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i regret buying
wasteland infiltration for 125b yes
now its like 40b
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I got too excited on a bundle and bought it for 5 bill but it was worth 3 bill lol
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Oh god, there's so many...

But more than buying I regret few thing's I have SOLD - like my DJs to a friend when after 2 weeks went up like 20x the price - I don't regret selling to him, just general redface
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too many to remember. sweatdrop
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I haven't checked current prices. If I did, no doubt I would regret some purchases. xD
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maid for you. ;_;
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Any RIG ever bought.
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and then theres recon
sitting at a cozy 170b
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The items in my Yafehiel set that became deflated now classified_fu Like, screw it. Why didn't I wait???

I still love my set, though... emotion_yatta
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I bought some Rig a few weeks ago for like 200mil because I had some stuff on the MP, I think I got 30mil or so. Hate those things.
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I do not really check to see if things have deflated. I do wait a while and watch the prices before I buy things to make sure that the prices dip low. I like most of the things I have. I am not sure what would have been a mistake to get.
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i don't dwell...
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Digital CIouds
too many to remember. sweatdrop
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