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1} Read all the front page posts.
2} Do NOT PM me asking about prices or order status.
3} Post your request on this thread. Include a link or picture of the costume you want if you would like the discount. I will PM you to discuss the order if I have any questions.
4} Bump away. Keep this minishop going.
5} Do not post here begging for a bump.
6} You will receive a PM notifying you of your order's completion. At that time, send your payment. Your edit will be PM'd to you once the trade is complete.
7} You must host the image on your own server. I will clear out the files after two weeks.
8} I reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order at any time prior to payment.
9} Due to the nature of the product, there will be NO REFUNDS. I will do my best to fix mistakes or complaints, but refunds will not be provided.
10} Each Week, there will be a limited number of slots for orders. Slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
11} Place only one order per post. Only one order per customer.
12} Any orders after the slots have been filled will be disregarded.
13} You may not reserve a slot and then come back later to fill it. If you do not have an order ready when we open, make sure you get it ready before we are full, or wait until the following week. If you cannot be here in time to order an edit, see about making arrangements with someone who can be. They may order for you by proxy.
14} Edits ordered here are still the property of the original artist, as well as the customer. You may NOT sell them or claim authorship of them, though you are free to modify them or give them to others as gifts.

Slots reopen every Monday at around 10:00 am Central Time.

How To Place an Order
This is probably the best way:

Best Way
Hi, I'd like to place an order. I'd like my avatar in this outfit: User Image
I'd like the whole outfit. I don't want the hair to look like Chun-Li's, but if you could put the long back parts up in the buns, that'd be great biggrin
Here's my avatar: User Image
Thanks so much.

Such an order would cost: 700 gold (base) -100 gold (provided a decent reference picture) = 600 gold. Had the customer asked for the whole hairstyle to be changed (rather than having the buns put up) or for the pose to be modified, there would have been an additional charge (typically 100 gold).

If possible, don't order an edit in the following manner:

Just Ain't Right
Hey. I'd like an edit of me looking like Chun-Li. How much would that cost?

Such an order leaves open many questions: First, does the customer want Chun-Li from the Street Fighter II series, or the Alpha series? Does the customer want their hair or pose edited? It's possible that I might not even know who Chun-Li is, and be unable to figure it out if it was a more common name (such as "Sakura" wink . Additionally, without a base avatar (a naked avatar) I have to go out and try to recreate it, which isn't much fun and takes more time. I may add an additional cost if this is the case.

So, that's how to order in Twin Bells. Thanks for shopping. biggrin
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700 gold: Basic Edit Cost
+100 gold: Hair Edit
-100 gold: Good image Reference

Samples 1
Samples 2
Samples 3
Samples 4
Samples 5
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It's the End of Twin Bells As We Know It (And I feel melancholy)
(07/03/06) *sigh* I've got some semi-bad news, folks. Looks like my place of employment will be closing near the beginning of August. Hopefully I'll remain employed by the company that replaces the current computer store, but I know that I won't be able to continue doing avatar edits once this store closes. So, the next couple of weeks will pretty much be the last edits of Twin Bells, and possibly the last real time I'll be on Gaia.

On the other hand, assuming that the switch over lands me a full time job, I'll actually have benefits (without relying on my fiancee) and a more stable job. It'll still be something I'll need to leave for a real career sooner rather than later, but it'll be better (hopefully) than where I'm at now. Assuming that I actually get it. I've worked for the incomming company in the past, and I've had terrible luck with getting promotions from them. stare
Yearly Vacation!
(06/05/06) DoS is going on his yearly vacation to Project A-Kon this weekend. Because of his general unavailability online, edits will be run a little differently. The five slots for the week will become five slots for two weeks; DoS will finish up the second half of this week's edits next week instead of taking new orders. If you're going to be at A-Kon this weekend, feel free to say "hi" if you see me. I'll be the guy with the mullet and the name-tag that says "Mercurius."
(11/16/05) Twin Bells will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (November 21st - 27th) due to DoS being out of town. I won't have reliable net connection, and I'll be busy with other matters anyway. So you'll all have to wait for a week. Thanks for your patience.
Back in Business!
(09/28/05) Twin Bells is open for business. This week, there are only 5 open slots for orders. Make sure you only post one order per post, but you can post multiple times. Have a it!
Reopening Soon
(09/28/05) After a very lengthy break due to a problematic hard drive and an attempt to become a legitimate artist who's actually paid for his troubles, Twin Bells will be reopening in a limited capacity later today. There won't be too many orders accepted at once in order to make room for more personal projects, but we'll hopefully be getting this place going again. I know several people who were looking forward to more edits from me.
Forcibly Moved
(04/19/05) After a lengthy hiatus brought about by Gaia's glitchiness and an archived front page, Twin Bells has been reincarnated here. The old thread, which almost reached 150 pages, can be found
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In Progress / Awaiting Payment / Awaiting Approval / Finished

-- 07/24/06 to 07/30/06 --
1} Eva Edin as Here is Greenwood's Miya Igrashi
2} Yuuka Kurokawa as Slayers's Xellos Metallium
3} Nekoai-kun as Fushigi Yuugi's Tamahome (Sou Kishuku)
4} KuRaTi as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's Tifa
5} Cartagia as her OC

**6} Yuuka Kurokawa as Slayers Sylphiel
**7} KING SQUEEGEE as Final Fantasy VIII's Seifer Almassy

User Image
Fallen Faerie as:
* Witch Hunter Robin's Robin
* Fire Emblem's Pent, Count Reglay of Etruria
* Fire Emblem's Nino
* Fire Emblem's Louise, Count Reglay's wife
* Golden Sun's Jenna
Danica Shardae as:
* Card Captor Sakura's Sakura in "bat" outfit
* Card Captor Sakura's Sakura in witch outfit
* Sailor Moon's Sailor Mercury
* Fire Emblem's Mathew
* Card Captor Sakura's Sakura in White Fairy outfit
* Fire Emblem's Ninian
* Fire Emblem's Eliwood
* Fire Emblem's Lyn
* Wolf Rain's Sume
* Fire Emblem's Canas
* Yugi-Oh!'s Seto Kaiba
* Yugi-Oh!'s Yami-Yugi
* Bondage Queen Sailor Moon (or something)
* Inu Yasha's Inu Yasha
* Inu Yasha's Sesshomaru-sama
* Marmalade Boy's Miwa Satosi
Onilen as Kingdom Hearts' Kairi
Chibi_Silent_Firefly as:
* Galaxy Angel's Mint
* Tokyo Mew Mew's Lettuce
* Sailor Moon's Tin Nyanko
* Love Hina's Kanako
Marion du Coudray: Black Wings for Aryk
kai_hiwitari as:
* FFVII's Vincent Valentine (including hair)
* Chrono Trigger's Chrono (including hair)
Disciple of Li as Card Captor Sakura's Li Syaoran
Sephiroth67Rose as Kingdom Hearts' Black Winged Sephiroth
link87001 as Legend of Zelda's Link
Teh Teefer as a Hogwarts Sirius Fangirl
Loreigh as:
* Dawn Fairy
* Disney's Peter Pan's Tinkerbell
* Disney's Minnie Mouse
* Dark Dawn Fairy
* Disney's Cinderella's Cinderella
* Disney's Snow White's Snow White
* Disney's Beauty and the Beast's Belle
Manwe: Commissioned Mokoni a birthday present.
RayeChan in Wedding Dress
A Starving Artist as:
* Nights: Into Dreams' Jackle
* Nights: Into Dreams' Reala
KitsunePilot80 as:
* Klonoa's Klonoa.
* +Anima's Husky
Chisato-Chan as FFX-2's Yuna in Beastmaster costume
Tassa as a Gothic Lolita
Startica got some blue wings.
Iggeh in white robes with tiara (Priestess?)
goomad3 as Inu Yasha's Sesshomaru
jennibert as:
* El-Hazard's Ifurita
* Wedding Bells Embroidery Dress (Red and Gold)
* Oh! My Goddess's Belldandy (with red hair)
* D&D: Bladegash's Misery in pretty silk dress
* D&D: Bladegash's Misery in school uniform
* D&D: Bladegash's Eliot Pentant
* D&D: Bladegash's Zenul Harnes
* D&D: Bladegash's Subotai
* D&D: Bladegash's Alfors Dahl
* D&D: Bladegash's Hrothulf, son of Hrothgarr
falcon_tonsou as Dragon Ball Z's Gohan
Merili as:
* the Live Action Sailor Moon's Sailor Moon
* Tales of Phantasia's Mint Adnade
* Tales of Phantasia's Arche Krane
Sammeth as Donnie Darko's Donnie Darko
Celes Star as:
* Princess Tutu's Princess Tutu
* Maria-sama ga Miteru's Yumi
Hisamie in black kimono with Red Dragon Print
Kira Kitasaki as:
* Teen Titans' Red X
* Teen Titans' Robin
* Hellboy's Kroenen
* Halo's Master Chief (sans helmet)
* Megaman Zero's Zero (with black armour)
* Naruto's Zabuza
* Naruto's Gaara
* Guilty Gear's Ky Kiske
* Transformer Energon's Shockblast
* FFVII's Vincent Valentine
* FFVII: Advent Children's Cloud Strife
* a Gundam Astray without a helmet
* Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers's Ryo in Inferno Armor
* Naruto's Uchina Itachi
* himself with Gundam's Death Scythe accouterments.
* Dragon Ball Z's Trunks
Super Lain as:
* herself with Megaman style Boots and Gloves, and Guilty Gear's Dizzy's wings and Tail.
* Megaman X's Zero (version 3)
Kaitsu-Ralia as Fushigi Yuugi's Nuriko
BellaMuerte as her own character
Ir - Aur as Card Captor Sakura's Sakura in devil costume
D.N.Angel_DarkMousy as:
* Chobits Doll Faythe (original character)
* Chrono Cross's Kidd
* Yugi-Oh's Bakura (I think)
* Chrono Cross's Serge
bibutterfly as a gothic geisha
James Tanner:
* in Star Wars pilot outfit
* with a bitchin' guitar
* with another kewl guitar (this time, Red!)
* with a white guitar
Moonside ordered his character, Mooneye
Kagome_InuYashas_Girly as FFX-2's Yuna in Songstress outfit
Demonic Curse as Disney's Mulan
Guo Jia as Guo Jia
LadyDelaidra as:
* Final Fantasy X's Yuna in bridal gown
* Lord of the Rings' Arwen in mourning gown
* Candy Land's Queen Frostine
* herself in a pretty blue and white dress
Dread Pirate Chiizukeki as:
* Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S's Sailor Pluto
* Kirby's Metaknight
* Kirby's Escargoon
* Kirby 64's Zero Squared, the camera shy
* Kirby's Princess Rona
* Kirby's Commander Vee
* Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS's Queen Nephrenia
MengDe as Sima Yi
Bat Outa Hell as himself in sports attire.
Ruarc as Halo's Master Chief (in Blue, sans helmet)
Skyjjin Elrodias wearing Sith robes
Rai-Kune as Majik (original character?)
Black Blaze in a custom outfit
Tiana Sidhe as:
* Eve
* herself with a flute
* Azumanga Daioh's Maya & Sakaki in Winter Uniform
* Azumanga Daioh's Maya & Sakaki in Summer Uniform
* Azumanga Daioh's Maya & Sakaki in Vacation Clothes
* Record of Lodoss War's Deedlit
* Record of Lodoss War's Deedlit in casual attire
* Record of Lodoss War's Deedlit in winter clothes with Parn
* Thundercats' Cheetara
* Gippon as Thundercats' Tygra
* a male Gashta
* a female Gashta
* a Silver female Gashta
* a Silver Male Gashta
* Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe's Mr. Tumnus
* herself in uniform
* Star Trek: Enterprise's T'Pol in her wedding dress
All my memories in a bunny suit
Vash-TheHumanoidTyphoon as Trigun's Vash the Stampede
Vanillakat1026 as Fire Emblem's Serra
Kakashi--Hatake as Saitou Hajime
Ikira_Angelfire as Hellsing's Alucard
Flash-McCloud as Yugi-Oh!'s Dark Magician
Bigby as Blue Seed's Mamoru Kusanagi
Sins of an Angel as Ghost in the Shell: Stand Along Complex's Motoko Kusanagi
kmaritza as:
* Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer's Hermie, the misfit elf
* Candyland's Queen Frostine
* herself in a Valentine's/birthday dress
* Through the Looking Glass's Black Queen
* A goofy April Fools' Day outfit
* a Cinco de Mayo dancer
* herself with her hubby and baby
* Icysnowgirl holding Boo
* herself in a dress I make up >.<
* her-IRL-self
Fluffy sama as Shiini
The Darkness Makuta in wrestler garb
~X Rag Doll X~ as a one-winged goth girl with a Keyblade
Rage Beat as:
* Full Metal Alchemist's Edward Elric
* Doctor Who's 6th Doctor
* Doctor Who's 4th Doctor
* Doctor Who's 7th Doctor
Blazing_Inferno as:
* Pokemon's Team Rocket Member
* Pokemon's Team Magma Member
Ash Wufei as AC/DC's Angus Young with a Gibson SG guitar
Harpling dressing her boy up as Spiderman
marco12 as:
* Slash
* Jimmy Hendrix
Pixel Sage as original character "The Ancient"
Eva Edin as:
* Sailor Moon S's Mistress 9
* Bloody Roar 4's Bakuryu
* 3 edits of Lord of the Rings' Eowyn and Legolas
* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Sheik
* a Sheik-esque character
* R.O.D.'s Yomiko Readman
* Soul Calibur 2's Kilik
* Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers' Kento of Hard Rock/Shu no Kongo
* Slayers' Xellos
* Gundam Wing's Duo Maxwell
* Dragon Ball Z's Kibito Kai
* Naruto's Kabuto Yakushi
* Oh My Goddess!'s Skuld
* her friend as a Megaman-style warrior
* Naruto's Akatsuki
* Inu Yasha's Sesshomaru
* Ranma 1/2's Mousse
* Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance's Soren
* Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers' Lady Kayura
* Trigun's Nicholas D. Wolfwood
* Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance 's Patrine
* Sailor Moon S's Sailor Saturn
* Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa's Empress Tomoyo
* Final Fantasy: Advent Children's Sephiroth
* Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals's Sophia
* Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals's Rei
* Negima!'s Chise H.
* Dragon Ball Z's Taipon
* Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals's Idun/Idenn
* Super Smash Bros.'s Kid Icarus
* Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance 's Luchino
* Fire Emblem: The Path of Radiance's Sothe
* Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors OAV: The Message's Suzunagi
* her RP Digimon character Layrial Rugiada
* Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney's Mia Fey
Mishimisa as:
* Dynasty Warriors 2's Sun Shang Xiang
* Dynasty Warriors 3's Da Qiao
* Warioware: Touched's Ashley
-Mikanne- as her own character
angelic elf as:
* Yugi-Oh's Dark Magician
* a white tiger half-beast with white garments
Kid_Maxwell as:
* her own character
* her own character, Kasumi
* Twisted Crew's Mad Hatta
409_in_your_coffee as Jimmi Hendrix w. Black Fenderstrat Guitar
Blue_Kitsune_Vash as Full Metal Alchemist's Edward Elric
ll Fiona ll as Final Fantasy X's Yuna in Wedding Dress
Nova Strike as a member of Final Fantasy VII's Turks
antonio_baka_guy as his own character Leliel
Sakuar_2525 as Oh! My Goddess's Belldandy
ItoMaki-chan as
* Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife
* Kingdom Hearts' Cloud Strife
* Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's Cloud Strife
* Kingdom Hearts's Yuffie Kisaragi
* Kingdom Hearts's Squall Leonheart
* Kingdom Hearts' Kairi
* Suikoden II's Riou
* Suikoden II's Flik
* Suikoden II's Futch
* Suikoden II's Kinnison
* Suikoden II's Sasuke
* Suikoden II's Jowy Atreides
The_Raven_of_Redemption as Outlaw Star's Gene Highwind
Draco Serafina as her pet, Draco
NibbleKat in a fancy dress with some fancy wings
Kalen Miyan:
* in a yukata with Sephiroth's sword
* some evil cleric, I guess.
SeraphicLeeloo as her pet, Leeloo
Nintendo Master Otakusama as:
* Fire Emblem's Lyn
* Tales of Symphonia's Genis Sage
* Card Captor Sakura: The Sealed Card's Sakura Kinomoto
* .Hack/twilight's Mirellie
XxSweetChicxX as Chobits's Chii in a maid outfit
Grene_Tiger as Guilty Gear Isuka's Anji
Amelia the unLoved as Batman's Joker
VoLt189 as his own character Volt, the Jedi Knight
Gray_Eyes as Zoids: New Century/Zero's Leena
Saiyoto as Chobits' Chii in dark clothes
Shaydi as Chobits' Chii in white clothes
Stokesmon as Tenjo Tenge's Bob
Ladorma as Neon Genesis Evangelion's Ayanami Rei
Kaen~Illusian as Full Metal Alchemist's Envy
rikkurocks as Resident Evil: Apocalypse's Jill Valentine
raven 86 as Chobits's Chii
Blasko 5406 as:
* Metal Gear Solid 3's Volgin
* "The Fallen Angel" Chris Daniels
snochan15 as Naruto's Temari
NessyBaby as:
* Sailor Moon StarS's Heavy Metal Papillon
* Sailor Moon StarS's Sailor Lead Crow
* Sailor Moon StarS's Aluminum Siren
* Sailor Moon StarS's Lethe
* Sailor Moon StarS's Mnemosyne
* Xenosaga's MOMO
* Chrono Cross's Harle
* Revolutionary Girl Utena's Nanami Kiryuu
* herself in school colours
* her own Eternal Senshi
* Gone With the Wind's Scarlet O'Hara
* Revolutionary Girl Utena's Nanami Kiryuu, Duelist
Korne as Halo's Spartan (Male and Female)
yuki_tora as Wedding Bells Stylish Dress with wedding veil and bouquet
Keji as:
* Some Sci-Fi Monster
* Himself decked out in Megaman's Bass's cloak
Soull in Gundam Zaft Uniform
x--MooN--x as a dark fairy
Demon Master The First as Inu Yasha's Sesshomaru-sama
Rita Zyon as Card Captor Sakura's Sakura in Christmas outfit
CartoonKid playing the flute
CPanda as:
* Phantasy Degree's Sang
* Baron the Cat Returns' Baron
AuroraFiara as:
* Valkyrie Profile's Valkyrie
* Naruto's Temari
Tangled Puppet as:
* her original character, Lillith
* some gothy vamp girl
smarsala as Spiral's Ayumu Narumi
kimbaby as Sonic's Amy Rose
InuYanna as:
* an autumn faerie
* A gothic lolita
* Chobits' Chii
animechick3 as:
* Sailor Moon S's Super Sailor Moon
* Sailor Moon R's Neo-Queen Serenity
* Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask
Thalia Ravenscroft as:
* a fallen angel
* a dark queen
* an angel archer
KayK3890 playing a flute
Kratos Girl as Tales of Symphonia's Kratos
leechykins as:
* Fushigi Yuugi's Yui
* Chobits' Chii and Dark Chii
big-killa as Yugi-Oh!'s Yugi
Anthony Vorhees commissioned:
* Legend of Zelda's Princess Zelda
* Legend of Zelda's Dark Link
* Digimon Fan Character
* Shinzo's Mushra
* Digimon's Angemon
* Digimon's Angewomon
* Saint Seiya's Shiryu
* Saint Seiya's Ikki
RyderHakubi as:
* A wrestler
* Another wrestler
Lorako as:
* Chobits' Dark Chii
* Chobits' Good Chii
* Card Captor Sakura's Sakura in *shrug* Crow dress
* Prince of Tennis's Ryouma Echizen
* Sailor Moon's Princess Serenity
Lorako with Boyfriend as Sailor Moon's Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.
SwordMasterZero as a Jedi
Nekoai-kun as:
* a Jedi with Green Lightsaber
* Chrono Trigger's Chrono
* dual wielding Jedi
* Scryed's HOLY officer Ryuho
* Chrono Trigger's Frog
* Scryed's Asuka Tachibana
* Scryed's Zetsuei A
* Inu Yasha's Miroku
* Ranma 1/2's Ryouga, the eternal lost boy
* Fushigi Yuugi's Chichiri
* Scryed's Unkei
* Fushigi Yuugi's Nuriko
* Inu Yasha's Kikyo
* Trigun's Nicholas D. Wolfwood
* Tokyo Mew Mew's Kish
* Fruits Basket's Kyou Souma
* Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger
* Star Wars's Bastila Shan
* Inu Yasha's Inu Yasha
* Trigun's Vash the Stampede
* Trigun's Meryl "Derringer Meryl" Strife
* Disgaia's Dark Adonis
Cardi as:
* Ayashi no Ceres's Alice
* Fushigi Yuugi's Yui, Priestess of Seiryu
* Fushigi Yuugi's Miaka, Priestess of Suzaku
* Fushigi Yuugi's Nuriko, Celestial Warrior of Suzaku
* Wedding Bells Stylish
* Wedding Bells Gauze
* Wedding Bells Embroidered
Ryoko~Dear as .Hack//DUSK's Rena
Dark_Queen_of_Death as lolita cat girl
Celena_windhurst as Gundam Wing's Lucrezia Noin
* 's friend as gothy cat girl
* 's friend as Gaia mage girl
* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night's Alucard
* in some pretty dress
inuyasha manga as Tales of Phantasia's Kratos
Nicholas Xion as:
* Sword of the Dark Ones' dRagnarok
* an Ottawa Senators Goalie
* Soul Calibur 3's Sigfried
Ru McG as:
* Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith's Commander Neyo
* Ru McG as a soccer fan
Master Kaiser as Legend of Dragoon's Dart (customized)
Tsuwabuki as:
* a bishie in goth-lol witch attire
* a bishie in goth-lol attire
ixisstar as:
* Breath of Fire III's Teepo
* Breath of Fire III's young Ryu
* Breath of Fire III's Rei
* Breath of Fire III's adult Ryu
* Breath of Fire III's young Nina
* Breath of Fire III's adult Nina
* Breath of Fire III's Momo
* Breath of Fire III's Garr
* Nights: Into Dreams' Nights
* Nights: Into Dreams' Realla
* Xenogears' Fei Fong Wong
* Xenogears' Elhayym VanHouten
* Xenogears' Bartholomei Fatima
* Harvest Moon's boy character
* Harvest Moon's girl character
* Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars's Sailor Chibi-Chibi
* Dark Cloud's Ruby
* her OC, Nikki
* Chrono Cross's Harle
* Final Fantasy X-2's Lenne
~kutie_inugirl109~ as .Hack//Sign's Mimiru
star1princess as Final Fantasy X's Yuna
nighthack as Final Fantasy X's Tidus
Foxphoenix as DBZ Bardock SSJ
Kaen_Scandalous_Butterfly as Final Fantasy VII's Reno of the Turks
Seabook Arno as Mobile Suit Gundam's Gundam F90
[Ryoko] as:
* a dark-clad elven woman
* a Gothic Lolita Witch
S0l1dus as:
* Dragon Ball's Trunks
* Dragon Ball's SSJ Trunks
[Zoe] as:
* herself in red gown
* Final Fantasy X-2's Rikku in Trainer costume
* SSX's Zoe
* Lenore's Lenore w. Ragamuffin doll
* SSX's Zoe
* Final Fantasy VII's Aerith, impaled on Sephiroth's sword
* a goth woman
* Blood Rayne's Rayne
* herself in a dress and bell-sleeved top
* Bloodrayne's Rayne in black dress
* Live Action Sailor Moon's Dark Sailor Mercury
* Psycho le Cemu's Aya
Poison_Sake as a woman in blue (really elaborate)
Korensu as Power Rangers' Red Ranger (of some form or other)
Zakaru101978 as:
* Full Metal Alchemist's Wrath
* Full Metal Alchemist's Ed Elric
* Full Metal Alchemist's Alphonse Elric
* Full Metal Alchemist's Maes Hughes
* Full Metal Alchemist's Winry Rockbell
* Full Metal Alchemist's Envy
* some sheeplike character
* Full Metal Alchemist's Colonel Roy Mustang
Yuuka Kurokawa as:
* Slayers's Amelia
* Ruroni Kenshin's Takani Megumi
* Ruroni Kenshin's Kamiya Kaoru
* Full Metal Alchemist's Lust
* Teen Titans' Starfire
* Naruto's Naruto Uzumaki
* her OC Yuuka
* Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa's Princess Sakura
* herself in a formal gown
* Fushigi Yuugi's Miaka Yuki, Priestess of Suzaku
* Final Fantasy X's Yuna
* herself in a poofy victorian style dress
* Chobits's Yuzuki
* Kingdom Hearts II's Kairi
* Inu Yasha's Kikyo
* Lord of the Rings's Arwen
* herself in a personalized outfit
* herself in a kimono
* Card Captor Sakura's Sakura in Princess Costume
* Card Captor Sakura's Tomoyo Daidozi
* Chobits's Sumomo
* Slayers' Lina Inverse
* Slayers's Gourry Gabriev
* Slayers's Zelgadis Greywords
Mr. Lionheart as Final Fantasy VIII's Squall Leonheart
sopen asataka as:
* Bleach's Rukiya
* Teen Titans' Raven
* Naruto's Sakura
* Fushigi Yuugi's Nurko
* Sailor Moon's Sailor Pluto
* Tenchi Muyo!'s Ryouko
* Death Note's Amane Misa
* Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars' Sailor Star Healer
Scorpina as:
* her OC
* herself in a black dress
Sinfully-Innocent-Kaen as:
* her OC
* her Yami as Yugi-Oh!'s Yami Malik
* some punk girl in a top hat (sans top hat...)
* Kingdom Hearts II's Riku
* Yugi-Oh!'s Namu
* her Alien, Kita
* Sonic Adventure 2's Shadow (human version)
* Loveless's Rituka in Star Ocean's Abel Nox's outfit
Cartagia as:
* an original character
* Slayers's Amelia Wil Tesla III
* Slayers's Xellos
* Slayers's Lina Inverse
* Crest of the Stars's Lafiel
* Slayers' Zelgadis Greywords
* Slayers' Filia
* her OC Jacqueline
Pixelated p***s as a Black Angel
Pretea as her OC, Lena
Shan Itami as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time's Peppita/Souffle
Qiao Beauty as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time's Clair Lasbard
Reiyuka as:
* Gundam Wing's Trowa Barton
8 Oh! My Goddess's Hild, Queen of Hell
Sexy~Animedemon as some maid girl
Sai Amayashi as her OC, Meredith
Minyain as Dragonlance's Raistlin Majere
Nessylove as:
* her Sailor Moon OC, Sailor Infinite
* Xenosaga III (?)'s MOMO
* Carling
* Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars's Sailor Iron Mouse
Zen Gentleman Lifeguard as:
* Last Exile's Alex Row
* Suikoden III's Nadir
Droig as Rurouni Kensin's Enisi Yukisiro
kura_Ga_yami as:
* Saber Marionnette J's Lime
* Slayers Lina Inverse
* Rurouni Kensin's Kamiya Kaoru-dono
DevilsNestKimblee as Full Metal Alchemist's Zolf J. Kimbly
DarkTheWise as Slayers's Xellos
Antaine [Phoenix] McLeod as Soul Calibur 3's Tira
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Welcome to Twin Bells: Wedding Bells, a branch of the Twin Bells: Avatar Edit Division. Here, we sell prefabricated wedding dresses in a variety of styles and types, with assorted accessories. Take a look at our catalogue...
Wedding Bells Catalogue
After perusing the catalogue, please feel free to post an order. We can alter the colouration of any of the dresses, often changing different segments of the dress as needed. Additionally, components from various ensembles, such as jewelry, may be mixed and matched. Please don't hesitate to ask if a combination you desire is possible. Please look here for some examples...
Wedding Bells Sample Catalogue
Remember: This is a division of the regular Avatar Edit store. Any significant work, such as the addition of wings, patterns, or wholesale modifications of the figure will likely result in larger fees than those listed in the catalogue. Thank you for shopping at Wedding Bells.
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Common questions and answers can be found here.
Q: How long does it usually take for you to complete an order?
A: I generally do orders the day after I find them in the thread, though if I don't have anything else going on, I may get started the same day. Typically, it won't take more than two or three business days for me to finish (yes, business days. I don't work on weekends).
Q: Why haven't you finished mine yet?
A: There is a chance that I either missed it or that I'm waiting to hear back from you. There may also have been a problem with the way you placed your order. If you're not on the front page waiting list, your order was either overlooked or there was something missing from it (like a working goal image).
Q: Can I order more than one edit in a week?
A: At the moment, you may not. I have very few slots, and a lot of customers wanting to place orders. Too many people were being denied the chance to have an edit because they weren't here when I first opened up the slots.
Q: Can I reserve a spot and fill it later?
A: No. Slots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you want an edit slot, I recommend having the links ready when you post. Only under extremely special circumstances will I allow slot reservations.
Q: How much does this cost?
A: I've explained pricing twice already, but the base cost is 700 gold. If you ask me to edit your hair or your pose, the price increases by 100. If you give me a usable picture of the edit goal, the price goes down by 100.
Q: Do I pay you now or later?
A: You can pay me after I've sent you a PM notifying you that your edit is complete. If you send it early, I won't accept it until the order is ready.
Q: Can I see the edit before I pay for it?
A: The short answer is "no." Something like an avatar edit is very easy to steal, so I don't send them out until the gold trade has been completed in its entirety. If you request a sample image, I can send you one, but it'll take me a little longer to make one up.
Q: Is there a "Frequent Customer" discount? Can I get a free edit?
A: Nope. I considered it at one point, but my prices are pretty reasonable, I didn't open this store as a charity case, and I even charge my S/O. What makes you think you'd be special.
Q: Will you give me gold/help my quest?
A: No. I've earned about 95% of everything I've got, and I don't take kindly to beggars. I donate to friends or people who strike me as those who actually are working for their goal, but I won't give out hard earned gold to strangers. Especially if they ask me for it.
Q: DoS, you're such a talented, sexy piece of a**. Will you sex me up?
A: First of all, I refer you here. That should change some perceptions.
Q: Even so, will you? Please?
A: Nope. I've got an S/O (the lovely jennibert) and I'm both happy with her and scared of what she'd do to me. xd
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"Guess DoS's Edit" will be a semi-regular contest. Each week, I'll be making a personal avatar edit, and I'll be letting a few lucky people win a copy. I'll post a hint about who or what I'm getting an edit of, and letting you take a stab at it. Here's the rules:
1} PM DoS with your guess. Do not post it in the thread.
2} Only one entry per person.
3} Only the first three successful entrants will get the edit.
4} Only enter if you want the edit. Don't enter if you're not interested in the edit.
5} I will specify on what base the edit will be placed. If you want the edit on a different gender, you're out of luck.
6} My edit will have eye, skin, and hair edits. If you want a different base (such as your own), I can put that in instead. There will be no additional alterations.

Okay, so that's the rules. Hope you all are interested. biggrin

Week of 05/22/06 Edit Clue:
Nothing this week. Keep moving.

This edit will be on a male base.

1} jennibert

Prior Edits:
03/13/06: Ruby Moon from Card Captor Sakura
03/20/06: Sylia Stingray from Bubblegum Crisis OVA 8
03/20/06: Tohya Miho from MegaTokyo
04/03/06: Pixy Misa from Magical Girl Pretty Sammy & Magical Project S
04/10/06: Galaxy Police Officer Kiyone from Tenchi Muyo! TV: Tenchi Universe
04/17/06: Dilandau Albatau from The Vision of Escaflowne (TV Version)
05/15/06: Largo from Bubblegum Crisis OVA 5 & 6
Bump and good luck!
oh sweet! first page ownage! domokun xd
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  • Partygoer 500
  • Winged 100
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
Woohoo, first page! *dances and casts around glitter and pocky* blaugh heart
New place!! xd *throws confetti all around*

I'll place a quick order!

I would like a Lethe and Mnemosyne cosplay!

Images: Image Lethe is the same as Mnemosyne, just a different dress color and hairstyle. Lethe is on the left, and Mnemosyne on the right.

Nekkie: User Image

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