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The little Mermaid, Aladin and A Goofy Movie.
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Sleeping Beauty
Beauty & the Beast
Jungle Book
Little Mermaid
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I grew up with
~ Mulan
~ Pocahontas
~ Aladin
~ Robin Hood
~ The Fox And The Hound
~ The Little Mermaid
~ Sleeping Beauty
~ Peter Pan
~ Toy Story
~ Dumbo
~ 101 Dalamtions
~ Bambi
~ Lady And The Tramp
~ The Sword In The Stone
~ The Aristocats
~ The Rescuers
~ The Hunchback of Notre Dame
~ Hercules
~ Tarzan

They are not in any particular order...
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My list of favorite Disney movies would change a lot over time and what kind of a mood I was in as I grew up...but I do still have a list of movies that I always found time to watch no matter how old I got.

2)The Lion King
5)The Hunchback of Notre Dame
7)The Little Mermaid
8 )The Rescuers
9)Toy Story
10)Robin Hood
11)The Aristocats

But Aladdin was always my favorite! A friend and I actually based an RP of our's off of that movie!
the lion king 1 and 2, bugslife, toystory 1 and 2, and mulan. wink
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Cinderella, Pocahontas, The Lion King, The Fox and The Hound, and Sleeping Beauty.
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ℜinny says: 1.The Lion King
2.The Black Cauldron
3. Toy Story
4.The Sword in the Stone
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My sister and I had a phase were we watched the same 3 movies over and over again.

Mulan, Brother Bear, & Finding Nemo.

[Nobody in the previous comments said Brother Bear. I feel accomplished.]
Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Fox and the Hound, Mulan
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I watched all the classic Diseny movies all the damn time. We had to buy multiple VCR's for our house because I wore them out all the time. I still watch those video tapes even though I have them all on dvd....hope my VCR doesn't die anytime soon. xd
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Dude, I can't even count the number of times I watched the Aristocats when I was younger. It's still one of my absolute favorites. ^-^
Snow white & Dumbo & Mary Poppins was very special to me :')
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I watched The Lion King all the time.
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I had an almost unhealthy obsession with Alice in Wonderland as a kid. Which was eventually explained by something I learned about myself in high school, which I will not share here.

I also watched pretty much all of the Disney Renaissance films (anything made from 1989 to 1999) religiously.
Lion king and Mulan heart

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