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Returning Lust
II La Femme Nikita II
Or even had my first kiss. redface
Good! that means you're not a public toilet 3nodding
Well she's too old for R. Kelly so...

And another horribly outdated joke
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Anxious Prophet

II La Femme Nikita II
Or even had my first kiss. redface

Is your username from the movie?
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II La Femme Nikita II
Serene Dippity
My sister's 29 and she's never had her kiss.

Wow.. o:
Yep, she's innocent as a peach. She beautiful though, she has been wooed several times and denies it because of her situation back then.

And the work she goes to is surrounded by girls, and even the University she studies at. Really sad, but I am still hoping she's have her own family someday.
You definitely shouldn't sweat TOO much about it

Why are you so concerned about this?
Calm your tits. It really doesn't matter.

First kiss: 17.
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II La Femme Nikita II
Are you just to shy, or is there like something uh wrong with you?.. (I'm trying to say this the nicest way I can.)

I'm really shy =/
I can't even approach guys.

its ok, shy girls are adorable. heart
its fun to tease them.
it will happen when its meant to happen, dont worry about it wink
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There's nothing wrong with that o-o

I was rather young when I had my first kiss/boyfriend. At 14.
Then at 18 lost my virginity, and now at 19 my first (what it's really turning out to be) serious relationship.

Personally, I think it's a lit better to wait.
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Relationships suck when you're in high school anyway.
Most of them aren't even real relationships.
So you're fine.
Its not that big of a deal.
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Generous Lunatic

I don't see why you would rush it. But, I guess you could just pick someone or... Something.
I was 25 before I found someone it lasted about 5 months and then we agreed that we should just be friends. She was 30 and had 4 kids already I eventually wanted my own she made it clear that was never going to happen. She suffers from Fibromyalgia and her last 2 pregnancies were hard on her. She is unable to work and I can't support her and 4 kids. I have been single again since 09 tried several online dating sights along with talking to women I knew or met around town and have had a few dates but nothing worth while. I met a girl online she and I have talked for several years she and her boyfriend broke up. He had lost interest so she wanted to meet me in person. I let her come see me we hung out a few times for a weekend but I wanted someone closer. I have been seeing someone else but shes not acting like shes all that interested she was acting flaky so I spoke up about it. She told me she just started dating again and wants to just date around.
If you're female and relatively attractive, I doubt you'll have any problems with future relationships.
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Nothing's wrong with you, it's better not to rush these things and end up in a relationship you hate for the sake of love and relationship experience.
Relationships and sex are overrated. Don't fall into the hype.
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I'm 20 and can't get a date. Wanna talk sometime? biggrin

But if that's you in your sig, I would think guys would be coming up to you left and right. >.>

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