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Eat my kimchi

Okai~! Yay~!
Should we pay someone to do the graphics for us?
and I will use one of my reserves to Announce it once we have everything prepared :3

I think so I don't do graphic but I do art c:
Okay I'll announce it on chatter box also !
Just send me the link of the Guide
And plus we need to name the guide o :

well what would the guide be about? Ulzzangs?
hmm well right now we cant make it without the graphics and honestly ive never set up a contest before so idk how to do it
Yes c: and "best faced" like kawaii
Yeah how do we do graphics ? D;
We need two forums
For voting and the contest c:
Crystal Sparda
Ϲ ʀ ʏ s т Α ʟ ♥ ◕ ω ◕
            May I suggest something to help improve your resource guide?
            If so, click the spoiler!
            Use spoilers to organize the people and reduce page stretching! 4laugh
            Spoilers help keep threads looking clean and short. 3nodding
            Currently, you have two very long posts, and it seems like you might be planning on using more.
            I suggest maybe organizing the people in alphabetical order by their last name. 3nodding
            Of course, if you don't want to accept this suggestion, that is your choice. >w<;

            Personally, I don't roleplay, so I won't have much use for this thread,
            but maybe if you want to add more, try putting details next to each person,
            such as their birthday and other personal facts.

            Welcome to the Guides and Resources forum!

thank you I will take that into account <3
haha heechul and kiseop c":
haha heechul and kiseop c":

yush~! Im HUGE Kiseop fan //giggles ^^
Need to Add ...
Im Dae Hye
Hwang Ji Min
Moon Dambi
no mi kyung
m i s s Rieux's avatar

Feral Bookworm

        Loving this! Thank you so much! ;D

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