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Having worked behind the scenes of tektek.org (very very briefly) I know that a ton of effort goes into keeping it up and running, all done by volunteering users. I thought for the Dream Avatar Simulator all you had to do was simply linking to or copy and pasting the images from gaia. It actually takes much more effort than that (so be understanding if items don't get up right after they are released!).

Because of this, I think that Tekton, lilloulou and all the other volunteers, deserve to be thanked. They have been working so hard the last couple months to do their best to stay caught up!

So please take a moment and thank these people, tell them how tektek.org has been helpful to you!
(if you have an issue to report involving tektek, please post it in This thread instead of here)
Yes this thread was necro'd XD It was my invisible thread acheivement and decided I might as well make use of a thread XD
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I use tektek.org all the time, whether it is to help myself come up with a new avi or to run competitions. I love tektek.org so thank you for all the time and effort you put into this website for us!! heart
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Thank you for TekTek! C:
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My goodness, Gaia without tektek...like school without textbooks. Learning could be done, avatars can be made, but it just wouldn't be the same. (should note, this is said by someone who read her history textbooks for fun, not someone who hates books) wink
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Tektek has kept me up to date after months of being off site. It's always one of my first stops after a long absence or whenever I need to try on or price an item, and of course for testing out new outfits! I think the calculator is my favorite feature.

I'm sure it's a lot of work keeping up with all the new items Gaia puts out weekly, so thank you guys for all the hard work you do!
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Teddy loves you~

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i am so thankful for tektek! its one of my favorite sites. Thank you so much for keeping it going and giving it the awesome update. happy hollidays User Image
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I use tektek whenever i actually find the time to get on Gaia. Very useful so, Thank you very Tektek peeps.
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"This must be Thursday,"

As a creepy avi stalker. It makes looking up items people are wearing much easier when they have no equip list up >_>

"I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

♣ Hyde and Seek ♣ ℚ ⇒ Chilled Doufu Hua ✿
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Thank you, tektek mods! You guys are awesome! heart
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Yes, thank you tektek!
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Thank you so much for TekTek, I am on there as much as I am on Gaia. It is perfect for planning a current outfit, and is probably also the best way I discover interesting new (to me) items as well. I took one programming class and did awful, so I know how hard it is! Thank you again and Merry Modmas!

edit: Also love the swank new upgrades! Keep on rockin!
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heart THANK YOU!!!!!! heart
Thank you Tektek because of you I have a hobby heart
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Gaia without tektek will be hard. rofl Thank you tektek. We love youuuuu whee

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