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kaze no sakura
[~ Intricate Detail ~]
Reason 9 - Calling your story "anime" or "manga" Here's my anime story! Here's my manga!

What the hell? "Anime" refers to Japanese animation and "Manga" refers to Japanese comics, and both can refer to the distinct Japanese drawing style.

Anime is NOT a theme or a genre. Science Fiction is a genre because it may contain stuff like advanced technology, futuristic societies, aliens, or interstellar travel. Anime, well, anime is a Japanese cartoon. Cartoons can be about ANYTHING.

And by calling your own story anime, you're basically making your story into flypaper for anime clichés, such as those annoying, princess-obsessed schoolgirls with all the roses flying all over, the nippleless men, the pseudo-Japan crap, and concepts taken from mainstream anime.

SERIOUSLY. Anime is a cartoon with a distinct drawing style and nothing more.

That reminds me of people who post their manga/doushinji ideas in this forum. That stuff is even considered literature.

Given that the idea behind comics/manga is the same as writing a novel or short story, mainly telling a story, I would consider comics to be literature by the same standards as those works that are solely written. There's just a difference in methods on how to tell the story through the specific medium.

But I'm not touching fanfiction or dojinshi. Whether or not those count as literature tends to be nebulous these days.
This thread feels eerily familiar. Why, it's almost as if there's a giant Writers' Forum rules post in the forum already. But that can't be true.

Or can it?
Bane is on Fire!
This thread feels eerily familiar. Why, it's almost as if there's a giant Writers' Forum rules post in the forum already. But that can't be true.

Or can it?

XD Giant, but sometimes missed. Like, stuck behind several pages missed.

It also has a misleading title which made me not click on it until the hundredth time I saw it (because I was just so damn curious).
Reason 10: Bashing Ideas
Sure this comes from all those "what do you think of my story" threads, but none the less they still deserve fair judgement. I've seen people go out of their way to just make the writer feel horrible with no suggestions ("you suck" posts) on how to make it better. This is isn't the Chatterbox or a place to rage like an idiot.
Umm ok.. Theres a cool story goin on but i'd like to tell you but i don't want it being overcrowded.. razz
Thank you for commenting on how messy it's been around here lately.
I've seen so many misplaced, chatter, and thinly-veiled (and some not so thinly-veiled!) homework help threads around here that haven't been getting dealt with on any consistent basis.
Reason 11: hi come chat plz
Seriously? WTF. I never understand how out of a gazillion forums and subforums to choose from where this might be even mildly acceptable, they choose the writers forum to post this on. Its at the very bottom of the list! It clearly says in the title that it's about writing! How the hell do you not see that and even consider the possibility that people on the writers forum are, in fact, not there to write, but instead to come and entertain you? I can understand if it was by accident, but still, its at the very bottom of the forum main lobby-list-page thing, and has practically zilch similarity between the chatterbox, look wise. Seriously! And the sad part is, I believe some people do realize that they are posting on the writers forum, and think that they are so ******** special that everyone else will just allow it, unlike all other threads exactly like it. Jesus

this pisses me off, can you tell?

Also, @ Intricate Detail, I lol'd at "nippleless"
Reason 12: Where u get inspiration?

I don't know about the rest of you, but there is no, one "thing" I just do to become inspired or get over writer's block. Nothing. Inspiration comes to me at any, completely unexpected moment at any time during the day. If it was as easy as "doing something" to become inspired, writer's block would never be a problem.

So let's lay off the "omg I has writterz block plz help wut do i do?" threads.
You've become my hero! **random glomp**
serious thread is serious business

sticky this s**t
Reason thirteen - not reading first posts of individual topics

Okay, So you wander into a poll that asks how you improve your writing, in seriousness. You vote. You don't read the first post and post how you actually improve your writing when you're in the anti-guide.

You get your a** kicked.
Reason 14 - Pointless Japan-o-phile-ness

If you want your story to be set in Japan, you better have a damn good reason or else, you're dead.

If you insert random Japanese words in there, death is near. If you do it in such a way we can tell you don't know Japanese, it will be a long drawn-out and Very Painful death.
ur al so meen talk2hand
ur al so meen talk2hand


Reason Three! - fine, ur so mean
I wonder why I’ve never seen that properly typed out? Well, anyway, consider this phrase instant death in this forum. I am not kidding. I don’t care if you’re just joking when you say this. This is one of the single most insulting things you can say to a person who’s just helped you. Show some gratitude, dammit! A complete stranger has just spent their time thinking over your problem, coming up with something to help you.

Think about it. You help someone you don’t know very well solve a really difficult math problem and when you guys are finally done, all that person says is “Fine, you’re so mean.” I, personally, would sucker punch the guy in the frigging face. Maybe twice. So think about what you are saying before you post.

The thing is, on the internet, it’s difficult to figure what the person on the other side of the computer means when all you have to go on is half a line of text. He or she could mean it with good humor or s/he might be completely serious. Do us a favor and make it clear what you mean with a smiley face or something. But remember to be polite to the people who are helping you, gawd.

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