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Whoring 0.15811965811966 15.8% [ 37 ]
Pizza 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 24 ]
Gifts 0.0085470085470085 0.9% [ 2 ]
Money 0.047008547008547 4.7% [ 11 ]
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Bananas 0.085470085470085 8.5% [ 20 ]
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Answer the most or all the questions (in first section) to get prizes and gold!~
Answer the other sections because you're bored and this is entertaining.
Discover more about yourself :3
Have fun!

Answer each question in a different post.
Number your posts.
Complete all the questions in order.
If I say you're disqualified, you no longer have a chance for a prize.
Don't ask about prizes or you won't get them.
Make sure you hit the <3 button above and vote in the polls. Tell your friends!
Be respectful.
Have fun.

Author's Note
- We've had our first two winners who were each awarded 50k. Keep it up.
-Our third completor got 20k. Gold offers and prize offers still to come!
- Section 3 is up, Section 4 is coming soon.

1. If you read the rules, make your first post "Crackers and Pigs"
2. What Is your first name?
3. What is your middle name?
4. What is your nickname?
5. What is your favorite school subject?
6. What do you plan to do with your life?
7. What is your favorite movie?
8. Do you like elephants?
9. How about pandas?
10. Which do you like more between elephants, pandas, and polar bears?
11. Dog or Cat?
12. Barton Town or Chatter Box?
13. Chatter Box or the GD?
14. Do you like energy drinks?
15. Can you legally drive a car?
16. How about piloting a plane?
17. Can you at least operate a RCV?
18. Disney or Nick?
19. The Brothers Grimm stories or Disney's version of them?
20. Denahi or Sitka?
21. Ever been to Alaska?
22. How about Oregon?
23. Do you know where Oregon is?
24. Where is the farthest place you've travled? (distance?)
25. Do you go thrift shopping?
26. Have you heard the song about thrift shopping?
27. Do you listen to Kpop?
28. Rap?
29. Indie Rock?
30. Rock?
31. "Screamo"
32. Dubstep?
33. Other? 33b. If other, what type?
34. Are you a nudist?
35. Do you have a cell phone?
36. Have you ever hand-written a letter to your friend?
37. Playstation or x-Box?
38. Computer games or tv (console) games?
39. Were you alive when VHS tapes were popular?
40. Were you alive when VHS tapes came out?
41. Good or evil?
42. Are you naked?
43. What color is your shirt (if you're wearing one)?
44. What color is your underwear (if you're wearing any)?
45. Are you alive?
46. Are you in love?
47. Do you have a dog?
48. Do you have a cat?
49. Do you have an elephant?
50. Do you have a panda?
51. Do you have a feinting goat?
52. Have you ever seen a feinting goat?
53. Have you ever caught salamanders?
54. Seen a beaver?
56. Notice 55 was missing?
55. Made avi art?
56. Purchased avi art? (b)
57. Made a sign?
58. Notice that 56 was repeated?
59. Do you like macaroni and cheese?
60. Homemade or store bought?
61. Are you allergic to peanuts?
62. Are you allergic to grass?
63. How'd the chicken cross the road?
64. What happened to the HitClips?
65. Do you know what that is?
66. Ever seen Clarissa Explains it all?
67. Do you like Catdog or Dora the Explorer more?
68. Dora or Diego?
69. Diego or Kai lan.
70. Ever owned a gameboy? (the original)
71. Coke or Pepsi?
72. Did you know coke would be green if it wasn't dyed?
73. Truth or dare?
74. Truth: What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done? Dare: Post a picture of you licking your toilet seat. biggrin
75. Do you watch anime?
76. Read manga?
77. What's your favorite book?
78. Favorite kind of food?
79. Ever eaten onigiri?
80. What does BTW stand for?
81. Are you retarted?
82. Cheetah print or giraffe print?
83. Did you notice retarded wasn't spelled with a d but a t just now?
84. What noise does a panda make?
85. Have you seen the video of the sneezing baby panda?
86. Yes or no?
87. If Maybe were an acronym, what would it stand for?
88. Ever played World of Warcraft?
89. Do you know what FFA is?
90. Do you like the Nintendo Wii or the X-Box Kinect more?
91. Shrek: 1, 2, 3, or 4.
92. What's your favorite kind of bird?
93. Do you even know any other types of birds?
94. What colors are your country's flag made of?
95. Are you mad?
96. Is your left hand on your face?
97. Are you left or right handed?
98. Gomu gomu no mi or Mera mera no mi?
99. Earth, fire, water, or air?
100. When did you graduate highschool? (twelfth year of school?)
101. Do you like bananas?
102. Are tomatoes fruits?
103. Or are they vegetables?
104. Do you like Stephen King books?
105. Stephen King movies?
106. Do you know who Stephen King is?
107. Do you at least understand the "Cujo" reference?
108. "K-I-T-T-Y everybody say _______" Can you fill in the blank?
109. Did you cry during "I am Legend"?
110. What name did your parents almost name you?
111. What name would you have received if you were born the opposite gender?
112. What was your first job?
113. Are you currently single or taken?
114. Have you ever broken a bone?
115. Ever gone camping?
116. Ever swam with a dolphin?
117. Baked cupcakes?
118. Have you ever been bullied?
119. Have you ever bullied?
120. Do you have your first aid certification card?
121. Do you know your national anthem? (if you have one)
122. How many bedrooms are in your house?
123. Do you have a pool?
124. A trampoline?
125. Have you ever done cheerleading/tumbling/gymnastics?
126. Do you keep up with a favorite sports team?
127. If so, a) What sport? b) What team? If no, Why?
128. How often a week do you work out?
129. Have you ever played soccer? (futball)
130. How old were you for your first kiss?
131. Who was your first love?
132. Are you still awake?
133. What time is it where you live?
134, What are you listening to right now?
135. Are you talking to anybody at the moment?
136. American dramas, Korean dramas, or other? *if other, which?
137. Have you ever grown your own food?
138. Have you ever sang infront of a stranger?
139. Have you ever kissed somebody and never talked to them again?
140. Have you taken a shower today?
141. Brushed your teeth?
142. What do you wear when you go swimming?
143. What color are your eyes?
144. How do you feel about yourself?
145. Do you want kids?
146. If yes, how many. If no, why?
147. Last movie you saw in theater?
148. Last movie you watched at home or a friends house?
149. Last place you ate?
150. Last thing you drank?
151. Whose your celebrity crush?
152. Have you ever cheated on a test?
153. Have you ever cheated on a person?
154. Have you ever been cheated on?
155. Do you have a myspace?
156. A twitter?
157. Facebook?
158. Youtube?
159. Tumblr?
160. Gaiaonline?
161. When you read a post/picture/quote/book about love and thinking about that one person, who comes to mind?
162. Who do you wish you were hanging out with right now?
163. What is your favorite song right now?
164. What is your favorite television show?
165. Do you call is t.v., or telly, or television?
166. Have you ever messed things up with your best friend by taking things too far?
167. Have you ever helped somebody with their love life while wishing you were their love life?
168. White, milk, or dark chocolate?
169. Do you like tea?
170. Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?
171. Why?
172. Post "awaken" if you've gotten this far.
174. Have you ever thought of suicide?
175. Why did you make a gaia?
176. When was the last time you cried?
177. Have you seen the original chipmunk adventures, just the new ones, all of them, or none of them?
178. Do you play a musical instrument?
179. Who was the last person you called?
180. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
181. Would you ever adopt?
182. Kids or animals?
183. Do you believe in aliens?
184. Are you on a laptop, tv, or dino computer?
185. Do you like somebody right now?
186. What is your most favorite thing you've received for a holiday or birthday?
187. Have you ever had a date for Valentines day?
188. How old are you?
189. Did you lie about your age?
190. Why are you doing this?
191. What's your favorite kind of chips?
192. Vegetables or junk food?
193. Fruits or vegetables?
194. Is there anybody that you naturally act stupid around?
195. Have you ever done something illegal?
196. If you said no, you do know it's technically illegal to accept terms&agreements without reading them?
197. Have you ever been in a fight? *verbal or physical?
198. Do you use the internet everyday?
199. Do you paint?
200. Congratulations. Tell me your most proud accomplishment.
201. Do you draw?
202. Do you do photography?
203. Another type of art?
204. Have you ever made a video?
205. What was it about or what song?
206. Do you use q-tips in your ears?
207. You know you aren't supposed to do that, right?
208. Do you ever find yourself feeling disgusted with today's society?
209. Do you have a favorite pilllow, blanket, or item that you have to sleep with?
210. mt. dew or pepsi?
211. Can you cry on command?
212. Can you restrain tears and pretend to be fine in a hard situation?
213. Have you ever been jealous?
214. Have you ever done something against your religion or beliefs?
215. Do you have a fishtank?
216. Have you ever owned a fishtank?
217. Ever owned a pig?
218. Ever owned a rat, mouse, or hamster?
219. Are you a fuzzy, scaly, or none creature.
220. Is there any memory you wish you could forget?
221. If you had three wishes what would they be?
222. If you had half a million dollars, how would you spend it?
223. What is your zodiac sign?
224. What is something you are deathly afraid of?
225. Do you like pirates?
226. One thing that turns you on?
227. One thing that turns you off?
228. Are you a boy or girl?
229. When you hear transformer, what do you think?
230. What is your shoe size?
231. Natural hair color?
232. Current hair color?
233. Favorite place?
234. Do you have tattoos?
235. Do you have piercings?
236. Do you want tattoos?
237. Do you want piercings?
238. Who did you last hold hand with?
239. Where are you right now?
240. How many tabs do you have open right now?
241. Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox?
242. Google, Bing, or other?
243. Do you spend more time on gaia or facebook?
244. Who do you live with?
245. Any weird fetishes?
246. Favorite store?
247. Favorite clothing brand?
248. Do you wear socks when you sleep?
249. Can you sleep without a blanket?
250. How terrible were these questions?
251. Do you want more?

Questions Part 2~

a. Did you dream last night?
b. Did you eat breakfast today?
c. What did you last eat for dinner?
d. Without looking, guess what time it is.
e. Now, what's the actual time?
f. Do you like frogs?
g. Have you ever watched tadpoles turn into frogs?
h. Have you ever incubated chicken egggs?
i. What did you last laugh about?
j. Who were you with?
k. What color are your bedroom walls?
l. What color are the walls of the room your in?
m. Is there anything unique in the room your in?
n. Do you believe in superstitions?
o. Do you like to dance?
p. Have you ever gone to boarding school?
q. Ever driven a manual vehicle?
r. Ever ridden a motorcycle?
s. What is the last thing you downloaded to your computer?
t. Can you say the alphabet backwards without looking at it?
u. Have you ever been drunk?
v. Have you ever been to a mental hospital?
w. Ever had counseling?
x. What kind of flooring does your bedroom have?
y. Ever play Yahtzee?
z. How about the game of Life?
A. Does anybody understand why you would have a rope in your library?
B. A gun in your kitchen?
C. Please tell me you have seen Clue or played the game?
D. If you could meet one famous person and have lunch with them, who would it be?
E. What did you do for your last birthday?
F. What are you going to/ did you do for your 21st birthday?
G. 18th birthday?
H. Do you cook a lot?
I. What is under your bed?
J. Have you ever thrown your Wii controller because you did not strap it to your wrist?
K. Do you know a second language?
L. If you know a second language, which? if not, why?
M. Do you believe in love at first sight?
N. What time do you get up?
O. What was the name of your first pet?
Q. What kind of pet was it?
R. Do you have a hobby?
S. What happened to P?
T. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
U. What are your best physical features?
V. In three words describe your personality.
W. Have you ever role played?
X. Do you know where the names Sitka and Denahi come from?
Y. Have you watched Brother Bear?
Z. Ever eaten salmon?
aa. Did you like it? If you haven't tried it, do you want to?
bb. What's your favorite style of potatoes?
cc. Do you spell the plural of potato and volcano, os or oes?
dd. How far from your birth place do you live right now?
ee. Are you a morning or night person?
ff. Can you touch your tongue to your nose?
gg. How bout to your chin?
hh. What was your best childhood memory?
ii. Where were you four hours ago?
jj. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
kk. Have you seen the video "Crayon" by G-Dragon?
ll. Is there anything purple within 10 feet of you?
mm. When was the last time you were out of town?
nn. Last time you were out of your house?
oo. Last time you were away from your computer?
pp. Last fast food place you ate?
qq. When's the last time you ran?
rr. When's the last time it rained where you live?
ss. When's the last time it snowed where you live?
tt. Have you bought shoes within the last week?
uu. What was the last grocery store you went to?
vv. Worst injury you've had?
ww. Last trip you took? (vacation)
xx. Next vacation you're going to take?
yy. Where is your best friend?
zz. Do you like hot sauce?
AA. Have you ever eaten a jalapeno?
BB. Have you ever seen a live play?
CC. If so, which? If not, Do you want to?
DD. Who is your favorite character from Lion King?
EE. Do you like Kingdom Hearts?
FF. If yes, which one? If no, Have you played it or read it?
GG. Do you watch Switched at birth?
HH. Supernatural?
II. Jensen Ackles or Jared Padelecki?
JJ. What's your opinion on pitbulls and bully breeds?
KK. Dream vacation?
LL. Ever been to a camp?
MM. Do you know how to bbc code on Gaia?
NN. Are you good at it?
OO. Puppies, Kittens, or Babies?
PP. What is your heritage?
QQ. Are you rich?
RR. Does your family own a car worth more than $10,000?
SS. What were you doing at midnight yesterday?
TT. What's your favorite pokemon?
UU. How many stuffed animals do you own?
VV. Favorite ice cream flavor?
WW. Favorite Popcorn Flavor?
XX. Favorite zoo animal?
YY. Favorite body of water?
ZZ. Have you ever eaten at Costco?
Purple. What kind of laundry soap do you buy?
White. What kind of food do you find the most disgusting?
Yellow. Favorite childhood toy?
Blue. Who is your favorite superhero?
Red. Do you have a real life superhero?
Green. Hamburger or hotdog?
Black. Ketchup or mustard?
Pink. Do you like mayonnaise?
Grey. Do you eat tuna?
Gold. Ever rented a REDBOX movie?
Silver. Movies or shows?
Bronze. Favorite fish?
Turquoise. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Sparkles. Chocolate or vanilla?
Brown. Are we there yet?
Tan. Ever started a fire in your house?
600. Do you burn incense?
602. Do you like Bruno Mars?
604. What are your opinions of Michael Jackson?
606. Are you more passive, assertive, or aggressive?
601. Carrots or cucumbers?
603. Do you eat your vegetables with ranch?
605. Have you ever tried barbecue chips with ranch?
607. Fairies or Pixies?
608. Do you like salsa?
609. Favorite household chore?
610. Favorite season?
611. Favorite seasoning?
612. Favorite month?
613. Wide ruled or college ruled paper?
614. lined or no lined paper?
615. What was your favorite tv show?
616. What is your favorite Outdoor toy from your childhood?
617. Body wash or bar soap?
618. How old is your couch?
619. What is the weakest part of you?
620. Cake or cupcake?
621. Cake or brownies?
622. Cars: 1 or 2
623. Mickey or Minnie Mouse?
624. Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen?
625. Do you read magazines?
626. If you could change one thing about today's society what would it be?
627. Have you ever been to jail?
628. You still here?
629. Jeff Dunham or Gabriel Iglasias?
630. How much is that doggy in the window?
631. How many peppers did Peter pick?
632. Have you seen gone in 60 seconds?
633. Do you think finding Nemo is about a psychotic murderer, killing a wife and her kids and leaving the son injured and the dad completely lost and then his son is taken away from him and and and he travels around the world looking for his kid?
634. What's your favorite monopoly piece?
635. Do you like spinach?
636. Green beans?
637. Brussel Sprouts?
638. If you have gotten this far post "A" and send me a pm.
639. If you are still here, take a picture of your big toe and post it here.
640. If you could be any age what would it be?
641. Ever played Sims and wondered if they spoke a real language?
642. Do you have any brothers?
643. And Sisters?
644. Favorite holiday?
645. Favorite letter of the alphabet?
646. Favorite number?
647. Do you plan on getting married?
648. angel or devil?
649. plane or boat?
650. Train or Bus?
651. Have you ever been on a subway?
652. Color or Black and White?
653. Do you wear parfume or cologne?
654. What brand of shoes do you wear?
655. What's the biggest puzzle you have eever done?
656. Ever collected beanie babies?
657. How do you eat sammiches?
658. How do you open pop cans?
659. Do you live in the united states?
660. Shoes, Boots, or sandals?
661. How long is your hair?
662. Ever been suspended from school?
663. What's your favorite college?
664. Your thoughts on military?
665. Ever stalked somebody before?
666. Ever been stalked?
667. ipod or mp3?
668. Harry Potter or Twilight. (not like that's any comparison)
669. bracelet or anklet?
670. Shorts or pants?
671. Dress or skirt? (boys, which do you prefer to see?)
672. Do you listen to the radio any time aside from in the car?
673. do you use pandora or spotify?
674. Do you ever write notes to yourself so you don't forget something?
675. Ever get caught dancing randomly?
676. Ever perform in a talent show?
677. Ever done baton?
678.Ever sat on a tack?
679. Play cards?
680. Have you ever played Spoons?
681. Ski or Snowboard?
682. Would you rather a pool or an elephant?
683. Have you ever ridden a four-wheeler?
684. single date or double date?
685. flowers or chocolates?
686. Night or day?
687. moon or sun?
688. Moon or stars?
689. Sheep or Goats?
690. Do you wear sweats?
691. Do you watch the news?
692. Do you have that really annoying friend who you just tolerate anyway?
693. Favorite radio station?
694. Ever gone to a saturday/street market?
695. Would you rather fly or teleport?
696. Do you have a photobucket?
697. Can you make an omelette?
698. Favorite dessert?
699. Buffet or menu?
700. How late do you usually stay up?

-Section three-

Title each of the 3: and then the number.
1. Have you been beaten up?
2. Have you beat up someone?
3. How many times have you moved?
4. Do you have any mental disorders?
5. Obsessive Compulsive disorder?
6. Does anybody in your family have diabetes?
7. Have you lost anybody dear to you in the last year?
8. Do you lock your bedroom door?
9. How many locks are on your front door?
10. What's on your bedroom door? (color, sign, stickers, etc.)
11. Do you dread going to the doctor?
12. How many cavities have you had?
13. Do you like roller coasters?
14. Do you like hiking?
15. kayaking?
16. canoeing?
17. Rafting?
18. Water tubing?
19. Snow tubing?
20. Ever done karaoke?
21. Played just dance?
22. Sweater or hoodie?
23. Coat or sweatshirt?
24. Do you ever use an umbrella?
25. Do you like bugs?
26. Spiders?
27. Snakes?
28. Milk or Chocolate milk?
29. How do you eat oreos?
30. Do you set your toilet paper with the end piece on top or bottom?
31. Have you ever built something?
32. What was it?
33. Ever successfully built a snowman?
34. Do you like Hayao Miyazaki's work? (Spirited away, Ponyo, Kiki's delivery service, etc.)
35. Which of his movies is your favorite?
36. What's your favorite motto?
37. What was the most embarrassing thing you've done infront of somebody you like?
38. Are you good at spelling?
39. Did you know how to spell Czechoslovakia before seeing it just now?
40. Do you know where Czechoslovakia is?
41. Ever seen the movie 300?
42. Did you like it? If you haven't seen it, watch it. It's crazy.
43. Do you know who Channing Tatum is?
44. What's your favorite movie with him in it?
45. What's your favorite Will Smith movie?
46. Have you ever used a webcam?
47. Sweet or Sour?
48. What's your favorite kind of chicken?
49. Favorite candy?
50. Ever been to Las Vagas?
51. Ever been to Rome?
52. do you believe in ghosts?
53. Ever been to a concert?
54. If so which was your first? If not, do you want to?
55. Do you keep a journal or diary?
56. How many pillows do you sleep with?
57. How many blankets?
58. What clothing do you sleep in?
59. Is your bed in the middle of your room or against your wall?
60. Do you prefer to sleep on the floor or couch?
61. Do you bob to the beat when l;istening to music?
62. Do you feel like this is as never ending as I do?
63. Would you rather live in: Wonderland, Neverland, or the real world?
64. Have you seen Hook, Peter Pan, or neither?
65. When camping, do you tell ghost stories?
66. Iced tea or Warm tea?
67. Watermelon or cantaloupe?
68. Ever think of a dream wedding?
69. What would your dream wedding colors be?
70. When was the last time you yelled at somebody?
71. When was the last time you said Sorry to somebody?
72. Why?
73. Ever gone ice skating?
74. Do you bruise easy
75. Do you like s'mores?
76. Do you use shampoo and conditioner separately or 2 in 1?
77. Do you believe onions can cure diseases?
78. is your room normally clean or messy?
79. How many VHS tapes do you own?
80. Do you own two of any one dvd?
81. Do you know how to use a compass?
82. Ever slept under the stars?
83. Ever stood on your roof?
84. Jam or Jelly?
85. Do you like nutella?
86. Ever tried a nutella, peanut butter, and jelly sandwich?
87. Have you watched all of Titanic?
88. How fast could you read a 600 page book?
89. Most watched tv channel in your house?
90. Do you believe alligators/crocodiles are descendants of dinosaurs?
91. Ever had a 7-11 slurpee?
92. Ever tried to rhyme something with Silver or Orange?
93. Ever got food poison?
94. Ever gotten seriously ill?
95. Ever painted a house before?
96. Ever play tackle football?
97. Ever been bit by a snake?
98. Ever got in trouble in class for talking?
99. Ever got called out in class for not talking?
100. Ever been threatened?
101. Ever play pac-man?
102. Ever laughed so hard you peed yourself?
103. Ever been stung by a bee?
104. Ever cut your own hair?
105. Have you interrupted somebody and instantly been embarrassed?
106. Do you lick envelopes or use water?
107. Do you make graveyards of your fountain drinks?
108. Do you have a soda everyday?
109. Soda or pop?
110. Do you like horror movies?
111. Would you rather watch a horror movie alone, with one other person, or with a group of people?
112. Ever gone paintballing?
113. Ever play laser tag?
114. Ever play hide and go seek in Walmart?
115. Do you have scars on your body?
116. Are any self-inflicted?
117. Do you know how to swim?
118. Do you use Itunes?
119. Do you watch a lot of movies?
120. Do you want to live in a castle/mansion?
121. A house, or a cottage?
122. Have you ever played the game "Mash"
123. Ever played hot potato?
124. Do you blow dry, towel dry, or let your hair dry on it's own?
125. Have you ever put a tooth under your pillow for money?
126. Do you like Popsicles?
127. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
128. Do you wear matching socks?
129. Blue or Yellow?
130. Do you chew gum on a regular basis?
131. Do you eat cough drops like candy?
132. Do you have a tv in your bedroom?
133. What's the largest tv you've owned?
134. Does your family own a beach house or summer house?
135. Are you tired?
136. How long ago did you wake up?
137. What time is it now?
138. What color is your favorite shirt?
139. Do you skateboard?
140. Do you surf?
141. Do you have family that lives in another country?
142. Ever ridden a scooter?
143. Ever walked through a waterfall?
144. Ever swam through one?
145. Do you watch movies in HD or Blu-ray?
146. Can you hear dogs barking right now?
147. Do you hear anybody talking right now?
148. Do you like the dark?
149. Are you afraid of the dark?
150. Have you ever had Venom energy drink?
151. Do you like to have lots of friends or a few good ones?
152. Do you like to wear the color tan?
153. have you ever seen a tornado?
154. Ever experienced an earth quake?
155. Ever wished you could read minds?
156. How long can you jump rope before tripping?
157. Did you ever play under the rainbow cloth in PE?
158. Ever play foursquare?
159. How bout wall-ball?
160. You tired yet?
161. Do you see dead people?
162. Do you wish you could?
163. Do you ever wish there was something you could do to help the world economy?
164. What would you do?
165.are you a trustworthy person?
166. Do you trust people easily?
167. What's your relationship with your parents?
168. Out of all your family, (close and extended), who do you get along with the best?
169. Where will you be in three hours?
170. How long does it take you to get through a game of monopoly?
171. Do you remember 9/11 and all the bad it brings? or do you know of it if you're from outside the states?
172. Do you ever make your bed aside from when you change the sheets?
173. What mood are you in right now?
174. Why?
175. If you were an animal, which would you be?
176. What did you do the last time your power went out?
177. How do you celebrate new years?
178. What secrets would you be afraid to reveal when sleep talking?
179. What is your favorite line from a movie?
180. Do you think anything exists beyond the stars?
181. Have you ever been hit by a car?
182. What was your new years resolution?
183. What was the first competition you ever won?
184. Would you rather go 100 years into the past or future?
185. What's your favorite way to kill time?
186. Would you ever do a quiz this long again?
187. Would you make your friend?
188. What do you want to happen to your body when you die?
189. What was the last national park you visited?
190. What is your favorite thing about summer?
191. Have you made a difference in your community?
192. Have you ever worked in a soup kitchen?
193. How about at a humane society?
194. If you had a special color blindness and you could only see black, white, and one other color, what would that color be?
195.If you could meet any one famous dead person, who would it be?
196. What song do you hate that it gets stuck in your head?
197. When you have guests from out of town. is there anything special you do with them or show them?
198. Could you see yourself owning a business?
199. Do you like pizza?
200. You realize you're on section 3, question 200 already, right? biggrin
201. Who in your family cooks the most?
202. How often do eat tacos/burritos?
203. Have you ever been in a submarine?
204. Have you ever been hunting?
205. Have you ever eaten deer?
206. Moose?
208. Cow tongue?
209. Squid?
210. Whale?
211.. Turtle?
212. Fish eggs?
213. Snails?
214. Have you ever used the excuse "my dog ate my homework?"
215. Have you ever payed more than $60 for a pair of shoes?
216. If you were alone in a dark room, what would you be most afraid of?
217. If you could be a cartoon character who would you be?
218. If you could be invisible, what would you do?
219. What job have you been procrastinating doing?
220. Do you drink more water or juice?
221. Water or carbonated beverages?
222.Do you think money would change you?
223. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
224. Ever thought a relative was attractive?
225. What does corn make?
226. Would you keep an alligator or crocodile as a pet?
227. IF dinosaurs existed, would you like to meet one or would you be too scared?
228. Do you believe in an afterlife?
229. What is something you're addicted to?
230. What is one thing you can't live without?
231. What is your ringtone?
232. How long can you hold your breath?
233. What's your favorite flavor of toothpaste?
234. Crest or Colgate?
235. What's your best friend like?
237. What's their name?
238. When's their birthday?
239. What's their favorite color?
240. Do they live in the same town as you?
241. Have you ever gone crabbing?
242. Ever dug for clams?
243. How would your friends describe you?
244. What are three things you like about yourself?
245. What are three things you hate about yourself?
246. What kind of music do you hate the most?
247. What lie have you told before that cost you a lot?
248. When you go on a three day trip, do you usually have a lot or a little luggage?
249. Do you sleep alone?
250. How much room do you take up when you sleep?
251. Your favorite Gaia item?
252. Your favorite Gaia Cash item?
253. Favorite thread?
254. Favorite evolving item?
255. Pinball or dumpster dive?
256. Monster galaxy or zOMG?
257. Piano or guitar?
258. Can you believe it's not butter?
259. Have you ever hand washed your clothes?
260.hand washed dishes?
261. Churned your own butter?
262. Made homemade icecream?
263. What would you do for a klondike bar?
264. What's your favorite day of the week?
265. Bath or shower?
267. What is one treat you love but don't eat often?
268. What is one thing you love to do, but don't do often?
269. Ghost rider; 1 or 2?
270. Have you seen all the star wars?
271. Lord of the rings?
272. Harry Potter?
273. Star trek?
274. Xmen?
275. What is the worst book you ever read?
276. What is the longest book you've ever read?
277. Growing up were you allowed to swear infront of your parents?
278. Did you?
279. Does your whole family get together for holidays?
280. have you ever gone on an easter egg hunt?
281. Do you know what a halibut is?
282. What does the color red represent?
283. Emma Stone or Emma Watson?
289. Abraham Lincoln or Geroge Washington?
290. Chester See or Adele?
291. Hello Kitty or Barbie?
292. Ever played SSX Tricky?
293. Have you made a cake from scratch?
294. Played Super nintendo?
295. Nintendo 64?
296. What was the first thing you could successfully cook?
297. Wall-E or Robots?
298. Pirates of the Carribean: 1, 2, 3, 4?
299. Really? You're still here?
300. You advance to section 4. Congratulations. At this point, quote me and write 30000 so that I acknowledge it.

-Section 4.-
Post 4: then the letter or word
a. What is your least favorite movie?
b. Least favorite genre of book?
c. Least favorite person?
d. Least favorite food?
e. Least favorite present from somebody?
f. Least favorite household chore?
g. Least favorite job you've had?
h. Least favorite restaurant?
i. Least favorite store?
j. Least favorite fish?
k. Least favorite animal?
l. Least favorite plant?
m. Least favorite beverage?
n. Least favorite dog breed?
o. Favorite dog breed?
p. Favorite cat breed?
q. Favorite type of reptile?
r. Favorite type of snake?
s. Least favorite type of snake?
t. Least favorite type of reptile?
u. Favorite time of the day to eat?
v. Breakfast lunch= brunch? yes or no?
w. Is this your favorite quiz yet?
x. Real ramen or top ramen?
y. Have you ever dated someone whose name started with a J?
z. Have you ever kissed somebody you weren't dating?
aa. Hugged somebody of the same gender?
bb. Hugged somebody of the opposite gender?
cc. Kissed somebody of the same gender?
dd. Kissed somebody of the opposite gender?
ee. Ever done anything inappropriate with someone you shouldn't have?
ff. Ever gotten a ticket from the cops?
gg. Ever been to a fair?
hh. Ever been to a carnival?
ii. Ever seen a clown?
jj. Are you afraid of clowns?
kk. Have you ever pet a bat?
ll. Ever played softball?
mm. Ever play baseball?
nn. Tennis?
oo. Done something illegal and not got caught?
pp. Done something illegal and got caught?
qq. Ever walk into a room and walk back out because you forgot what you were doing?
rr. Ever walk into the wrong room? (at school, work, or a friend/relative/business persons house?)
ss. What color of sheets do you have?
tt. What color of pillow case?
uu. Do you have any unique pillow cases?
vv. Do you live North or South of the equater?
ww. Have you ever owned a parrot?
xx. Ever had a dog named Max?
yy. Ever gone scuba diving?
zz. Ever eaten white rice with soy sauce?
A. Ever gone paragliding?
B. Ever had a breakfast burrito?
C. Ever eaten apple pancakes?
D. What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?
E. Have you ever watched a black and white movie that you really liked?
F. A black and white show?
G. Did you ever watch an educational video you thought would be boring but was actually really good?
H. Ever drank a gallon of milk in a day?
I. Ever eaten an entire package of OREO's in one sitting?
J. Ever eat an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting?
K. Or at least in one day by yourself?
L. How tall are you?
M. How tall do you wish you could be?
N. Cake with or without filling?
O. Ever had ROLLO cookies? (They're delicious)
P. Do you like truffles?
Q. Oreo truffles?
R. How many gaia achievements have you accomplished?
S. What's your total score?
T. Have you answered all of the above questions 100% truthfully?
U. Did you lie about T?
V. What question would you never ask a woman?
W. What question would you never ask a man?
X. When you meet a stranger, what is your normal conversation starter?
Y. Do you like to get into politics with people?
Z. Do you even like politics?
AA. Have you hearted this thread yet?
BB. Have you voted in the poll?
CC. Will you tell a friend to heart and vote? (I need the achievement)
DD. Are you over your first love?
EE. If you're feeling sad, is there a food that cheers you up?
FF. What kind of mood does music put you in?
GG. Do you like music videos?
HH. What was the last free thing you got in real life?
II. What was the last free thing you got on gaia?
JJ. Or do you consider Gaia your real life? d:
KK. Have you ever seen "The pursuit of Happiness"? (With Will and Jaden Smith?)
LL. Do you vacuum or sweep your carpet?
MM. How often?
NN. Are you ever going to move?
OO. Do you live with your parents?
PP. Have I asked you your gender yet?
QQ. Virgin?
RR. What are your parent's names?
SS. Where are they today?
TT. Do you have your own website?
UU. How many gaia friends do you have?
VV. How many are online?
WW. What's the hardest class you've ever taken?
XX. Who was the teacher?
YY. What's the easiest class you've ever taken?
ZZ. Who was the teacher?
Aa. Are you currently enrolled in school?
Ab. What year?
Ac. Do you have a mascot?
Ad. Ever worn an ascot/ scarf?
purple. Do you have a crush on someone?
white. Have you told them?
brown. How'd you meet?
tan. Where did you meet?
pink. In the last day have you had a serious conversation with somebody?
green. In the last day have you laughed really hard?
blue. In the last day have you cried?
yellow. In the last day have you seen the sun?
orange. Have you ever smoked tobacco?
grey. Have you ever smoked marijuana?
Tie-dye. Have you ever tie dyed?
Christmas. Have you ever drank an entire bottle of vodka?
leprechaun day. Do you believe in the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?
valentines day. Have you ever taken something without permission?
silver. Told a friend you were sick because you didn't want to hang out?
teal. Have you ever seen the white house?
turquoise. Have you ever seen the eiffel tower?
cheese. Have you ever seen that leaning tower?
tower. Have you ever been in a helicopter?
pie. Have you ever taken on too much and messed things up because you couldn't do it?
Pi. How many numbers of pi do you know?
Pizza. Have you ever tried a weight-loss program?
Cake. Have you ever tried a weight-gain program?
Cookies. Ever done a weight-lifting program?
777. Ever lifted 200 pounds?
888. Ever given yourself a shot?
999. Ever given someone else a shot?
1111. Ever played with barbies?
222. Ever played with GI-Joe action figures?
333. Ever gotten frustrated because somebody didn't understand what you were trying to explain to them?
444. Do you realize how pissed I am because I wrote another 300-400 questions that all just disappeared?
555. What's your name spelled backwards?
666. Do you do gaia quests?
1a What was the last quest you did?
1b. have you ever been a mascot?
1c.Did you notice that this section is shorter than the rest?
-I'll do section 5 now...-

Section 5
1d. Have you eveer pulled an all nighter?
1e. Ever climbed a mountain?
1f. Colored in a coloring book after age 12?
1g. Ever had a bubble bath?
1h. Do you know how to play chess?
1i. Checkers?
1j. Are you good at board games?
1k. Are you over competitive?
1l. Have you ever called a psychic?
1m. Do you believe psychics or mind readers?
1n. Do you believe in hoodoo?
1o. Have you ever called a sex line?
1p. Ever had VooDoo donuts?
1q. What's your favorite kind of donut?
1r. What's your favorite kind of bread?
1s. Favorite kind of lunch meat?
1t. Favorite temperature?
1u. Have you watched Judge Judy?
1v. Jerry Springer?
1w. Wheel of fortune?
1x. Family Feuds?
1y. Have you ever made your own website?
1z. Ever made your own video game?
2a. Have you ever had staples?
2b. Stitches?
2c. Ever had dental work or throat/mouth work done that you couldn't eat solid food for a while?
2d. If you had three girls what would their names be?
2e. If you had three boys, what would their names be?
2f. Do you have children?
2g. Do you like to swim?
2h. Are you a good swimmer?
2i. Do you know how to ballroom dance?
2j. Do you have a motto you live by?
2k. How often did/do you skip school?
2l. What's your high school gpa?
2m. Are you eating something right now?
2n. Are you listening to a song right now?
2o. Are you talking to somebody right now?
2p. Ever been in court?
2q. Ever had jury duty?
2r. What is your most favorite possession?
2s. Which electronic do you use the most?
2t. Identify the vertical asymptote of y=3/x+2
2u. Identify the vertical and horizontal asymptotes of y=(1/x-2) -3
2v. turkey or chicken
2w. Do you prefer meat or vegetables?
2x. swords or daggers.
2y. real or imaginary?
2z. sports or computer
3a. Computer or TV?
3b. Interwebs or video games?
3c. Are you in high school?
3d. Are you in college?
3e. Ever owned hermit crabs?
3f. A chinchilla?
3g. Do you think you're cool?
3h. Do you know the differences between "they're, their, and there"?
3i. How about between "Your and You're"?
3j. Do you like toast?
3k. Do you like waffles?
3l. Do you eat peanut butter on your pancakes?
3m. How about chocolate syrup?
3n. Have you ever drank chocolate syrup out of the bottle?
3o. Ever owned a frog?
3p. A gecko?
3q. Do you have Geico?
3r. Do know how old a Great Dane gets?
3s. Do you know what a red heeler is?
3t. Ever seen a hell hound? biggrin biggrin
3u. Do you like raviolies?
3v. Do you like spinach?
3w. Do you like Ratatoulie? (the movie)
3x. How bout the dish?
3y. Ever seen the Northern Lights?
3z. Ever seen Bee Movie?
4a. Ever seen "Running Scared"?
4b. Ever seen the new "Running Scared", with Paul Walker in it?
4c. How much gold do you have right now?
4d. Did you make quite a bit from this quiz confused ?
4e. Did you have fun?
4f. Are you going to continue answering them as long as I put up more?
4g. What planet do you live on?
4h. What galaxy do you live in?
4i. What's your favorite constellation?
4j. What's your favorite planet?
4k. What's your favorite terrain?
4l. Have you ever done a rubiks cube?
4m. How fast can you do one?
4n. Are you bored?
4o. Now have you watched Brother Bear? (better get on that)
4p. Do you like Justin Bieber?
4q. Do you know what N.I.N. stands for?
4r. How about M.S.I.?
4s. Do you like Kiss?
4t. Do you like Usher?
4u. Do you like Skrillex?
4v. Lady Gaga?
4w. Spice girls?
4x. Gonna tell me what you want what you really really want?
4y. Did you know that song is on Chicken Little?
4z. Please tell me you've seen that movie?
5a. Do you like Christmas music?
5b. What do you eat Thanksgiving night?
5c. How many consecutive days have you been on gaia?
5d. What is your worst memory?
5e. How high of a math class did you go to?
5f. Do you remember any of it?
5g. Did you just realize how worthless several years of school was?
5h. Do you like to give hugs?
5i. Ever hug a complete stranger?
5j. Do you prefer black or blue pens?
5k. Mechanical or wood pencil?
5l. pen or pencil?
5m. Do you restart something if you mess up or just try to erase the mistake?
5n. Have you ever dressed up for Halloween?
5o. What's the weirdest thing you have ever warn?
5p. Do you sleep curled in a tight ball, sprawled out in several directions, or on your back/tummy?
5q. Ever have that moment when you dream you're falling and your body literally reacts to it?
5r. Ever eaten a goldfish?
5s. Do you laugh easy or does it take something really funny?
5t. Do you usually have a smile, a frown, or just a neutral expression?
5u. Do you currently have a song stuck in your head?
5v. Do you currently have a commercial/advertisement/slogan stuck in your head?
5w. What's your favorite kind of cheese?
5x. Potbellied, market, or wild pigs?
5y. Would you rather run into a defensive moose or bear?
5z. Do you agree with the idea that the books are always better than the movie?
6a. If you had to butcher and cook your own pigs/beef would you still eat it?
6b. Ever been related to someone who played on a famous sports team?
6c. Do you take up dares easily?
6d. Are you usually straight up or constantly looking for a way around the truth?
6e. Ever danced with a penguin?
6f. Are you tan?
6g. Are you a role model?
6h. Do you have a role model?
6i. Do you have glasses?
6j. Do you have contacts?
6k. Do you have braces?
6l. Have you ever house sat for somebody?
6m. Ever watered somebody's plants for money?
6n. Ever raised caterpillars and watched them turn into butterflies?
6o. Do you drink coffee on a regular basis?
6p. What are your ideas on cloning?
6q. What time is it now?
6r. What have you done today?
6s. Did you learn anything?
6t. When was the last time you ate a brownie?
6u. Is there a particular gaia item you are trying to get right now?
6v. Are you a member of a guild(s)?
6w. Appetizer, entree' or dessert?
6x. Do you know the difference between dessert and desert?
6y. Black or gold?
6z. What's your favorite metal?
7a. Australia or America?
7b. England or Canada?
7c. What are you wearing now?
7d. How many times have you changed your clothes today?
7e. Are you wearing socks?
7g. Have you ever been embarrassed by watching a certain movie with people (often a sex scene with your parents?)
7h. Do you know what happened in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory?
7i. Do you know what cot(theta) means?
7j.Have you ever played darts?
7k. Do you have a tree house?
7l. Do you have a tv?
7m. Do you have a radio?
7n. How many doors are in your house?
7o. How many windows?
7p. Do you have a sliding door?
7q. Do you have a window that doesn't open?
7r. DO you have woods floors in any part of your house?
7s. Do you have a basement?
7t. Do you have an attic?
7u. Is anybody in your family a doctor?
7v. Do you own a cactus?
7w. Ever been eaten by a dinosaur?
7x.Have you ever caught a frog with your bare hands?
7y. With a net?
7z.DO you know what time zone you're in?
8a,Do you know the difference between newb and noob?
8b. Have you ever been called a nerd?
8c. have you ever been called a geek?
8d. Do you know the difference between nerd and geek?
-More to come!-
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Lonely Phantom

10,900 Points
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Partygoer 500
  • Invisibility 100
1. Crackers and pigs
wolfion's avatar

Lonely Phantom

10,900 Points
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Partygoer 500
  • Invisibility 100
7. Wreck it ralph

(and i'm to lazy to read the rest)
7. Wreck it ralph

(and i'm to lazy to read the rest)

You're supposed to do them all in order! haha that's the entertainment in it.
Arrow to you too.
Since I'm bored I suppose I'll do this till someone joins me...
1. Crackers and pigs
3. Elizabeth. (Lizzie)
4. Ace, Cubs, Lizzie, Liz, Bear, Spud, Monster, the list is endless. Everybody calls me something different.
5. Favorite school subjects were math and language arts till I got to highschool. then it became agriculture.
6.become a veterinarian. Move in with my best friend. Save lives
Looks like nobody wants goldzz
7. My favorite movie is either Hercules, Spirited Away, or Brother Bear. (:
I'll join in for a bit.
1)Crackers and Pigs.

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