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stare Being "Mauled" by a PITBULL! Thankfully the animal was put down that very night.
Perhaps you deserved it.

An unprovoked attack???? I don't think so! First off I get along with all animals, if I ever deserve an "ATTACK" I will be the first to admit it.
most painful thing: miscarriage. i was out of my mind with pain.
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Hm... almost drowned, finger slammed in car (two times), had severe food poisoning...
Some of these stuff happened a long time ago, so I don't remember them enough to pick one. If I had to guess... maybe the first was the most painful. The finger-slamming hurt pretty bad too; the first incident was when I was six, and I still have a clear scar/indent on my index finger.
(I guess I haven't had anything like a car accident or major surgery, so I'm grateful for that.)

Mentally, losing a best friend has been painful and stressful. It's been four years, and it still affects me today. I learned to value my friendships more, because you never know when the other person will be gone.

I have an average tolerance for physical pain, but a low one for emotional. I almost lost my mind when I lost my friend.
Physical pain - I skinned my knee really bad in 11th grade. It was bleeding profusely and there was so much blood that it was literally dripping to the floor. It happened while I was playing basketball in school. The pain lasted for days and I never fully recovered. I'm in college now, and i can't walk up a flight of stairs without feeling slight pain in my knee.

Mental pain - when I was in first grade, I had a teacher that despised me. One day, I ran out of shirts, so my mom put a tank top on me and put a sweater over it, and she told me not to take my sweater off because tank tops weren't allowed to be worn at my school. So anyway, I was working quietly on some assignment in class, and my teacher walks over to me and says, "it's so hot, why are you wearing that?" and she proceeded to pull the sweater right off of me. I tried to cover myself because I felt naked with only my tank top and when she saw that I didn't have much underneath, she made a disgusted sound and threw the sweater at me and told me to put it back on. I developed a fear of being the center of attention and of being semi-naked in front of people, and my self-esteem was destroyed. This still affects me today, but I'm getting better.
physical pain is when i have an infection and had to have surgery to take it out

mental pain was having unprotected sex with a guy and later finding out he had hepatitis c. i didnt catch it, its actually not common to catch it just from sex but you can. waiting for those test results was pure torture. i was 16 and i didnt want to have a chronic disease that could lead to liver cancer that would be awful.

i dont have a high tolerance for physical pain at all. i mean, i was at the dentist recently and i was crying before i went it because i knew, i knew.... yeah. sad
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Physical Pain - Falling off the top of a bunk-bed and crashing face first. I must've been around eight or nine. The pain was unbelievable and the blood didn't stop gushing from my nose for hours. Lucky for me, it wasn't broken..but I swear it's the reason I get nosebleeds so easily now.

Mental Pain - Everything that comes with being a female-to-male transgender person. The depression, the low self-esteem...it's very easy for me to fall into a dark place because of the frustration and the constant feeling of gender dysphoria.

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