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Welcome to the Golden Thread – we have been here in the chatterbox with over 10,000 pages of self-huggy-jacket-loving win since 2005! You are invited to wander in and explore what our realm has to offer before posting so you know how to participate and what sorts of things are going on.

The Lords and Ladies of TGT would like to remind you that our thread is not a 'charity' but a gift-throwing-chat-loving-friend-making hoard. We give to those who take the time to become a part of our community.<3
(Spammers, trolls, and beggars are not welcome and will be fed to the man-eating rug or thrown in the moat.)

We do a TON of creative swapping of ideas here: Check out our new Pinterest page for some of the awesome things our memebers share.
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follow them or you will be reported & banned from entry to this thread

Follow the Gaia ToS | No Spamming/Advertising/Flaming/Harassment
Do not page stretch
| Bumping during quiet hours only
Do NOT quote the entry posts
| No begging please!
Our members are also often our moderators - listen to their council and respect their space

We reserve the right to alter, add-to, adjust rules or simply make requests for polite & courteous behavior as necessary!

Play nice children, or Sundri will feed you to the rug

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¤ the single most important post you could possibly read in this thread ¤
... as it contains the rights and rules of our thread. ^ you are here ^

¤ Upcoming Events ¤
events and announcements

¤ War of the Boxes ¤
TGT's ongoing giftwar

¤ Prizes to be Won ¤
contests, prizes, and giveaway info

¤ Sponsored Events ¤
hosted and run by the lords and ladies of TGT <3

¤ Banners & Affiliates ¤
so you can link us - and so we can link you <3

¤ The Royal Treasury ¤
donation records and thread resource listings

¤ The Royal Court ¤
the lords and ladies of TGT

¤ The Hall of Honor ¤
for those true spirits of generosity we wish to recognize

¤ TGT's Guide to Getting GOLD! ¤
... currently a work in progress ...

User ImageEx amicitia gaudium - "From Friendship, Joy" User Image

page 1 - Rules/Information
page 2 - Upcoming Events | War of the Boxes | Prizes to be Won | Sponsored Events | Banners & Affiliates
page 3 - The Royal Treasury | The Royal Court | The Hall of Honor
page 4 - TGT's Guide to Getting GOLD!

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