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Hmm....I lied to my parents cause I've been having relationship issues. Well more like a break upish thing. It's complicated. XD Well yeah. Life.

So what was your last lie?
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"I hate you and I'm never coming back!"
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Was watching He-Man and instead told my roomate it was porn.
I am so ashamed.
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Right now,

but that's a lie
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"oh, of course i'm working on my book!"
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i told my brother i wasn't hungry
I promise, I'll make this deadline.
"Sorry I can't go to Boston with you this weekend, it was too short notice for me to come up with the money for it."

"I don't make last minute travel plans b***h, and I got better s**t to do this weekend than to drive out to Boston and spend the night there just to go to a ******** museum and then come home."

I told my boyfriend I was going to ignore him all night because he's a d**k and wouldn't wash this bowl the cat pissed in. emotion_awesome

Shirtless Werewolf

I say i only have 1 girl when i have 7.
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Got a 25cent tattoo and told people at school it was real.
Now they all think I'm in a gang.
I told someone I was okay and that nothing was wrong.
At work.
Customer ordered a smoothie with an echinacea boost but my co-worker thought that was the fat burner boost so I lied and said it was the echinacea boost.
I lied to my mom about already getting the card she sent me.
Then I actually checked my mail and got it.
And I liked it so much that I called her back to tell her I lied and then proceeded to talk about how much I liked it.
And everything was happy.
"Dude ! I didn't eat the last burrito"
" yeah, you can come in of course I have pants on " emotion_awesome

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