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From ages 9 to 12, I was obsessed with The Sims 1 & 2, Tony Hawk games, Halo (da game for the Xbox for those who don't know), IMVU, Club Penguin, AlbinoBlackSheep, HomestarRunner, flash stick figures, and I was about 11 when my cousin introduced me to Gaia, but I was never obsessed...unlike now. emo
Edit: I forgot about habbo, adventure quest, & neopets gonk
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You should visit this joint quest thread

Gaia, and Dragonfable, AdventureQuest, a bit of runescape, neopets and clubpenguin

and leave a bump there.
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Mmm NES. I had no internet when I was 9. Well there was in some way but I didn't know anything about BBS.
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avernum to the fullest maybe some diablo 1 and 2, doom, elder scrolls daggerfall man my childhood was awesome
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Dota and some games in Ps 1 xp
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neopets and videogames on ps2
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i didn really use the computer much until i was like 13 then club penguin gaia facebook
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I was addicted to The sims. bomberman, and millsberry
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I started playing videogames with 3 and over the years I collected over 200 PSX games. As if I could remember all of them. lol
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infamous hogwarts jaguar
i didn really use the computer much until i was like 13 then club penguin gaia facebook

All 3 of those were my life freshmen year crying
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i didnt play games i had a life back then, good memories

⇨ Gaiaonline.

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