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I like everybody!
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i wish i knew..... me..................
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im half hoping it's calvin in another form, but redface

Yeah, their personas can be really entertaining and funny... or sometimes even a little more genuine than a lot of other folk, for some reason. It's like there's a big chunk of them in there, even if they're somewhat trollish and the like. You just feel you have to talk more to them, because they're pretty fun somehow. Don't think it's weird, don't worry.

lol who knows, maybe it is redface xd

Yeah I get what you mean, but more often I end up just watching since /too shy to approach :B
Tru 4laugh
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There's a few users who I'd like to get to know and s**t because we have similar interests, but I'm too shy and awkward to initiate a conversation with them.

Usually I just hope senpai will notice me they'll randomly decide to talk to me first or something, haha.
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A lot of the GCD regulars are like celebrities to me. Hi potion quoted me once and I freaked out. whee

Out of all of them winter hue is my favorite. I love item lists so I was immediately drawn to him. I wanna be his friend so bad. I'm gonna die if he quotes me. burning_eyes
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there a tons of ppl here that i think are cool and want to get to know more. alas, i... am too shy. ;0;/
i'm a chill person though. i probably like you. that's pretty much the general rule.
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There are a lot of people I would like to get to know better and become friends with, but recently i have been a bit anti-social. I have been trying to communicate more with others and just quote other people but usually i don't get a response so I don't do it as much.

I just wait for others to come around and communicate with me first.
I am happy to get to know others and become friends with just about anyone. ^ u ^

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This thread is making me hyperventilate /flails

I relate so hard to many other's experiences here. There are several users that I just think are kickass awesome, but I never say anything to them outside of quoting/tipping because a) I'm a loser and b) I'm terrible at conversation. I like making friends, but it makes me so anxious, so I tend to just quietly tip and admire from afar. emo
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        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.tiro finale!
        a lot! im just really shy to say hello or send a friend request. i think im bothering them // n ///
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Snow Danger
There are a lot of users that I like. I grew to like them because of what they post, their interests, and the personalities that I see communicated. I tip posts and often anon users that I like and wish to know better, but I have some Problems which include a general air of terror when it comes to human interaction and a Certainty that my personality/age/deep-seated weirdness will cause the other person to regret that they have had an interaction with me and so I avoid this although I'm getting better at non-personal interaction

Besides, it's fun to watch from afar. Breathing heavily. Taking notes. Making remembrances wait no what nevermind

probably a lot of people think I don't like them but more than half the time I'm just to scared to responddddd

how did I spend as many hours as I have trying to make this post yes anyway this has been Anxiety Hourâ„¢ we hope you have enjoyed our programming

Any time I read the phrase "deep-seated" I just think of really enormous pants. XD

I am so the same, I anon, I tip like a madwoman, I don't mind straight up complimenting people though, or chillin and chattin. I don't often get deep with people though I'm kinda deep thinking myself. Deep. I'm thinking of pants again. rofl
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On Gaia I am a lot like I am in real life. I used to be a little shy, but I have trained a lot of it away so that I can chat along with people just fine and people even, occasionally, seem to enjoy talking to me.

But I am horrible at that leap between being just familiar with each other and acctually inspiring someone to want to become friends with me (myself I get attached to people very easily). Because of a mixture of low self-esteem (thinking I don't want to bother people) and social awkwardness I just can't seem to be the one to initiate further contact.

Because of this I am even more grateful for those who take that step for me. I might seem distant and uninterested because I don't pursue, but I like talking to people and making new friends. Honestly.

And so I lurk. And I tip. sweatdrop
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I have never really felt that way for anyone on Gaia. However, I did have a few people seem to feel that way towards me.
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I lurked and oogled over certain users for several years...

and then I got on antidepressants and made a right a** of myself while fangirling over them.

I don't think there are any more people I stalk that I haven't yet confronted.


There are users that I dislike at first glance. Or after seeing how they post, etc.
I won't namedrop these guys.
But yeah.. I kinda wish I could see them in a cafe in real life.
They'd get a table outside, I'd pick one farther away.
They'd sit there goin about their business.
I'd angrily sip on my tea/coffee, while glaring at them through my sunglasses.
No words would be exchanged.
I would just slowly try to boil the liquid in their drink with my gaze alone.

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I like everybody!

I like a lot of people!

But mostly Hassli and his sexy man voice and exclamation marks!
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Many xp
Mostly in a 'this person sounds fun/intelligent/right up my alley' kinda way.

I'm very shy though (I know I don't really come off as that, but really, I am), it's hard for me to be the one to reach out and make contact, send a friend request, etc.
I have some hangups when it comes to rejection and dealing with people in general, so I tend to wait for them to come to me x.x

Me when I get a friend request or compliment of some sort:

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But Bowie-senpaiiiiiiiiiii

how could anyone not love the prettiest guy in the thread?

anyone who doesn't is not worthy of your affections~~

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