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Can Master Frank-N-Furter kill you, use your body for a science experiment,while my brother, Riff Raff, carves your body into a turkey, and then I'll cook you up, feed you to my Master, and me and Riff Raff will feast your scraps? Please? We will make a song about you! And Columbia will surely miss you!

OR you can visit the castle, learn our dance of our people, meet an actual Transvestite, witness the birth of artificial man-made intelligence, get raped by a transvestite,realize your lover had just slept with the SAME transvestite and that they smoke, sleep with the artificial man-made intelligence, get caught by your ex-teacher, lover, and the transvestite, have an awkward dinner with a groupie, your lover, your ex-teacher, and a transvestite, get turned to stone, preform a weird floor-show, witness some deaths, and watch a house fly into space while you wonder what the f*ck just happened to you. Sound fun, doesn't it?....

LISTEN UP BUDDY! You either pick one scenario or the other in 10 minutes. Failing to do so you will be abducted by Transsexual Transylvanians and be probed with our fine equipment. Now choose wisely, both of these scenarios have life changing events such as the loss of innocence or death. IF you manage to out smart Frank-N-Furter you can live without ANY of the consequences, BUT I must warn you it is highly impossible. Frank-N-Furter has mastered ALL the science and health science fields.

Here's what you do:Knock on the castle door and Riff Raff will answer the door, he will get Frank-N-Furter. Say in a British accent "Hola, I have brought you your bag of "medicine"" and show him the bag of weed you have obtained from the hobo from across the road. He will snatch it from your hand and jump with joy making you step inside (This is important that you DO NOT ENTER THE CASTLE!STAY ON THE PORCH!). He will ask you if you would like to stay for the night (Or maybe a bite), give him a made up story saying that you need to go home to take care of your grandmother who is dying of some random disease.

He will HOPEFULLY let you go. IF he doesn't and he tells you to enter, insult him and tell him to die in a hole. Hopefully, he will not have a weapon on him. IF the circumstances are bad, and he does, tell him you were kidding and let him take advantage of you. IF you are successful, RUN and HITCH HIKE HOME, DO NOT use your VEHICLE, Frank-N-Furter orders us to put sharp objects on the road to the castle.

If you let him take advantage of you, then proceed with your GUN and put it to your HEAD and pull the TRIGGER! You hopefully be reborn as someone who won't face this problem....

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How can you deny that?
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I think it's illegal to hate that movie/soundtrack heart
I fricken love it. It's so weird and crazy...yet so brilliant and amazing at the same time. I wish more people didn't find it freaky and loved it like we all do. 3nodding
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I feel like Time Warp is secretly about Doctor Who.
I was in the play version of Rocky Horror! Guess who I played!
LOVE IT!!!!!!
Just a jump the left!
I love the time wrap and sweet transitive.
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Damnit Janet!
i absolutely looovvveee RHPS heart i want to be Magenta or Columbia for halloween(:
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touch-a touch-a touch me, i wanna be dirty
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God, I forgot this movie. All I know is that I loved the one time I watched it eek
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I LOVE RHPS heart heart Haha, I'm being Columbia for Halloween mrgreen
Has anyone seen it preformed at a midnight showing?

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