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Star Wars FOREVER!!!!
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Beloved Nerd

lol, star wars will always be better, bro :3
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i seriously like both oops

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...that is a low blow to all nerds...not the stupid starwars pic i mean making nerds choose sides. i for one am a nerd for both marvel and star wars so you cant do that. its cruel to the nerd core man...
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Star Wars FOREVER!!!!

Agreed >:}
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LOL, I like both allot, so that puts me in the middle, lol
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i love them both sooo much but i gotta say i went to the midnight showing of the avengers and it was F'in AMAZING best movie i have seen in a long tome and the graphics were awesome
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Well Yoda has always been pretty cool, but I am so in love with Loki and Thor.
Star wars, all the way
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Star Wars. Nothing else to say. Always Star Wars.
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I'd have to say Star Wars whee , mostly because I know NOTHING about the Avengers sweatdrop . I guess that's the problem with having Trekies for parents xd
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Aren't they both different genres? I think one is fantasy and the other is comics, although both are science fiction. Therefore, you can enjoy both of them...
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I love Avengers so they win. cat_4laugh cat_4laugh cat_4laugh

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