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Who Do You Prefer?

Zero Kiryu 0.62974683544304 63.0% [ 199 ]
Kaname Kuran 0.37025316455696 37.0% [ 117 ]
Total Votes:[ 316 ]
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As much as Kaname is 'handsome', Zero strikes me as the one Yuki should have gone for. He would protect her no matter what and he loves her to bits. The moment when they nearly kissed I had a spaz but then they didn't and I cried. crying
Kaname is like Bella Swan...he's very emotionless and has the same kind of look all the time.
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Well if Yuki is stupid ( She is stupid) she would took Zero , and since she dont wants I'll make an announcement:
ZERO I'M SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweatdrop
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Definitely Zero! emotion_bigheart
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Omg no thought needed ZERO ALL THE WAY!!!! heart heart heart I love Kaname, but I love Zero more!!!
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Zero he is soo cute whee
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I'd go for Zero Kiryu 'cause he's hot! And he's a very decent guy and I know he won't betray me.
Zero all the way! C'mon now, especially with the way things are going. xD
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Minus the fact that Kaname called Yuuki a hindrance after her finally opening her eyes to his sins.. I think there could be something. Kaname is a bit off his rocker though. Even if it's for the sake of protecting Yuuki. For now, until I'm proven wrong by the manga. I'll stick to Kaname X Yuuki
Zero Definitely
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obviously zero babu. he has a good personality, he cares very deeply for her, whether it be how she gets mad, how she acts and so fourth.

reason i don't prefer kaname is because of recent chapters of vampire knight
and because of several other reasons.. but i still like the dude, somewhat.
Personally not really into vampires, but if it was either the guy who kills vampires or the guy who controls vampires- I'm going for the guy who kills vampires- Zero wins. xp
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heart Kaname heart

Zero whinning all the time is annoying.
I choose both.
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zero i guess
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. heart heart heart
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oh, Zero definitely. i just got his doll ^.^ he's so friggen cute! and i've like him better since chapter 1.

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