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I don't drink but I love soda and cold coffee yum_tea mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......
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Sparkling water is my favourite, although I don't get to have it often, as alas, it doesn't come out of a faucet when I turn a tap the way regular water does.

Other than that I adore Earl Grey tea and a delicious blend called "honeyroo" (which is a combination of rooibos and honeybush).
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emotion_yatta Hmm, that seems to be a long list for me.... emotion_yatta

yum_tea First off, I love caffine drinks so a nice black tea, hot or cold with loads of sugar and cream (cream in the hot tea only please) and maybe a bit of citrus infusions like lemons, lime or even orange in either tea would be a great drink for the morning, lunch and after dessert.

yum_tea I also love sodas, so a 16 oz bottle of Mt. Dew, Pepsi, Coke a Cola, Sprite, or Orange Crush is a nice way to walk to work or to enjoy some greasy food with

yum_tea Yes, the list goes on!!! Now, this also maybe weird but I do love a nice cold drink of ice water any season of the year and its good for you too!!! I also love a rich white sparkling grape cider/wine/champange, but only for christmas parties and weddings. Its so light bubbly and wonderful and it makes me feel so warm.

yum_tea I do love as well a nice cup of hot or cold coffee. Yes same rules apply to my coffee that apply to my tea, cream and loads of sugar but I like it in BOTH the hot and cold coffee. Hee hee, its the miracles of the coffee bean. I love my coffees mixed with ice too and made into a sweet sugarly slush with a bit of whipped cream, chocolate liquor, chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles and it would STILL be cheaper to make it myself than to get starbucks to make it, ******** it up and make me pay half my check for it anyways.

yum_tea OH!!! Speaking of chocolate, I do ADORE a nice piping cup of hot chocolate with of course, lots of sugar, (are you seeing a theme here?) whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I especially liek a little peppermint stiick for christam to add a bit of a bite and a smooth fall spice to add a mulled taste to it.

yum_tea Now then, on to milkshakes!!! Love teh chocolates, vanilla and cookies and creame milkshakes made with real ice cream and sweet soymilk infused with yes raw cane sugar!!! My milkshakes also have to contain real bits iof flavor like real chunks of chocolate or cookies and a bit of syrup here and there. Also must have whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate on top and mayeb some crushed and warmed sugar. So lovely!!! Again, I make this all myself.

Hmmm, I belive thats it, so yeah, those are ALL my favorites!!!
I love Cheerwine. It's my favorite soda.
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Mountain Dew, Whole Milk, or eggnog

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