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The Bump list is back!

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It's not the same without prizes.. 0.1375 13.8% [ 88 ]
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.~*News update!*~.

Well the attempt to re-open the thread failed. I was working a lot of the summer and wasn't able to make gold for the prizes. I also didn't receive any donations to help the cause. So for now, I'm not going to try and get the prize part re-opened. I've got school and hopefully I can find a job so I won't have much time to sit around and make gold for this thread, since the summer showed me I'd probably have to get it all myself. But you guys are welcome to bump here. Who knows, if I have enough free time I'd open the prize section again. I'd really like to, but I just can't afford it at the moment.

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Table of Contents
Post 1 - Introduction, A misunderstanding, Simple Rules and Mod List.
Post 2 - Bump List.
Post 3 - More Rules.
Post 4 - Donator List.
Post 5 - Link List.
Post 6 - Black List.

*Underlined = Updated*


Hiya! Just bump here! Tally your bumps too. ^_^

For example, instead of "Bump", put "Bump1" and count. 3nodding

In case you're an idiot, it's one bump per post in this thread. mad

If you reach any of the lists, PM Nikecon with the list you made, and your favourite color! 3nodding

Oh, and good luck on getting any of the prizes. ;D Seriously...Good luck. whee

A misunderstanding: Many people have not realized this...But I give the set prize to EVERYONE who makes each list. :3 It isn't a single prize...So if one person reaches a list, and then another one does too, they BOTH get the prize...Better? ^__^

Important notice about the prizes!: <- UPDATE!
There are no prizes anymore since all of the gold to be used for this was on Giest's account, which was banned. I'm going to start building up gold on a mule for this though. I'll gladly accept any donations as I work for some gold to send over to it as well.

Mod List
There is a lurking mod out there. He has keen eyes, so don't even try anything, you ungrateful turds. D<

His name be:

Added rules by Nikecon
Here Is a list of rules added by me. These are straight forward and easy to understand so just take a moment to read them so you don't get introuble or so I don't have to delete your posts. By posting in the thread you accept all the rules and any punishment they intail. I'm sorry if I seem strict but I don't have enough time to give out warnings since I have to mod pages while updating lists and accepting donations for the bump list.

Note: Geist agrees with these rules.


1. If you're going to be posting random stuff, like emoticons or what ever, number your posts or I'll delete them.

2. If you're posting ads, make them a fair size (not too big, if they're too big then I'll delete them), AS long as you number your posts.

3. As Geist said, always, always number your bumps! If you bump 150 times without numbering the bumps and PM me telling me to add you to the list, I will not add you. I don't have time to go through your post history to count them, especially since it only keeps track of the last 501 posts you've posted.

4. If you try to scam the bump list, (ie, say you have more bumps than you actually do to get a prize[though if it was an honest mistake you won't get in trouble]) then you'll be black listed.

Post was formally:
domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1613 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
Here be a list of donators! I'd greatly enjoy it if anyone could donate to me so I could actually afford the prizes if anyone should reach them. xD You don't have to donate if you don't want, but hey, who doesn't like a good donation? ^^ Also, donating would help convince me to add more prizes to the lower lists...Maybe even add more obtainable lists...Which would mean more prizes. It might also convince me to lower the minimum amount of bumps you need to get on a list. ^^

Note: Send the donations either to Nikecon or MissBumpFantastico (the mule).

Jaimicchi - 1300g whee heart
Prince_Cicero_V - 1000g whee heart
[ Lady Sakura ] - 5000g whee !!! heart
angel_anne - 1000g whee heart
AtheaShadowFang - 4000g whee !! heart
Dog_lover_888 - 200g whee
Sikuyi-chan - 1000g whee heart
COF-sexy beasts - 1900g whee heart
OrangeDagger PI - 1000g whee heart
ILiveToServeSesshomaru - 169g whee
spade_3400 - 3300g whee !! heart
FeeAnanda - 10,000g eek whee !!!! heart
Kareesata - 2500g whee ! heart
Bloody Bert - 500g whee 4laugh
Z4PP4 - 500g whee 4laugh

Post was formally:

domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1614 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
Link List

Here is a list of shops/charities. To be put on the list simply PM me with a link to your shop/charity, after that I'll investage it. (look around, ask users who have been there) I have to do that just to make sure it's not a scam, sadly there's a lot of people out there who think virtual gold on a website is worth more than morals.

Art Shop
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Post was formally:

domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1615 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
Black List

Here is a list of people who violated the rules and are banned from the thread. In order to keep this thread clean I have to go by the rules I set in place to keep order. Being on the black list does not mean you're on my ignore list. Which means you still have a chance to explain yourself. People with * beside their name are on my ignore list.

jakekatrakis - Begging and purposly missnumbering his bumps. (saying bump +1000 when he doesn't even have 100 posts)

Post was formly:

domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1616 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1617 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1618 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1619 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1620 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1621 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1622 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
domokun .*~ wahmbulance Hump 1623 wahmbulance ~*. domokun
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