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The ******** is it?
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A Pokémon.
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wen u tak abut ur kawaii chinese cartoon feels on tumblor.corn
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A Pokémon.
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Let me guess you saw that thread title to huh ? Yeah no clue myself. when you find out tell me rofl
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From my basic understanding which I may be wrong. Is white people trying to, "act Japanese" bu liking anime or being interested in Japanese culture.

Because someone being interested in a culture other than their own is a problem. Apparently we would rather people be close minded biggots and stick to their own culture only.
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not your mom
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It's annoying 13 year old American kids who think they are japan savvy because they can pronounce a bastardization of a dozen words in Japanese, and watch way too much bleach and inuyasha.
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A Pokémon.
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Someone overly obsessed with Jap culture (inb4 - "don't use jap, that's offensive". ******** you) and won't shut the ******** up about it.

You wanna learn about their culture? Cool, you do you, man. Just don't do it to the point where I want to euthanize you like at the end of Old Yeller.
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A pejorative term for people overly fond of anime and Japanese culture.
The kind of people that use Japanese out of context and act as if they wish they were born Asian.
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