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Yep! #YOLO

I even heard that some people even marry different genders than their own.
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As long as they aren't a Satanist or something...
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I wouldn't want to be with someone of a theistic religion.

Do they stink?

No; if I married someone with a theistic faith and had children, and if my wife told our children of her religion and tried indoctrinating them, I would tell our children of the various types of religions and remind them that all religions are beliefs, not facts. I'd be better off with a LeVeyan Satanist or Buddhist.

Goddamnit, Pseudo you're awesome.

Thanks. ^_^ You are, too.

Dwah you! emotion_hug
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Religion isn't a problem for me.
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No. Dated one that was slowly becoming Agnostic. Constant fights would break out between us.. Was miserable at times.
My dad is of Islamic background and my mother is Greek Orthodox and they're still married, somehow.

Religion isn't a big part of my life and I could certainly be with someone who is of a different faith but they cannot expect me to go to church all the time with them, fast, read the Torah, read the Bible, Koran, Kama Sutra, whatever.

Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind dating someone of a different faith but I think I'd want to marry someone with indifference to religion or no strict views or whatever. Thinkin' of the kids.
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I'm atheist, and I wouldn't date/marry someone if they believed in any god/s.
There's just a fundamental difference in the thought process which I feel, personally, I couldn't get past.

Not to say that I think it's somehow wrong for anyone to love anyone when it comes to religion.
It's just a personal thing for me.
I personally am a Muslim, but of more a "liberal" type. I dated a Christian twice and it was fine, religion wasn't a big issue. I would hate it if he were to shove his beliefs up my face, just as he would hate it if I pushed the Quran in his face.

So yeah, I'd say I'm fine with dating others from a different religious background. As for marrying though, it would all depend on the non-muslim in the r/s itself. In my country, a person who is a Muslim is only allowed to be married to another Muslim, so the non-Muslim in the r/s would have to convert which I think, not cool man, not cool.
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I didn't care when my boyfriend was Christian. He was conflicted at one point but decided it wasn't important. Now, he's a theist whereas I'm an atheist. So, we don't care.
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As long as the values align one way or another, it's fine and that applies to religion and things could be unrelated to religion.

I'm a Christian married to a Muslim. Fine with it.
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Short answer is no.

I tried it before. Seen other people try it before.
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I'm a Roman polytheist. My boyfriend is an anti-theist atheist. It works fine for us because we respect each other and each others beliefs and views.
If they have the same basic beliefs and just have a different denomination, yes.

If not, no. It would simply cause too many problems.
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My parents were of different religions--my mom was Catholic whereas my dad was Buddhist. (although my mom didn't officially become Catholic until I was 9)

They got along long enough to have me. Then they divorced because of parenting conflicts.
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I couldn't date anyone that wasn't as driven away from religion as I was.

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