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Greedy Genius

when there is no food at home.
when i have no money.
when there is homework.
when there is an essay due.
being hungry.
having to pee, but someone is hogging the dang bathroom.
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When my:
a. mother's being an egocentric b***h.
b. father's being a brainwashed bigot.
c. sister has had it with my mother, and I can't convince her to stop being angry with her.
d. fiance's acting like a damn baby.
e. aunt gives me a shitty present that I HAVE to pretend I absolutely love in order to not shatter her self-esteem to pieces and cause a shitstorm in the family.
f. maternal grandma acts the way she does.

My family issues are the thing that pisses me off the worst. stare
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Being ignored.
Undeceive people.
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When people have no respect for My mom and their own moms

When Im trying to be nice and people take it as a threat -___-

When people criticized me music likes


and un-fairness (ik life isn't fair)
I know it
I got used to it
doesn't mean I have to enjoy it
or stay there and do nothing to make it right
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I don't like it when my friends cuss..for some reason I can watch episode after episode of Pewdiepie and be fine...but when my friends start using fowl language...I get depressed. >.>
- when my sister teases me too much when I'm tired
- when my parents run over an animal on the road
- when my mom forgets to clean the kitchen counter
- when someone forces me to wear something I don't like
- when my grandma starts emotionally blackmailing me or starts crying/acting like a b***h when she doesn't get her way
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The Spellslinger
When I forget where I parked my longship.
Duh, just call the crew and have them sing.
Getting asked everyday how work was or how school was
Annoying people
Country music
People that force you to wait 5 minutes in the parking lot behind them because they want a parking spot
Having people tell me i "need" to believe in god
Other stuff too...i'll edit if i think of more biggrin
One of mine counters your first XD

- When Instructors/Teachers/Etc accept late work (Personally, they should get zero and not an extension unless there's a legitimate excuse that was covered BEFORE the due date).

- Personal, illogical paranoia that someone is mad at me for no reason, someone is stealing from me, someone is copying my work, someone is vandalizing my property, etc, etc

- Not having work done on time. Honestly, I lost sleep over the stress and paranoia from this.

- When my family blames me for the arguments in the household =

- When people (especially my mom), do the whole mocking "Ohhh, someone's mad" when I'm irritated

- When people assume I'm pissed when I'm annoyed

- Having to hold in blow ups. Not a people person.

There are some more but I can't remember at this moment in time.
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Shirtless Fairy

- Pet death

- Being tormented by delicious food I can't eat

- Being bitched at
When my sister uses the bathroom, doesn't flush, and leaves the lid up.
Like, wtf. My cat drinks out of that. gonk

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