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Random, "just because" sort of a ban that sometimes happen to people. gonk
I mean, I've put money into this crap. The very idea that it can just be taken away like that with no explanation is... scary.
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A "Gaia fear"? That's sad. You should spend less time on the internet if you have a Gaia-related fear.
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stumbling across someone I know IRL....
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More than scared, I'd be unbelievable pissed if I got hacked or some s**t like that.
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I don't "fear" anything.
It would suck I got hacked or banned but I'm not afraid of that happening. I don't break rules and I'm not stupid enough to fall for the scam PMs from people who claim to be admins asking for my password.
I guess it would also suck if certain people found my Gaia account and decided to read my posts, but they would have to do a lot of digging around for that to happen since my username isn't that obvious to most people.
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I'm on it. emotion_dealwithit

> burn my house down
> change my name
> dump computer in a lake
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little aishi chan
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Getting hacked. It took forever for me to become a virtual millionaire! crying

ahhhgreed! If I were hacked I would probably not come back. Well...not for a few days, anyway.
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The biggest fear EVER is either your mom or dad getting a gaia account. stressed Talk about wow...
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Everyone I've come to know in the LD disappear leaving me with nowhere to chat consistently.
Getting Perma banned...

FOR LYFE. emotion_0A0
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stumbling across someone I know IRL....

A while ago I saw this guy I went to highschool with on here. I recognized his picture and looked at his profile and he had the same name, IT HAD TO BE. All my friends and everyone else at school would always make fun of him. I didn't know if he'd recognize me so I was freaking out.
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I had a dream last night that I received a warning on Gaia. I thought, "Noooo! Screw this, time to use my Proto-Onkelos account."
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1.) Perma-ban
2.) People not understanding my sarcasm, leading to 1.
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Haii_its_me XP
what is your biggest fear on gaia? well i watched this movie the other night and now im scared of being tracked throught the internet. i was wondering if anyone else has a gaia fear? whee
You're always being tracked on the internet. :/
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Fear? On Gaia? Wat?

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