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Ah, I missed the front page crying Oh well.

Rainbow bump! (first for this Twin Bells!)

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Ah, I missed the front page crying Oh well.

Rainbow bump! (first for this Twin Bells!)

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Awww... Poor jennibert. Well, at least you got the Rainbow bump in, eh?
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Ok, an edit of Queen Frostine. xD


Is that do-able?

Sure. Do you want the hair edited too, or just the dress?

Yes, please. n___n~
Bump and good luck!
Hi, I'd like to place an order. I'd like my avatar in this outfit: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I'd like the whole outfit but dont include the hair ... i wanna keep the hair my avie has whee ... and the stick that she is carrying change it for something like a pitchfork
Here's my avatar: User Image
Tnx biggrin

holy crap ... the pic i posted is big eek
Can you make me like Sesshomaru? whee If You Can Here is my Avi >.< User Image Please Make me like Sesshomaru
Cute stuff.

Well can I please order this avatar edit (yes of Sakura):

My avatar base:
User Image

Oh yes my hair stays the same, I just wish for the outfit. Thanks. So um....not sure what the price would be. Hmm also not sure if you can order more at one sitting XD, I'll just continue coming back then ^__^.
DoS: Sorry I had to run, things have been hectic here. If you can get them onto one image facing each other, that'd be great!

Hey DoS! I've got an order! xd Can you do me in Futch from Suikoden 2's outfit?

User Image
User Image

My nakie avvie!

User Image
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xd Wow. So many orders already. *rolls up sleeves* Never figured business would boom like this right after I opened.
Nice new place Dos. I'll subscribe.
*flying tackle glomp* Ha! Got you, DoS! *covers his cute face in kisses*

hee hee hee....DoS is so cute, I just can't help myself....

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The trade's been confirmed, DoS! 0___0
Just wanted you to know.

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