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What year did you join Gaia?

'03 0.13720930232558 13.7% [ 59 ]
'04 0.19767441860465 19.8% [ 85 ]
'05 0.16744186046512 16.7% [ 72 ]
'06 0.17906976744186 17.9% [ 77 ]
'07 0.15813953488372 15.8% [ 68 ]
'08 0.083720930232558 8.4% [ 36 ]
'09 0.048837209302326 4.9% [ 21 ]
'10 0.018604651162791 1.9% [ 8 ]
'12 0.0093023255813953 0.9% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 430 ]
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Seeking Pants

2003 so... there wasn't much sweatdrop
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Timid Member

von Kordova
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(February 2006)

How did it look when you joined?
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Oh my gosh! I remember the banner, the creator and everything! I also remember a banner of characters looking at a bulletin board.

Man that was back in 05. Where fishing was the thing, and when Towns came out everyone has a feast blaugh

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Frozen Shoujo

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Interesting poll, seems like GCD is mostly people between 07 and 04 D:
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Obsessive Werewolf

I joined in 09, and I remember the button. We still had the map in the top right corner, and it showed how many users were online. That's about all I can remember x_x;;
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Friendly Conversationalist

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When I joined Gaia, it was a very plain front page with a small animated gif of a rock puppy shaking its head. When I joined, Leon and Rena walked me through the setup. Then I browsed Ian's shop and Sasha's shop. I was sure that I would never save enough for even one of the pretty kimonos in Sasha's shop. xp Now I own all of them.

There were also constant database errors. But the mods/admins had an amazing sense of humor. The databases were named, so you'd get messages like "There has been an error with the braaaaaains database" "error with the sushi database".

People often refer to those days as "the good old days", and while there is something nostalgic about that time and how small the community was back then, all the improvements they've made are amazing. Now we have so many more items that come in on a regular basis. We have so many more ways to interact, and even more games to play. 3nodding Nope, these aren't "the good old days" anymore, they're the exciting new chapter for Gaia.
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Gracious Giver

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I know its later than most people when they joined. I was 13 at the time and I saw my sister on this site a lot and so I snuck on the computer when she was showering and joined. xP
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Angelic Rogue

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joined 2003 and a forgot what it looked back then i do rember it had the guy with the red hair and the cat girl in the banner and it used to call go gaia :p
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Sparkly Fatcat

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I joined in 03.
I can't remember the home page xD
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Kawaii Kitten

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Virtuous Noob

          This, apparently. I vaguely remember that.
Whoa... I remember that sweatdrop

back then there was a chatterbox bar that was open to all members and not just mods eek
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Manly Lunatic

The same... Ah 2006... good year.
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Wild Detective

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Wait, you forgot '11 in your Poll 8D
My first account was from '06 i think, but i started using this site '10
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Gambino Stalker

I joined in '07
This was the homepage.
I even remember what my first avi looked like.
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i joined in 04 using a different account.

logged in for the first time in a few years tonight and wow, talk about changes.

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