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Masochistic Tango
Masochistic Tango
Masochistic Tango

well you intrigued me tell me more

Well just think about it. You've seen movies of different kinds of zombies. The slow kind, the kinda fast, but they'll fall over is the go faster, then the sprinters. I just think that if I were in a zombie apocalypse, I'd be going around taking pictures instead of trying to run for my life..even though it is near and dear to me.

Yes, yes it is.

uh huh

lol that's good
I would probably hide out in a gun store xD.
I live in a small town in BC, Canada; way up in the mountains. I'm ********' set if zombies attack. Run for the hills. Fresh water, high ground, lots of food. I got this s**t figured.
i for one would not hide somewhere during a zombie invasion, i would do one of two things:

if my friends & family survived (very unlikely T.T):
create a new society away everywhere else were i we could all be safe.

if everyone love cared about died:
run around the wold like a bad-@$$ killing zombies!!

places i would not go:
police station (everyone will go there!!)
hospital (i don't like hospitals lol )
mall ( everyone will go there bringing too many zombie that want to eat me!!)
church (people who think it's the end of the world will be there doing crazy things)
graveyard (no duu)
school (i don't like school lol )
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a gun shop or a food store
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Public schools are good locations, easily defensible, probably abandoned, and likely stocked with food. Fire escape routes listed in the halls can also serve as floor plans to know possible entrances for the undead and escape routes for yourself. Additionally, the windows, despite their large number, have less need for boarding up than your typical home's. A prison would be better though.
I'd go to a hardware and a ammunition's shop and do laundry!
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A US Army arsenal... there would be lots of guns
I'd get a metal baseball bat (maybe two) and a shovel and some other weapon from the store, but I'd stay home. In a zombie outbreak where I'm living would be the safest place for me to be.
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i would move from place to place quickly and quietly.
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With a big sign saying "NO HUMANS HERE" posting on the side.
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The Insane Gentleman
With a big sign saying "NO HUMANS HERE" posting on the side.

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Let me show you how you do that in style. But anyway, I hope you have fun being a living-supremacist. emotion_zombie
Mmmm maybe a fast food place
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Ever See Mad Max the road warrior? 3nodding

Only stop to get the prescious fuel and switch seats with a prtner for nonstop driving.. Camp far out in the wastelands away from sight, smell, and cantagion.

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