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An old ex of mine who I gave my ******** heart too is texting me being all sexual and what not. talking about how he remembers what I like and how he would always tease me and s**t.
I have no idea hat to say back.
But it's ******** rude for him to think he can just waltz back into my life like he didn't ******** me over to begin with.
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send him a picture of ur butthoel
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A Pariah again
send him a picture of ur butthoel
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Well, do you still have feelings for him or are you over him?
y is he texting u?
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no booty calls, b***h.
Forward his texts to his grandparents.
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Dial his number while you're having sex with someone else so he can hear it on the phone. Talk about how small his d**k is compared to who you're with then hang up and pretend you dont know that he heard you.
4laugh ~<3

yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake yum_cupcake
Try with all you can to ignore him, even if it hurts.
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2 Options.
1.Block his number.
2. Turn the ********' phone off.
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just don't talk to him
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ignore the p***k
he's just looking for attention
block his number
move on
don't let him rent any
space in your head or your heart
been there
the sooner you make a good decision
the better
unless you want to go back
and get ******** over again
"I'm not your late night booty call,"
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Wild Puppy

He just wants some action and he thinks you'll be an easy target.

Ignore him.

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