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I used to hate the way I looked when I was growing up. I was very insecure about my large nose, and my smile/teeth. Now days I am very comfortable in my skins smile I get complimented often, I have a husband who tells me I'm beautiful every day, and I also model on occassion.
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I would give myself a 5/10 on my bad days, and an 8/10 on my good days. I don't get many good days.
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Do you consider yourself attractive? do you think you are ugly? have others confirmed your beliefs?
I consider myself a 4/10 ish I can confirm this by having only a few girlfriends in my time and seeing people who are better looking than me consistently.

So what do you think?
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i dont really know surprised
i am comfortable with my body and looks, but people usualyl think i am younger then i am mad

also siggy.

I would give myself a 3/10 .-. I'm chubby, have an ugly face and yeah. Don't like my looks at all.
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i'd like to think Im about a 7...Im not ugly I dont think but I think I'd look better with straighter teeth and less flab haha

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