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Drunken Chuck Norris with his legs cut off 0.28651685393258 28.7% [ 51 ]
Mutant Suckerfish that can fly and spit hammers 0.089887640449438 9.0% [ 16 ]
Hyperactive 6-Armed Manfish with a bag of groceries in each hand 0.089887640449438 9.0% [ 16 ]
Zombie Nativity Scene 0.37640449438202 37.6% [ 67 ]
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Teh List: Endorsed by Obama and Americans Alike! [p.968]
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Greetings, sign fanatics! I'm [Lunatic Pandora], and I'm a good guy. (Usually.)
Anyway, if you're a questing sign junkie like me, then you know its tough to find sign makers around this massive, cluttered forum. So I've made it easy for you! (I told you I was a good guy!) This thread is also for you sign makers, looking for something to do, and for customers! Why even make your own threads, when you can just put up your section, and chat/bump here? Let the customer come to you! You'll help us all out, and you can meet some awesome people while you're at it! *I really really like free / super-discount signs. <3 *

How to Use Teh List:
When you found the sign maker or collector you'd like to contact, simply click their picture or username! It should take you directly to the PM window, where you can place your order or contact them.
Do not send ANY useless PMs to the sign makers/collectors unless otherwise asked. You know EXACTLY what a useless PM is like. Please keep it businesslike, we don't want to cause any trouble to anybody.

How to Join:
So you want in on the action??
Of course you do!

Just fill out the appropriate form, and PM it to me!

For sign MAKERS

(Provide a link to a picture of you. Save me some trouble? Resize to 160x120 pixels or under, if you can. NOTE: For thread aesthetics, have this picture be landscape (horizontal). Thanks!)
[b]Username:[/b](insert your username here)
[b]Type / Prices:[/b] Provide each type of sign you make, with a price or range for each.
[b]Exchanges?[/b] (would you trade a sign for a sign?)
[b]Samples:[/b] (please provide several links to different samples you have done)
[b]Do you agree to abide by the Gaia TOS and Teh List Code of Conduct? (Yes/No)
(link to your profile, or your user ID #)


[b]Username:[/b] (your username)
[b]Seeking:[/b] (list what types of signs you are looking for)
[b]Will Pay For:[/b] (All / Some / None / (specific type?)
[b]Do you agree to abide by the Gaia TOS and Teh List Code of Conduct? (Yes/No)
(link to your profile, or your user ID #)

So simple! So EASY! Get listed!

Teh List Code of Conduct
By applying to be a sign maker or collector at Teh List, or even as a member on Gaia, you are agreeing to completely abide by the Terms Of Service.
In our case, this means that you will not engage in any sort of inappropriate transactions, involving buying or selling any images that violate the TOS. To put it simply, Gaia and Teh List do not in any way tolerate the buying or selling of nude photos or signs. At all. Ever. Gaia is not a place for exchanging digital currency for pornography. Buyers may not request or pressure makers into producing inappropriate signs, and makers may not offer, or even hint at offering to make inappropriate signs. Any violators of this code of conduct, or the TOS will be removed from Teh List, blocked, and reported to the Gaia Moderators. If you have any questions, or have been asked to buy or sell such signs, talk to [Lunatic Pandora] or a Gaia Mod. This is a safe, appropriate place. I'm not a moderator, and I'm not out to get you, but when such signs are found, it can only be assumed that Teh List was misused, and we do not plan on being held responsible for your bad choices.

[Expect a friend request from me after getting listed, I need you on the friend list for quick contact.]

*Advertising is NOT welcome.
*You should seriously consider making me free signs.
Platinum Sign Makers
Our Highest-Ranked, dedicated regulars! Love them! Buy their signs!

Queen of the Creative, Protector of Hearts

User Image
About: I love Micah. I will make him infinite scandalous signs. (he wrote this but it's totally true, lol.) My hair is about chin length and varies in color a bit from time to time but is generally brown...ish. I look like a high school kid sometimes but I'm actually in graduate school. I love adventures, using ridiculous exaggerations, Pokemon, and almost anything that started in the 90's. I've been a sign maker for a while and I promise to try my best every time. I somehow became popular with these crazy "Teh List" kids so now I hang out here all the time. I'm pretty busy with grad school so if I don't accept a sign order right away then it's not your fault, it's just life getting me down. Feel free to PM me and chat for a while and I'll definitely get around to your sign eventually.
Face Signs: 10k | A sign with my face in it! | Simple but cute |
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] |
Creative Signs: 25k | This will be a rare occurrence since I'm super busy, but if I like you then you might get one. | These tend to be full body. They usually involve interesting poses and getting dressed up! |
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] |
Cleavage Signs: 1 Mil | I only made these for Molotov bc he's my secret lover | Actually, MK won the auction for the only one I'll probably ever make. | You would have to really bribe me hard core for one and we'd have to be pretty good friends.
Links: Profile | Sign Thread (one day?) | Art Shop |

King of Chaos, Victory of the People

User Image
About: A black and white monochromatic with nothing worth doing more than make signs for you and especially 'Teh LisT'! I look for alot of black and white apparel to Keep my image as Teh list's one and Only Oreo~. no Seriously just call me Oreo. Promising only the best of my ability to make the sign you want~ (just not in color~) LMAO! I LOVE to laugh and LOVE to joke, so don't be shy~
Still Signs: 6.5k - close up | 7.5k - torso | Basically just a normal sign
Semi-Animated Signs: 8.5k - close up | 9k - torso | a series of pics animated together~
Animated Signs: 10k | A better quality in animation| (always fun~ xD
Example 1 | Example 2
Example 3
Links: Profile |

Little Kandi Angel

User ImageAbout: I'm a crazy little kandi kid who would do just about anything for Micah. (true story) I've been around Teh List for quite a while. I love penguins in case you didn't get it from the name. I'm in college and am getting married next year. (Go me.) I work quite a bit, but love to make signs in my free time. :]
Hand / Tummy / Foot / ect...: 1k
[x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x]

Regular Signs: 2k
[x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x]
Wing Signs (my tattoo): 5k
[x] | [x]
Smoke Ring Signs: 8k
[x] | [x]
Full Body: 15k - 25k
[x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x]
Exchanges? Yes.
Sign Makers
The wonderful makers that are currently active!
(Recently cleaned! If you don't find yours up here anymore, shoot me a new application!)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Username: The Mystic Dragon -signs-
Type / Prices: Hand: 5k for 1 2 | Headshot: 10k for webcam. 15k for ipod |
Bust and up no cleavage: 15k for webcam. 20k for ipod |
Bust and up - cleavage: 15k for webcam. 20k for ipod | Stomach and up: 15k for webcam. 20k for ipod.
Tummy showing: 20k for webcam. 25k for ipod. |
Back/booty: 20k for webcam | Fullbody: (may or may not do)
Exchanges? yup :3

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Username:NIYNE
Type / Prices: You say the price
Exchanges? No
Samples: Thread

Username:Rubber Ducky Candy
Type / Prices: I mainly make bribe signs ^-^
Waist up
Full Body
Cleavage, including face ^-^ I haven't got much cleavage ;3
leg/feet signs
Exchanges? I'm happy to trade signs for signs.
Samples: All samples are easily visible and findable at my sign store ^-^
X Here
Do you agree to abide by the Gaia TOS and Teh List Code of Conduct? Yes/No always ^-^

Sign Collectors
The determined individuals who want your signs! PM them your offers!

Username Link to PM | Seeking: | Will Pay For:
Every one of these makers will accept and appreciate free signs.

[Lunatic Pandora] | A big batch with lots of types! | Only for batches.

The Fierce Deity | All, mostly hand/cleavage/tummy | Some

Forever Vortex | Cleavage, Face, Tummy, Pantie, Full Body, etc. | All

Domia abr Garjzla | All (With you in it! ) | Most.

Knight in Dull Tinfoil | All Types | None.

Spike Badguy | Artistic, creative, unique signs. Plus underwear, cleavage and body signs. | Some.

Chibi Iroh | Cleavage | Cleavage

The Mystic Dragon -signs- | Seeking: all signs! Especially free ones | Will Pay For: all, but I am pretty cheap....

I think it's safe to say that all these people want clear, creative signs! So do your best, and you just might get tipped!

*If you fail to return now and then, you will most likely be removed, for we have no idea if you still want signs or not. Keep in touch! A few posts every couple weeks aren't too much to ask for.

Help us spread the love! By bringing more users to this wonderful thread, you have better chances of being PMed! Help yourself by helping us! Link to us! ---& http://tinyurl.com/2lbmdv

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Well, now that you've got 'em, go post up the chatterbox! We need more traffic in here!

We need more banners! Go make us one! Use either photoshop, or make us a sign banner! You know what to do.

Wanna show your love for Teh List??
Make us a sign! That's right! Get creative! Make a really good one, and we might use it for a new banner!

Teh List Signs
Teh [x][x][x][x][x][<3]

Teh List Banners

Non-Sign Banners!
Pandora Amour


I love the rain134


~Maaaake me freeeee siiiiiigns~! You knoooooow you want tooo~!
How This Thread Works:
This thread was made in hopes of desperate sign makers and collectors having a way of find each other and connecting! Simply click the picture of the sign maker you'd like to contact, or the username of the collector you'd like to make and offer to! You guys have to work out the details. Please do not send these people advertisements or begging or any sort of annoying mail. If you do, they have every right to yell at/report you. Also, this thread serves as a relaxed chat area, so get to know each other. NOW.

The Lingo/What's a sign?
Sign- A digital picture of you holding a something (ex. a piece of paper) with a message to the reciever on it. The message may also be written on the skin and whatnot. Depending on where the paper/writing is placed, decides what kind of sign it is.
Exchange- Instead of giving the sign for free or for gold, some users want to trade signs, or one person makes a sign for the other, and the other makes a sign for them. Got it? Like trading pokemon cards.
Lingo- The special language and words used by a single event/area/whatever. What you are reading is lingo.

More added as more confusion arises!

The Types of signs!
If the names weren't dead giveaways, here they are, genius.

Regular/standard- The picture features the user holding the paper next to their face. These are usually free.
Hand/foot- The sign is written on/next to the hand or foot.
Tummy/body- The sign is written on or near the tummy or body.
Cleavage/bra- Usually girls make these. The sign is near or written on the boobs. People usually charge/trade for these.
Pantie- Also, another girl one. Since having pictures of you only in your underoos is against the rules, you need to have your pants (somewhat) on. Undies can be visible though. Also usually only traded/paid for.

Please check the image restrictions in the Gaia TOS and sticky in the Chatterbox.

Teh List: Endorsed by Obama and Americas Alike!
User Image
User Image

Open! Let it begin. wink

Feel free to post, chat, bump, and subscribe! We gotta keep this place active!
Indeed. I'm not so into signs, but I may help out a bit.

Thank you guys, we're gonna need all the help we can get.
Also, if you find any problems or suggestions with the thread, please contact me.

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