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I had a marathon session of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
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Last Anime I haven't seen before- Brotherhood
Last Anime I watched in general- Steamboy (Girlfriend had it on just last night)
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The last series I finished was Nodame Cantabile Finale.

The last part of a series I watched was Binbougami Ga!
Fate zero. biggrin
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Last episode of Binbougami Ga!

Moving on to Jinrui~

Is Jinrui = Jinrui wa suitai shimashita?
Or is it just "jinrui"?
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Just saw the first episode of the new anime K ( Yes, the anime is called "K" ) Very interesting.
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ooo I can't remember the last show I finished fully, it was probably one of the spring shows.
The last episode I watched was from the new show K. Even if I have no clue what is going on it is beautifully animated and kept my interest. I only hope it's not going to be all style and no substance :
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I watched the last ep of Sket Dance last night... but I just finished Hyouka last week.. damn was that a good anime. heart
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Kimi Ni Todoke whee
A few episodes of Katekyo Hitman Reborn smile
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