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Lack of heater and air conditioning in the house. And being broke. The usual crap.
Velvet Overkill
Dolce Rogue
Condescending assholes.



When people make conclusions about you based on things they've assumed..
When people don't know when to admit they're wrong in an argument...
Nicki Minaj fans! rolleyes
Girls that raise their voice when they're mad/in an argument thinking the fact that they're talking loud will intimidate somebody.. NO, stare
When people ride a high horse without having a high horse license!
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Invisible Giver

When I want my Mom tells me I can't lick the cake batter off the spoon.
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Partying Prophet

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Deadly Cultist

When I've lost or misplaced something.
Fighting with loved ones.
Getting bad grades.
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- People who cancels at the last minute. Or just doesn't turn up at all without warning.
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Liberal Browser

When my manager gives me a stupid amount of hours when he knows I have school full time
When other people use my cups
When I'm hungry but there's NOTHING at home to eat
When my mom calls me ugly
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Girl-Crazy Bloodsucker

People ignoring me
Not being able to play with my kitties
No food
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Bashful Lunatic

thinking you know someone well enough to know when theyre lying, but then you know what happens....they lie. then get mad at you for being upset..

its been almost 5 years. emotion_donotwant
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Forever Eccentric
* When your instructors won't accept late work. (Assholes)
* When you have pb&j but, no bread.
* You need to wash your clothes but, there's no laundry detergent.
* When someone steals your favorite black ballpoint pen.
* When someone eats all the leftovers from last night.
* When someone takes a poop and they forget to flush ( Nasty bastards! twisted )

I ESPECIALLY agree with the first one D:<
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People who are always eccentric
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When people complain about "excessive moaning" during sex. Yeah, I don't think you should exaggerate your pleasure, but it's unreasonable to expect someone to hold back their noises.
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Dapper Phantom

People underestimating me (or anyone, really).
Presumptuous pricks.
Insecure people who project.
People who think they are "above average" but there is no strong indicator of that.
University students who act like they're Gods.
People who actively antagonize certain people/stalk them.

More than upset I mean pissed. Not must "upsets" me, actually.
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This thread.

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