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The Cottage in the Arctic


“Oil exploration and increased sea traffic are encroaching on polar bear's habitat, throughout the Arctic. With the increase economic activ—choo! Cut!”

As soon as that word left the young reporter, Alrick Spencer mouth the news crew began to move. They were all moving the cameras and the rest of the equipment into the van as they call it a day. Alrick can see the tiredness in their eyes and the annoyances after retaking the same shot over and over. It wasn’t his fault that his boss decided that his first job would be at the middle of no where in the Arctic. How was he supposed to make a great impression on TV with snot running down his nose?

He was currently with his crew doing a story on the environmental changes that are causing harm to the polar bear population. So here they are taping in a barren icy wasteland with nothing but ice, water, snow, and more ice. The best shot they had so far was a floating sheet of ice crashing into another floating sheet of ice only for both of them to sink into the water. He decided that he has to do something to livening things up. He went into the van and picked up a camera. It has to be something close by out there like a polar bear, a yeti, narwhals, something!

“I’m going to go out a little further ahead,” he told the crew. All of them looked at him like he was crazy. “What? Are you insane? Think this over. You can’t go out there by yourself and everyone’s tired now,” a crew member pleaded as he brought hot coco for everyone. Alrick just shook his head. “I won’t be gone long. I’m just going to do a little exploring. I’ll be back soon.”

“Are you sure? Just don‘t go off too far newbie. There’s a storm coming through and we rather not spend our time looking for you in the cold," another crew member said. Alrick nodded his head and wave them off as he walked further ahead.



There was nothing out here at all.

While he could be in a warm van drinking hot coco and slurping soup he was here further away from the campsite than he had intended. Not only that but he lost his sense of direction and didn’t know the way back.

“Sigh… I’ll wait here. I’m sure they’ll look for me,” he said as he pulled his cap down to his eyebrows and wrapped his scarf tighter around his mouth and nose to protect him from the biting wind. He sat down on the ground as he pulled his knees up to his chest to keep somewhat warm.


Alrick looked up after hearing a bell like sound. He looked around and didn’t see anything. He noticed that the wind was picking up and he assumed that it was just that, the wind.


There it was again and he knew it wasn’t just the wind. He got up and looked around noticing the wind was picking up faster. He squint his eyes to see through the snow and wind that was blowing all around.


“Hello! is anyone there?,” he called out as he walked towards the bell sounds but stop when a harsh wind came. Alrick shut his eyes causing ice to encrust on his lashes, and causing darkness in his vision. Distantly though, he heard a crunching. Were they footsteps?


He wasn't sure how long he'd been stumbling through the snowstorm when he heard the bell sounds and foot steps. In the back of his head he knows that he should have stayed where he was but in his heart he knew that it’ll bother him not finding out where the sound was coming from. Like a fool he was running towards an unknown direction hoping something was there.


He forced himself to increase his speed but he stumbled and fell onto the ice that covered the ground. He was tired and wanted so bad to just lie there and close his eyes. He knew it would be suicide, but his body ached all over.

No, he could not give up with a possible story so close. He pushed himself to his feet and continued on. His fingers and feet were beginning to feel numb inside his thick winter gloves, which wasn't a good sign.

A sudden wind blew hard against his back causing him to land hard on the ground again. His scarf unraveled and blew into the wind, exposing his face to the frigid air and snow. He lied there for a second wondering if this was the end for him.


He slowly looked up and saw an outline of small figure further up ahead. It was far too windy to see clearly but just by its size Alrick concluded it was a child. What was a child doing in a snow storm? He squint his eyes more and saw the child holding something. It was his scarf!

“Hey, kid! I need that!” He called out. The child giggled and waved his scarf as they ran way.

“Wait, I’m sorry! Wait! Are you lost also…? Where are your parents?,” he called out towards the running figure. He used the last of his strength to keep up.


Each step he took was becoming harder and harder. There was nothing but white all around him. He kept walking but was getting slower and slower. His legs felt heavier and he felt like he was sinking. Was he sinking into the snow? He knew he was hallucinating because everything around him seems to becoming bigger. Maybe because there wasn’t anything out in the wide open space. A hard gust of wind blew again causing Alrick to close his eyes and he kept them close waiting for the wind to stop.


He quickly opened his eyes hearing a bell sound right next to his ear only to find nothing there. The snowstorm that was blowing through only moments before suddenly stop. Everything was still no winds or anything.

He turned his head back around only to gasp at what was in front of him. A large stone building with huge doors embellished in gold, sliver, and jewels stood there. He could hear sounds of machinery going and smell of smoke coming from the chimney. He walked closer to the building and he stood just inside the doorway. The place was cavernous, like a large warehouse, and it was filled with at least a hundred children. Most sat at assembly lines as toys ran down large conveyor belts. Each child added a new piece to the toy until it was completed at the end. In the far corner, behind protective screens, some worked with blowtorches? “That’s dangerous!” he thought. Even though they looked like they were professionally handling them. There was even some on computers, hard at work programming what appeared to be video games…

“What is this place…how is this possibly?,” Alrick thought. He stared at the children working and noticed something was off. They seemed different. All of them had pointed ears and some of their facial features weren’t human…

“This is…I have to...," he tried to pull out his camera but a sudden wave of dizziness came over him causing him to drop the camera in the snow. He found that he could hardly move his hands numbness had taken over them. He used his teeth to pull down one of his gloves and saw they were raw and blue, like claws. He tried to move them and found he couldn't. A story of a life time and he couldn’t take any pictures. Mysterious children in Arctic weather making toys? Child labor going too far? Biggest story of his career and he couldn’t do anything. He looked all around and saw what appeared to be a cottage a little further away.

“Maybe I’ll find some answers there.”


He walked on the porch noticing lights flickering in the windows. He found his legs were trembling with each step he took. He fell with a loud thud and crawled towards the door. His eyes were becoming heavy again and he hoped that someone was really home to help him. “How can someone live out here? It was impossible for a human to live in the Arctic harsh environment. Especially what looked to be hundred of people…,” he thought. He looked up and saw something that caught his eyes. His scarf was hanging on the door knob of the cottage. “Does that kid live here?” He lifted his arms up to grab the scarf only for the door to suddenly open.

“Oh my! What are you doing out here in the cold? Come in, come in,” an elderly plump woman, with rosy cheeks and white hair grabbed his hand and attempted to lift him up. She places his arm around her shoulders and dragged him into the warm cottage.

He looked around and saw he was in a large room full of wooden furniture, figurines and a working fire place. It was the image of a cozy cottage that you’ll see in a fairy tale or Christmas special. The old woman dragged him over to the couch and gently let him fall into the seat.

“You poor thing… let me get you a blanket,” Alrick watched as she ran off hoping she’ll bring more than one blanket. He pulled his gloves off seeing his hands were still blue. He attempted to rub them together holding them in the direction of the fire hoping it will speed up the recovery. He could feel the ice melt from his eyes and he could feel his mouth loosen as even though they were severely chapped.

The old women came back with thankful more than one blanket and holding a steaming cup in her hands. She unfolded the blankets and draped them around his shoulders and tried handing him the mug but he refused.

“I can’t…,” Alrick croaked to the old woman, his lips felt like needles sticking in them. “My hands…are so numb. It's too late…”

“Now, now. Just listen to old Carol and drink this," the old woman who introduce herself said with a gentle smile. “All you need is a bit of my family’s special homemade cider.” She held the cup up to his chapped lips. “Go on now, take a sip, dear.”

Alrick looked down at the cup and felt the warmth coming from it. He parted his lips and felt something hot, creamy, and sweet pour into his mouth and down his throat. He could taste apples, oranges, a hint of smoked ham, and candy cane. It soothed his sore throat and warmed him from the inside out. When the cup was dry, his lips didn’t have the needle like feeling towards them. He licked them and was surprised to find them smooth again. He glanced at his hands and saw the color had returned to his skin. He began flexing his hands, finding his fingers moving easily and without pain.

“How are you feeling now, dear?” the old woman asked with another smile. “Better?”

“Yes! Thank you! What was in that?" Is that some sort newly develop medicine? If so, I can see why you survive in these condition,” he stood up quickly only to slump back down on the couch due to dizziness.

“Now, now. Calm down. Don’t try to get up just yet. If you must now it’s an old family recipe experiment throughout generations,” she nodded. “I lived here for a long time. And I found that it’s a great help to warm the folks around here. You're lucky I found you outside. You could have frozen to death, my dear,” Carol chuckled at him. Alrick stared at the old woman full of warmth and kindness and couldn‘t help but smile.

“If I didn’t know any better I was rescued by an angel.”

Carol let out a girlish giggle, “Oh, stop. It’ll be a shame for someone as young as you die out here… What is your name, dear?”

“Alrick Spencer. I’m a news reporter. I was doing a report on the change of environment here when I got myself lost in a snow storm…uhh…while I was out there I saw a child and followed them here. They had my scarf and it was on your door knob…do you have children living here?,” he asked. “Maybe I can find out more about the children in that building.”

“Oh my, a news reporter. How interesting. We don’t get much news around these parks… I’m sorry to say but there are no children that live around here. It’s just me, my husband and the workers.”

“Huh? I’m sorry but I peeked into that building over there and saw many children workers there. Not to be rude but isn’t that child abuse? There’s no way a child should work in these types of conditions. They all seem to be operating dangerous equipm—"

“There are no children at all around here,” Carol interrupted with a smile. “It will be hectic if children were here. My husband works very hard and as much as he likes children he has to focus on the business for everyone’s sake.”

“Business? You mean that workshop over there full of children is a business? You said earlier that you don’t get too much news around here but there is something calls child labor laws. And why does your husband own a business in the middle of no where in the Arctic?”

“He’s always been a private person. Let’s just say it will troublesome if people knew too much about his work…,” Carol smiled as she sat next to him on the couch. Alrick started to wonder if her spending so much time here made her face frozen with a smile.

“How about I make you a bowl of soup?,” she asked.

“No thank you. I think I over stayed my welcome. I don't want to put you to any trouble and my crew is most likely looking for me…,” he declined. “I have hurry and met up with them. This story can boost my career.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I was about to fix some for my husband anyway,” she insisted.

"Where is your husband?"

“Working. He'll be home soon…,” Carol nodded; now sit over at the table while I make you something to eat.” She head for the kitchen and took out a large, deep black pot. “Looks like a witch's cauldron,” Alrick thought. “No thanks. You done enough for me.” he said again.

“But you need to regain your strength before you head out. You know what… why don’t you stay here? I’m sure your crew will come along to this cottage to find yo—”

Thank you for the offer but I have to go. I want to leave before it gets to dark. Thank you again for the help but I —”

Suddenly a wave of dizziness came over him. His whole body started to heat up and his heart began to pound harder than ever.

“What… is…what‘s happening…to me?,” he said between pants. He fell on the ground clutching his chest. The room began to spin in swirls of color as he tried to focus his vision. He looked up and saw the old woman standing above him with the kind smile she always wore. But this time there was something hidden behind it. It was something that caused a shiver down his spine.

“You know things have certainly changed over the years,” Carol mused, bending down next to him. “There was a time when my husband and workers made all the toys by hand where real craftsmanship counted. Nowadays kids want more and more high-tech gadgetry. Which is quite difficult to work with and requires a lot of help…”

A sudden wave of pain washed over his body causing him to groan. Carol patted his head gently thinking that would soothe the pain. "You see, dear," Carol said with disturbing merry tone, “I’m sorry but I have not been entirely honesty with you. It was not coincidence that you were brought here…”

“Charlotte, sweetie!,” she called out.

Alrick looked up and saw the weird looking child standing behind Carol. The child stared back at him with a mischievous smile on her face as she giggled at his painful predicament. He looked in her hands and saw his scarf in it. Was she the one out there in the snow storm?

“Why would she do that? Why would you make a child do that?!,” he croaked out.

“I’m not a child!” The girl said with a squeaky huff. “I’m way older than you!,” She stomped her foot.

The old woman chuckled. “Yes, yes, your 152nd birthday should be coming up. I guess I‘m the oldest in one this room…” she shyly said trying to hide her blush.

“152? That’s impossible…She looks nothing like that!”

“Like I said there are no children here,” Carol pouted. “What you think is a child is actually an elf.”

Elf? It was starting to make sense. Cottage in the middle of no where, workshop…toys, elves, was he where he thinks he was at…

“My husband and I are immortal, Alrick, but our elves are not. These little ones can live longer than the average human, but eventually their little bodies wear out and die. But it’s to be expected. Especially with all the hard everyday labor we require them to do. So from time to time, it becomes necessary for us to recruit new members to our every growing family.”

“So you're saying, what? That you brought me here to work until I die? Are you out of your mind?!,” Alrick yelled in a panic.

“Now, now…it won’t be that bad. You will be helping to bring joy to the lives of the children of the world. That is something truly worthy of sacrifice your time and life for. My husband needs all the help he could get. As his wife it‘s my job to help him achieve his goal. ”

“No, I won’t …,” the pain increased and he felt as if his bones were breaking. He let out a shout as the pain started pulsing. He reached out his hand and grabbed Carol’s boot giving her a pleading look. “Please…make it stop…I won’t tell…I promise I won’t tell any one about this place….please make it stop…MAKE IT STOPAAAHH!,” he screamed.

“It’s okay. I’ve done this for years. You’re the first visitor we had in 80 years and luckly you came when we really needed more help. I’m sorry dear but it will be over soon…” she said as she moved her leg away from his grip as she watched him curl up in the middle of the floor. Becoming smaller and smaller.


“Here we go. Now don’t these clothes fit better than those other ones?,” Carol nodded with a smile. Standing before her was the newest addition to their growing workforce whose height stopped at her knees. The little elf tilted his head back and saw the old woman towering over him like a giant. He glanced over at Charlotte and saw that they were at eye level. Carol was talking with two more elves discussing something. He looked down at his own body and saw his stubby little legs and stubby little arms. He observed his surroundings some more and he came to realization.

Who was he? Why can't he remember anything?

“My…name …who…,” he spoke in a soft squeaky voice.

“Ah. Yes. Your name I almost forgot. Your name is Alrick and you're one of Santa’s elves," she smiled brightly. "Theodore and Penelope will show you around. They also tell you your duties and how to work the equipment. Just watch you’ll be right at home before you know it.” Carol patted his head. Alrick nodded following the other two elves.

“Wait a moment, dear. This belongs to you here,” she wrapped a familiar scarf around his neck before waving him off as he left with the others.

“Mrs. Claus! The new people are coming! More friends! More workers! They’ll be here soon!” Another elf said running up to her excitedly.

“Oh what a busy day I should hurry and make more cider. It’s going to be a big year and Santa needs all the help he can get," Mrs. Claus smiled as she head over to the kitchen. Charlotte nodded in agreement making her bells jingle throughout the cottage.
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gaia_angelleft My Christmas SnowAngel gaia_angelright

It was a Christmas night in the town of Durem I was walking in the street. The night was cold and misty and no person was at site not even a cat. As I was walking I saw a handsome man sitting on a bench. As I passed by him I greeted him with a smile and walked away. I really don't know what but I got a serious chill up my spine and I spun around. When I looked the man was not there anymore. Being freaked out by that I said to myself " There is no way in hell that man can leave that quickly." I turned around and started walking as fast as I can to my house.

On my way a big black shadow ran up to my face within a blink of an eye.It was huge bloody and smelt like dead animal but it had no face like slender man but the shadow dude was not slender .I was totally frozen I was so scared I couldn't move a muscle couldn't fart and i really wanted to. It stared at me and i could feel it's cold breath on my face then it ran away. My shriek pierced the night and I scrambled and ran. I was so frighten I ran with my eyes wide open and hardly blinked. Finally I was in front of my apartment building .

I ran in the elevator click the button for the forth floor and stooped down to catch my breath and tried to figure out if I was going mad."Are you all right miss you look like you were in a marathon." said an angelic voice. When I looked up the man that was on the bench was in front of me. I fell to floor and sprinted up and question with a trembling voice " Who are you,what are you, what the hell do you want to do with me!"
He back back away surprised " I am sorry but i think you need help lady did you get atta-" I didn't wait for him to finish then door opened and i ran out. I quickly got my keys and opened the door.

I dashed in side and locked the doors with all the latches. I switch all the lights on in the apartment and sat in the living room. I began to cry then i felt something behind me. I flew up and turned around and I saw the the shadow thing. It looked at me and said in a ghostly voice "My love I have missed you ,come me" The shadow then turned into a form of a man in his early 30's he was handsome the face looked familiar. Then I recognized it was my boyfriend. I ran to him and hugged him tightly then I felt a bite in my neck. "M- Mike what are you doing ......" I whispered loosing my voice with my eyes widely opened with tears the fart i had held in for so long came out . "Ewe are you for really i almost lost my appetite any way i am devouring you " he said in a grim voice. I felt liked I was being drained and I was so lighted head.

A light then flash and I saw the man that was on the bench in the back of Mike. He was glowing and he had big beautiful wings. He was a freaking angel. I don't know how he got in but all I know was that he was fine as hell. Mike turn around and dropped me and changed back to the shadow form. He attacked the angel dude but he missed. The angel dude got a sword (from I don't know where but he had it) and strike Mike in the head. Mike screamed like a demon burst into pieces and disappeared.

The angel dude picked me up and said "I will always be with you and this had to be your wildest and weirdest Christmas so remember me... oh and that dude he is not your boyfriend that was a demon." He then carried me to my room and laid me on my bed. As he bent to kissed my forehead with his soft lips but his long nose accidentally hit my forehead and it somehow happened to bruise it "what the hell do you have in that reel steeled Pinocchio nose " i screamed and we were at it over and over again trying until we decided to give up and decided no good night kiss suddenly he said " i gotta go ..... piece out." and he disappeared. Then i finally let out all the fart that had been kept in for the whole time then suddenly he appeared at the end of the bed coughing from the fart smoke i let out an then he said to me with a twisted face and his hands on his head "DAMNNNN GUURL WHAT DIED INSIDE THERE "

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“Once upon a time, not too long ago, in this very city, there were some strange happenings, and I am going to tell you the story. The story of the Christmas Tree.”
“But, papa, aren't Christmas Trees pretty and good?”
“Well, most are my dear, but this one was different.”
“How? How?”
“Let me tell you the story, and you will hear all about it. . .”
It was a cold Christmas night. A brother and sister had gone ice skating, and their names were Isabella and Isaac. They shouldn't have been out there at all, because they had not finished their chores that day so they weren't allowed to go out. But they left anyway, and so they didn't have anyone else with them but the forest around the lake.
They skated for awhile, until the girl looked into the trees and thought she saw something glowing.
“There is something over there. . .let's go and check!”
“That's strange, I see it too. Maybe there is a fire!”
“Of course not, it snowed earlier and is way too cold. Come on, are you scared?”
“No! Its just cold out here, that's why I'm shivering.” he said, and started walking towards the light. As they got closer, they realized what it was. There was a clearing except for one huge pine tree. Unlike the others, there was no snow on its branches, but there was tinsel and ornaments and a lit up star on the top. There were lights strung around it too, but they weren't plugged in anywhere and there were no batteries! What was even more strange were the presents around it.
“Look! There are presents! Can we open them? Who are they for?” Isabella asked her older brother.
“I dunno, sis. I think we should go back.” Issac told her.
“Okay, okay, just one?” she pleaded. He sighed.
“I dunno. . .” he said again, but she already ran over.
She ran over and reached for a present, just an itty bitty one that no one would miss. Then there was a voice from the darkness, that was definitely not Issac's or Isabella's -
“Do not touch my presents!” it announced, but it was too late. She had already picked it up, and in a flash something ran in front of them!

It was a wolf, but not any ordinary wolf. There were plenty in the forest, but this one was different. One, it was huge. Two, it could talk.
“W-who are you?” she asked, dropping the gift.
“I am the guardian of this tree.”
“W-well. . .whose tree is it?” they asked.
“Whose? My master, who owns this forest and all others. . . the creatures of the forest leave gifts here for him on Christmas. But now, you must go. Do not come back here, children.”

The next thing they knew, they were waking up in their own beds, and it seemed like they had never left. They were in their pajamas, and their skates were right where they left them. In fact, if only one of them had gone, they would have thought it was just a strange dream.
The days passed closer and closer to Christmas, and the kids had their celebration on Christmas Eve. That night, though, they met up again in their room.
“I want to go and see if that tree is still there tomorrow.” Isabella whispered.
“We can't do that. That wolf told us not to, and whoever owns it will be there!”
“But that is just why I want to go. Let's see who it is.”
“You can go, but I'm staying here!” Issac replied stubbornly. The next day, after dinner, she asked to go play by the lake. Issac faked that he was tired, and even though their parents didn't want her to go alone they knew she would be safe.

Isabella sneaked up, and found many woodland creatures around the tree. At the front of the crowd, opening a gift, was a strange-looking old woman. She couldn't help but whisper excitedly to herself.
“It must be a witch!” she had read about them being able to talk to animals in her storybooks.
The woman turned, and beckoned to her.

Soon enough Issac felt guilty he let his sister go alone. Siblings were supposed to stick together! So he ran out as fast as he could to catch up to her, and hid behind a tree. He saw his sister approaching the woman, and wanted to stop her but stayed hidden to wait and see what would happen. The woman handed Isabella a gift, and she took it carefully. Without saying anything, the woman nodded to her and she opened it carefully. The second the paper fell to the floor, though, she vanished into thin air.
Issac screamed, and the woman began to come closer but he ran as fast as he could. He got back home and yelled, “Isabella is in trouble!”
“Isabella? Whoever is that?” his father asked.
“What are you talking about! My sister!”
“What an imagination! You don't have a sister.” his parents laughed, and that was the end of that. There were no pictures with her in it, and no one remembered her.
“But papa, can that really happen?”
“Oh yes, dear. So you have to be careful. . .” 'Papa' answered. His daughter hopped off of his knee and went to go play elsewhere or tell her friends the story. The man stood up and looked out the window of the very same house. His name was Issac.
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The Snowman

When I was just a young boy, I used to make a snowman in front of an orphanage since thats where my friend Kyle lived. He was a lot of fun to be with and we had creating this snowman.
And thats the last memory of me being happy with my friend.
I couldnt remember how on Earth someone in front of me died. I could remember people screaming and rushing towards us, asking me what happened. I looked at Kyle and he was lying at the ground, face down, blood splattered everywhere. He died after arriving at the hospital.
I never became friends with anyone after that. I started hating Christmas as well.
But that is a thing of the past, I have to move on.
I grew up, became successful, moved out and had a family. But I still had that urge to come back, to find out what happened.
My mother called, asking if I can visit her with my family. My wife said we should, and taking this opportunity, we did.
When we arrived, my mother hugged us instantly.
"Look at you, all grown up. But dear, shave that beard." my mother said.
We all came inside for dinner and had a very lively chat.
"Mom, is the orphanage still there?" I asked.
"Of course, but only a few kids live there now." she replied.
When everybody started to sleep, I wore my winter clothing and walked out towards the orphanage.
It didnt change, still looking like a ran-down cottage. I looked at it but I was shocked to see a snowman at the front. The snowman kinda seemed familiar.
"Nah, every kid could do a snowman like that."
Smile made by 5 stones as a mouth. Eyes decorated by grey buttons and a cucumber as a nose.
I looked at the orphanage. Everyone was sleeping. I looked back at the snowman and I thought I was hallucinating but I wasnt. The snowman wasnt smiling anymore, it was frowning and looking at me. I saw its stick which were its hands, covered in red stuff.
I couldnt possibly believe it, its the snowman who murdered my friend.
Immediately, running back to my house, I swore never to come back to that orphanage, Every winter at least.

It was a beautiful snowy day where soft gray clouds floated overhead and snowflakes drifted down from the sky. The air was chilly, enough that you could see your breath, but there was no breeze that made the bare trees shiver or made the chill bite into your bones. Trudging through the snow with a bundle of clothes on to keep you warm, you smiled as you enjoyed your little stroll through the woody park. You could not resist walking through the pure untouched white landscape that had graced the park. Coming to a bend in the path, noise floated to your ears. Laughter and loud voices cried out to each other. Ahead, twelve kids were having a giant snow fight at the jungle gym. Still trudging along, you watched them with amusement.

The kids were all bundled up just as you were, scarves and beanies covering their small heads. Boys and girls of age ten ran through the snow and hurled snowballs at each other. Many were on top of the jungle gym using it as a giant fortress. Others had built up tall dunes of snow to act as shields and were currently ducked low behind them. The entire area was a mess of footprints across the snow, half built up snowmen, and a few snow angels. You could not help but smile as you passed by the merry and noisy visage. Continuing to gaze at the snowball fight, you spotted a girl much older than the others. Her loose hair was white like the snow and her clothes were that of ages passed; she must have been a caroler who had joined in on the fun. Seeing you watching, she stood, called out a greeting, and waved at you. Of course, the movement put her right in the open for the kids and snowballs immediately pelted her few seconds later. You heard her laugh as she ducked out of sight behind her very own snow fortress.

Just as you were beginning to chuckle at this, a snowball exploded against your shoulder and sent a flurry of white snow debris across your face. Surprised, you looked nearby and spotted your attacker. A mischievous grin across his face, a boy with rosy cheeks and ruffled brown hair threw another snowball at you. It hit your chest with a splat. A grin spread across your own face as you quickly bent over and formed a snowball in order to retaliate. Cupping it into a roundish shape, you stood up, and lifted your arm to throw it.


Silence filled the air around you. The only thing you could hear in the snowy wonderland was your own breath coming in and out. No laughter or any children shouting out in joy. No sounds of small running footsteps across the snow or the smack of a snowball hitting someone. Your arm fell to your side and the snowball slipped from your grasp. The jungle gym was empty of children. You looked for them, but there was not a single person here. You were alone. The snow fortresses, the snowmen, and even the little child sized footsteps in the snow were gone. The laughter you had heard earlier echoed in your memory and the sight you had seen haunted your mind's eye.

You walked closer to the jungle gym, searching for something: anything. Anything that would prove the existence of the snowball fight and the children that had just been there seconds ago. There was nothing. Closer to the jungle gym, you spotted a small stone pillar that rose up three feet. As if in a daze, you walked to it and brushed the snow from the top to reveal a bronze plaque. You read the words engraved in it and felt your breath catch from surprise. It was a memoriam. The bronze plaque and jungle gym had been made in memory for twelve children who had lost their lives in a tragedy in the park many years ago.

--- Phantom Anon
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Merry Christmas

Why? No, seriously, why? Why had I allowed my stupid friends to convince me to spend Christmas Eve in this not at all haunted house? I had no roasted marshmallow, no popcorn, no crackling fire, not even any annoying Christmas carollers. I was all alone. They had better have gotten my miraculous presents.

Would Santa even know I was here? Would he leave presents for me under the little branch I had propped against the rotten wall or would he leave them under the splendid, two metre tall Christmas tree standing pride of place in my lounge?

A sudden far off bang dragged me out of my obviously important thoughts and caused me to spill my smuggled hot chocolate down my front. My body slow relaxed as the quiet settled in. This not at all terrifying loneliness must have been getting to me. It was like that old story. How did it go? ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house… something, something mouse? I didn’t know.

Bang! Clatter! Silence.

I huddled against the wall. That came from the not at all dilapidated roof. It must have been a tree falling. The wind was starting to pick up. Ha, maybe it was Santa. What was the time anyway?
Was that stomping? Why did that sound like someone climbing in the chimney? Was that the smell of cookies?

A scuffle in the chimney. Maybe it was Santa. A pair of black boots. Red pants. White trim. Black belt. Red coat. White beard. Red eyes. It was Santa!

Red eyes?

The glowing eyes stalked towards me. I couldn’t move backwards. I couldn’t move at all.

“Merry Christmas,” the Red Eyes said.

-Angelic Reprobate
Christmas Eve…
It was Christmas Eve and everyone was getting ready for the feast, each member of the Thompson family was in a festive mood, except for Spencer, something was troubling Spencer, and since it was Christmas he thought it might be the best time to tell his mom about it. “Mom can I talk to you?” Spencer said, his lips quivering, “Why, yes dear” replied Mrs. Thompson, “Remember the time when you asked me if I had a problem?” Spencer began shaking nervously, “Well, I’ve been having nightmares, and I started to see demons, they appear as shadowy figures with blood shot eyes, they said that they would kill me, even you, all of us, and I think it’s because of this” Spencer handed a simple gingerbread man with a string on its head, the one they hang in the Christmas tree for decoration, “I found it in my backpack, I don’t know how it got there, I just saw it and took it, but the moment I touched it, I sensed a chill down my spine, I thought I heard a whisper saying ‘hi’ but that was impossible, I was the only one in my room, since then I had nightmares” at this moment tears start to form in the corner of his eyes…….., but instead of comforting her son, Mrs. Thompson gave an eerie smile, then she gave a demonic cackle, Spencer was frightened, he covered his ears with his hands but it was no use he can still hear the evil laugh from the demon that is now emanating red glow, Spencer then got the courage to run, he turned around a saw the door, he grabbed the handle and opened it, the chilly air from the fireplace was immediately replaced by the freezing atmosphere outside, despite the cold, he ran away, he ran as fast as he can, he turned to look if he was being followed by the demons but he saw nothing, yet he still ran he knew they were still there, he knew that they would catch up to him somehow, he stop to catch to his breath and felt a small lump in his pocket, curious, he grabbed it and when he opened his hand, there it was, the little gingerbread man, smiling, as if he was amused of Spencer’s fear
Then he woke up, in his bed, in the middle of the room, sweat trickled down his face, his heart beating fast, he sat up, sighed and said “It was all just a dream” he said smiling, he then heard a familiar voice, a creepy whisper in his ear, “Are you sure?”
Hope you like it, happy holidays everyone smile
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‘Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…’

The old radio crackled, the quality of the sound having decreased over many years of use. It was a poor little thing, old and missing some pieces of its’ cover, but it brought joy to the faces of the young children living in the home. ‘It’s better to have music like this than none at all!’, they had said one morning, when the programme had been rather difficult to hear. Naturally, their parents were regretful, but they did not have money for a new one with better reception.

The Miltons, as they are called, lived a couple of miles from the main city, in a wooden cabin in the forest. They owned a beat-up truck that they used for transport, but even that was expensive to maintain, as the fuel and regular repairs cost more than the thing itself. The family of four used wood to keep warm during the cold season, crocheting blankets when they could not afford to buy some. The little boy, Thomas, sometimes wore clothes that were too small to fit his sister, Susan, any longer. He did not mind one bit, as they were cozy and allowed him comfort when the sound of the howling wind was too terrifying at night.

This Christmas, Mr. Milton had received a raise from the factory he was working at, and was elated with the increase in income. As the months passed and the celebrations approached, he steadily built up a budget, saving little by little. Tears would sometimes spring to Mrs. Milton’s eyes when she would look at the jar they kept the fund in, as they would finally be able to give their children a proper gift.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton had gone shopping as soon as they got their leave from work for the holidays, and went to a shabby garage sale, hosted by one of the Mrs’ co-workers. Indeed, there were not too many things to inspect, and they weren't mint-fresh, but it was better than what the Miltons had themselves. The couple soon stumbled upon a radio: this one, while clearly not having been used regularly, worked well enough, and they purchased it right away.

“Children, come inside!”, shouted Mrs. Milton, opening the door just a crack to call her offspring. Two squealing bundles soon joined her in the hallways, a mass of limbs attempting to take off coats and scarves without help from their mother.

“Yes, mum?”, asked Thomas, finally managing to undo a button without tearing it off.

“I’ve spoken to your father”, she replied evenly, kindly helping Susan out of her boots. “You may go open your presents, now.”

Nothing more needed to be said. The children picked themselves up and off the floor, hurrying to the tiny tree that had been set up in a corner of their living room. They grabbed at the package that had gained their curiosity from the very first moment it had been brought home. When the younger sibling went to tear the colourful wrapping apart, the older one stopped him, grabbing his wrist.

“Don’t, Thomas!”, she reprimanded, snatching the gift and setting it at a safe distance from him. “We should take it off nicely!”

“But why do we have to?”, complained the boy, a pout blooming on his face.
“Because it’s special”, Susan mumbled, turning the box over in order to find the seams of the packaging. “There!”, she eventually exclaimed, using one of her fingernails to unglue the paper.

Not too long after, they were left with a nicely folded wrapping and a cardboard container. They hastily opened the latter, their eyes widening when they saw what was inside.

Many thanks, kisses and hours later, the new radio stood proudly on the kitchen counter. All were fast asleep, tired by the days activities. Ah, there he is. All but the boy, then. Young Thomas awoke, feeling thirsty and yet not wishing to wake anyone up, as he was a big boy now, and could very well get a glass of water for himself. He clutched his blanket and made his way to the fridge, the uneven rhythm of his footsteps kept to a minimum.

As he reached for the handle of the aforementioned object, he heard a low hum. At first, the notes were indistinguishable, the volume having been reduced to a buzzing sound. Thomas turned towards the radio, and furrowed his eyebrow. Hadn’t he turned it off before he went to bed? He must have, his father would have scolded him if he had not. Perhaps Susan had listened to it some more, and forgot to switch it off. Yes, that must be it, and he’d be sure to tell his parents so in the morning, were they to assume the fault had been his.

He pawed at the counter, the lack of chairs for him to climb on frustrating him beyond belief. The chairs had been moved to the living room for an evening together, and he was not sure he could carry any of them back. The most curious thing happened as he got closer to his goal – the volume turned up by itself! ‘Surely, that is impossible’, Thomas thought, frowning at the device. He reached up once more, and once more the radio got louder.

“You better watch out, you better not cry”, the voice coming through was singing, albeit a tad more cheerfully than the young one remembered. “Better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town!”

The air got colder, and he could see his own breath. His attention snapped at the howling of the wind outside, and the seemingly phantom shadows lurking by the windows. He was not sure any longer if the thumping he was hearing was the sound of footsteps approaching, or his own heart beating in his chest.

The door creaked as it opened, a gust of cold air entering the home. Thomas was stuck in his spot, staring at the shape that seemed to be emerging from the hallway. The ethereal being had a gaping mouth, that a silent scream seemed to be coming from. Its’ long, thin arms were outstretched sideways, a posture that reminded the child of a broken animal he once saw on the side of the road. The clothing it wore was frayed, patched up in some spots, torn at the edges in others. It moved towards him in a floating motion, horror mounting as it grasped him and embraced him. The smell of that creature was too strong for the boy, and he fainted, never to be seen again.

Susan woke up, noticing her brother was missing. She poked her head out of their room, and listened, yet she could not hear a thing. She swept in her parents’ bedroom, ready to pick him up and take him back to bed, only to see he was not there, either. Naturally, her parents got up when she entered the room, seeing the confused expression on their daughters’ face.

As they found out the reason for her disturbing their rest, they all shuffled into the kitchen, only to see the boy was curled up against the corner, holding the radio tightly in his hands, hiding his face behind it. Shuddering breaths could be heard from his direction, as if he was weeping. The mother approached him, sensing something was off. The closed she got, the more the volume button twisted on the radio, without being touched by the child.

“He’s making a list, and checking it twice, Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice, Santa Claus is coming to town.”

As the song progressed, snowflakes started waltzing in the air, the windows blown open with a shattering force. The small figure raised its’ head, an expression of terror on the tiny, frozen face. Mrs. Milton was crying, Susan was screaming, and Mr. Milton was shaking, not being able to believe what he was witnessing. It was as if his own child was not actually there.

“He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.”

The wind was unbearable, the screeching, high pitched sound it made rendering hearing impossible except for the eerie song blaring through. The hairs on the back of their necks raised, an unbearable feeling of being watched ripping the already dense atmosphere.

“He knows if you’ve been bad or good, So be good for goodness’ sake! O! You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town!”

Bright lights flashed as shouts tore through the air.

“Santa Claus is coming to town!”

The following day, reports popped up of a disturbance a few miles away from the city. When the police went to check, the Miltons had mysteriously disappeared, their house left as if they only went to sleep. The only odd thing was that the radio on the counter was turned on.

“Santa Claus is coming to town!”
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The Midnight Terror

It was finally the moment of truth. My family began to patch the windows with wooden boards, cardboard, and whatever else we could get our hands on. It was only a matter of time before the search would begin, and no one in the town was safe. I could not help but to shed tear in fear for what was approaching. Why? Why us and now? Christmas was tomorrow, and we had planned a perfect family reunion with my lost cousins. Even my uncle was going to be with us, and he rarely came outside of his shelter of his home.

“NO! You, don’t understand sheriff, the thing that my son saw is real, and its—” my father paused, as the sparks of hope began to dwindle. The man on the other end mumbled something. My father walked up to the right side of the room and slammed his fist against the wall, shouting into the phone. “Just send someone for crying out loud! Look, I know he’s called before for the same stupid reason, but I have every reason to believe him this time; for god sakes, he’s even got a huge gash on his arm!...Sir, would you—” In that instant, when the phone went silent, I knew then we were on our own. We failed the whole town. My father gripped the phone tightly and slammed it against the floor, causing the phone to shatter to pieces.

I hesitantly stood to my feat. “Wh-h-hat now, father?”

He shook his head in disappointment, and continued to help my brother with the patching. “We save ourselves. I tried to help the town and they wouldn’t listen, no thanks to you.” He grimly told as I could feel his gaze penetrate straight into my soul. I ashamedly glanced away from him, handing my brother a nail.

“I don’t understand why we have to do this. We should’ve just gotten the heck outta here while we had the chance.” My brother complained as he took the nail from my palm.

“It’s too late for that now Joseph,” I bitterly reminded him. “If we go out there now it’ll probably find us and only god knows what things it will do to us.”

“So what now then, do you suggest that we stay in here until whatever it was makes us into its next meal?!” He evenly challenged back. He slipped down from the ladder, tossing the hammer to the side. “This is all your fault; if you hadn’t been making those stupid prank calls we wouldn’t have to be in this mess.”

Our dad stepped between my enraged brother and I. I knew it was my fault, but seriously? I never knew there was such a thing as what I had seen. But I had been pre-warned on countless occasions by this one man…

Every day for the past three weeks, a bum walked around gossiping about the creatures in the forests of where we lived. He claimed that they would come out soon, very soon to be precise, and cause havoc inside the town. We knew who he was though— David Herrington, a twenty-five year old man with brown eyes and a rugged beard. He suffered from brain damage in a car accident back in 1995 on Christmas Eve. His whole family was killed in the accident which caused him to be traumatized by anything related to the holidays. Christmas was drawing close, and it was because of that reason that no one believed him.

“You have to believe me,” David said in his coarse voice. He snatched a walking child and brung the child’s face near his. “They will be coming after you! You would think that they would be jolly little beasts, but no. They have come to condemn this town. You, me, him, and everyone else here.”

The child shrieked for her parents as people attempted to pull the girl away from David, but his astonishing strength was too much to overcome. It took nearly eight people to finally spread them apart, causing a huge commotion that day. When the local sheriff sent a search squad for him, he was nowhere to be seen after that incident.

A couple of hours preceding the situation we were in, my brother and I were having a snowball fight deep in the forest. It was rather fun to have it during the night because you had to be much more clever and keen than broad daylight. I was slowly creeping forward, listening for any signals. A branch snapped behind me. Promptly after hearing Joseph’s mistake, I spun and hurled the snowball at that direction, making contact (or so I presumed). He made a break for it, sprinting swiftly and dodging the trees. It was hard to keep up with him, given the circumstance of there being little light and a fresh, heavy snowfall.

“Man, when did you ever get so fast?” I questioned as I chased after him. But he said nothing and continued to push forward.

After a couple of minutes, my legs could no longer take it no more. I fell, literally gasping for air, as Joseph continued ahead. At least for a moment. He then skid to a halt and stared in front of him without even the slightest signs of fatigue. I realized then it wasn’t him. The thing I was following turned around to stare at me directly. From what little light that I had to see, it had long, sharp claws, golden eyes, and was relatively short. I was shocked on to what happened next.

“Ah,” he spoke with grinning teeth. He, or whatever it was, had the pitch of a child but the eyes of a demon. “Shouldn’t you be in bed, my child?”

He sprung in the air inhumanly and began his descent where I was laying. I rolled to the side as quick as I could, but I was not fast enough; his claws sank into my arm and gashed reasonably deep. Almost instantaneously I stood up and ran quicker than lightning home. My brother was sitting on the porch, whom I learned later had given up on finding me for at least an hour. My blood dripped slowly on my arm as I bursted inside the house, shocked on what I’d seen. I explained everything to my father.

“Then David was right,” My father exclaimed. “If those things are coming then we need to prepare ourselves; Joseph, start boarding the windows. I’ll see if I can slow down the bleeding on Frank’s arm.”

And so here we were now, waiting for them to come down and claim the fate of our town.
“Frank, quickly run outside and shut off the power to this house,” he directed as the final boards were being placed. “The lights in here will only make us more appealing. Flip the one on the top, it’s the main one for our house.”

I cautiously and hesitantly opened the back door. The forest loomed in front of me as I could feel many eyes watching every move I did. I turned right to where the power box was, keeping an ear out for any movements out in the forsaken forest. When the switch was flipped, shouting pierced the silent air. I stumbled back skipping a beat, but I then soon realized it was David’s. My head crept from behind my house as I saw the man wearily walking along the road.
He held a glass bottle in his hand, walking awkwardly. “Bwahahaha! They have come, oh yes they have! Oh but have no fear if you have light, for they love it and will do you no harm,” David told, proceeded by a loud belch. After vomiting a bit, he continued. “But those who fill their house with darkness will be doomed, for they hate the dark. Do as I say if you want to live, fill your homes with light. Do it I say!”

He ran passed the house and off deeper into town. I looked back at the power box. He did say to leave the lights on, I thought to myself. He was right the first time, what makes this any different? Sorry father, but I have to do this.

I turned the switch the opposite way again and fled to the safety of my house. When I came in my dad was on his way to the stairs, but the sudden light had startled him and caused him to fall backwards.

“Frank,” He glanced at me somewhat furious. “What did I tell you? Go back and turn off the lights.”

“David came running through town.”


“He’s right dad,” Joseph supported. He looked away from a crevice in between the boards in which covered window. “I could see him running out there, crazier than that one day he thought he was batman.”

I helped my dad up with the one good arm. “I heard him rambling about how to keep the lights on in the house if we want to be safe. So I switched it on.”

“But that—” my dad began but we were cut off by a screech. We all ran to the front windows again and what we saw was horrific. Those things from the forests finally came down to pay the town a visit, and David was unfortunate enough to be there. The creatures tore David to shreds in only seconds, standing no chance against the savage mob. One looked up from David’s corpse and at our house. They all immediately did the same as well. My heart sank and my body became as stiff as a board.

My dad took a step back. “It’s too late now, they’ve caught us…”

Joseph left the window to lock the back door while my dad locked the front. “Frank, get upstairs and hide. There’s nothing you can do here.” He signaled to the fleet of stairs as his voice trembled.

I immediately followed the orders. As I ran upstairs I could hear the pounding of fists against the windows and doors, and I knew it was the end. I hid underneath the bed to leave my dad and brother the better hiding spots. They deserved to live; they shouldn’t die because of the mistakes I made. I heard two other pairs of feat dash up the steps.

“Joseph, hide in the chest. I emptied it out for you,” I whispered to him. He ran straight to it as if he knew exactly what I was talking about. Next was my father. Time became a game as the boards from the windows started to snap, and I knew it would only be a matter of time. But father never came up just as we did. Instead, the footsteps began to descend downstairs. “Father what are you doing?” I hissed.

“It’s alright,” he assured us as the footsteps drew farther away. “I won’t let a single one of them touch you.”
The tension built as I could hear my dad draw a kitchen knife from a drawer and slamming it shut. His footsteps neared the front door. One of the boards finally gave way, and the beings began to fill the house. I vividly heard the voice of my father fending off the creatures for only a moment, but then became silenced out. I knew what happened, and it was the last time I saw him.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. David had told us that the lights would protect the people who had them on, yet here these hellions were, raiding the house. Why then, had he said it? Maybe he was just a crazy man after all. Just then the lights flickered out. Most of the commotion was dying out, so I assumed that they had gone to go search the other houses. That was until I heard the creaking of the steps.

“Hehehe, I can smell you up here,” The thing mocked as he slowly walked up the steps. My heart sped up as I heard the scraping of slick claws across the wall as the thing chuckled in an evil manner. “He knows when you are sleeping…He knows when you’re awake…”

The footsteps came up the stairs and stopped near my room and proceeded to walk near the bed I hid under. I began to panic, sweating harder and harder as the shoes drew near. If he were to look under, I knew I would have to fight. My fists clenched tightly.

“…He knows if you’re bad or good…so be good, for goodness sake…hehehe.” He stopped in front of the bed almost mockingly knowing I was there. I paused for a moment to realize something. Shoes? The thing was wearing green shoes. The shocking truth had finally been revealed: they were elves.

The fingers quietly hugged the side of the mattress. I began to recall all the things I had done to cause this moment, and I begged silently in my head for forgiveness on all the cruel deeds I committed in my lifetime. I prepared my last breath. But the Instead of lifting up the bed however, the fingers slithered away. He then turned away from the bed and walked towards the last place I wanted him to go—the chest. I could only helplessly watch as the elf lifted up the chest and dragged my brother out, pleading for help. But I was too paralyzed in fear to do anything.

“No, no,” My brother cried. “Let me go! AHHH—” His voice was drowned in the gargling of his own, red blood. The evil elf laughed, and was replied with a sudden thump on the ground. The front door opened and was slammed.

That night, a thousand tears and cries filled the air. I never understood why the man spared my life and took my family's, but all I knew is that I had to get out of there. When morning arrived, the whole town stood silently in mourning. I don’t want to even describe how my brother and dad looked when I saw them. My eyes had never been so watery before, my emotions so deep, and my guilt so burdensome. The elves were long gone by the time I took the truck keys and left the town and out of state. It wasn’t long before the officials saw the massacre that took place. Because I was the only survivor and was nowhere to be seen, they assumed me of the crime. Two days later I was caught. I received the death penalty.

So now, I write to you about the story of my last Christmas. I, Frank Johnson, will never forget the scenes that happened that night. It’s funny how life works; you don’t know what you had until it’s gone. But I also learned a better lesson than that. When you do “bad things”, it usually “kills” your family. Except in my case it really did end up getting my family killed. I almost feel good about receiving my sentence; at least I will be able to see my brother and father in the afterlife. These are the last minutes of my life, I hope that you may see my story as to be true and learn from my unfortunate events.

All in all, be good children. Don’t do bad things that’ll hurt or harm your family relationship, they are your support; lose your support and you will fall. Good bye everyone, good bye world.

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