about maybe five years ago. I am an active kid, when I get the chance to be. I have a few things keeping me away from hanging out on Gaia, such as school and family, including a new puppy I just got. So, if I am not on every day, like I like to be, then you know something caught me. >.>

Profile for: I x C r o s s x I
Birthday: July 10th
Favorite Arc(s): Dark tournament
Favorite Character(s): Kurama, Yuuske, Hiei, Jin, and everybody else. (not the annoying one like Keiko) ;]
Bio: Likes drawing and sing. Hangs out a lot with my friends.

Profile for: Brittany_Sue1211
Birthday: December 11, 1990
Favorite Arc(s): I would have to say it would have to be in the manga, at the very, very end. It's not really an arc, but it goes through and explains the characters' lives afterward. I won't say anymore in case someone hasn't read it all the way through. I don't want to leave a spoiler.
Favorite Character(s): Yusuke Urameshi; Kurama
Bio: Hey! I will be twenty soon, as you can see from my birthday up there. I am currently in school to be a veterinary technician. I graduate March '11. I'm looking forward to it!
I love to role play. I also love reading and writing, so those three go very well hand-in-hand.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite animal is cats (of any kind; house cats, lions, tigers, palace cats, pumas, leopards, jaguars, etc.).
I have two cats, Tater-Tot and Caesar, and a dog named Ozzy. My cats are both three, and my dog is nine. All have been with me since their kitten and puppy stage.
I am the oldest of three, and I have a boyfriend who currently lives in England across the ocean from me. We're working on a long-distance relationship, and hoping that maybe we might be able to actually lessen that distance by his moving in. Of course, we can't take such a big step so soon (we haven't even been together a year, and we've only met offline once [plane tickets are expensive]), so we are just taking our time and seeing where this will lead us. Hopefully some place great.

Profile for: Misa_Amarah08
Birthday: August 21st
Favorite Arc(s): All but especially Three Kings, Dark Tournament, & Sensui Arcs
Favorite Character(s): Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, Kuwabara, Botan, Keiko, Jin, Touya, Chu, Yukina, Kuwabara's Sister, Genkai
Bio: Well I'm just a girl who's trying to get her life in order so that my dreams of becoming an Actress can come true. Oh and I am a HUGE fan of Yu Yu Hakusho and I always defend it whenever people try to talk junk and I am also a HUGE fan of Cosplay. I'm thinking of trying to do a YYH Cosplay at Animazement 2011 this year. ^_^

Profile for
: iiYukina
Birthday: December 25th
Favorite Season(s): Wint--Oh, you mean the show? Well, I love them all.
Favorite Character(s): I really love all the characters! Everyone makes Yu Yu Hakusho so enjoyable to watch.
Bio:I'm an artist...I can post work if you ever want to see. I'm also pretty shy but once I warm up to everyone I tend to talk too much >.>

Profile for: Ban-Chan7
Birthday: April 1st, 1990 (Yes I know, April fool's baby, ne? Having a birthday on April 1st avoids you getting any pranks done to you ;D)
Favorite Arc(s): Dark Tournament of course, brings all the good characters together
Favorite Character(s): ShiShi Wakamaru, Jin, Touya, Rinku, Suzuka, Yusuke, Yukina, Kurama, and Hiei
Bio: I am easy going, fun loving type of person. I love to RP, and I'm always up for a good RP starring the characters listed above. I have a passion for writing and getting into character. I also have been a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho since it's premier back on Toonami (does anyone remember that show?) I am also quite partial to sweets and little kittens~

Regulars: to add a profile copy/paste this and fill it out.
[b]Profile for:[/b]
[b]Favorite Arc(s):[/b]
[b]Favorite Character(s):[/b]

keep Bios to about a paragraph.

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Entrees from the Cross-Dressing Art Contest

Chrono Crow
[animated version]
Kara Kazeneko
Prince Kiyoshi Okiura


Derp Off stats:

Jin vs. Pan ≫ Jin advanced.
Jin vs. Yusuke ≫ Yusuke advanced.
Yazoo vs. Touya ≫ Yazoo advanced.
Final round:
Yazoo vs. Yusuke ≫ Yusuke wins.

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