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No. "Sticking up for yourself" would have been responding with an equally harsh and humiliating comment.
You punched him in the face because you're not witty enough to think of a good comeback.

I'm sure we're all very impressed by how badass you are.
Daaamn girl, I would -never- insult you!!

No, you did go overboard.. The judge should have given you the highest fine.
I was in a situation like that myself. some months ago.

ONly in my case the situation result in a full on fist-fight. The whole thing played out surprisingly respectfully too.

There was no hair pulling from him and I didn't go so low as go for a nutshot. IN the end he broke my nose, I busted his eye and broke his jaw, but he finished the fight by breaking my wrist.

All I'll say is your reaction was completely justified in my eyes.
well damn.
idk if it's anger issues or selff-defense.
somebody calls you ugly so you physically assault them and destroy possibly hundreds of dollars worth of their stuff.

i don't know if you are ugly on the outside, but you sure seem ugly on the inside.
You DID counter sue him, right?
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I like you already. Good on you and good on the judge for only fining you 50 bucks.. You win! Lol I reallly like you chicka biggrin
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You can stand up for your self without getting violent. It's called using your words.
I don't believe a word of this.
So someone makes a funny at your expense & your response is to go batshitcrazy?


Hope no one ever tries to knick your wallet,
the aftermath should make you eligible for capital punishment.
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Anne Shirely, you SERIOUSLY need to learn anger management.
In these cases I think quick wit would have been more effective than physically assaulting him. It probably felt good to punch that a*****e but really, as you're seeing, it's more trouble than it's worth.
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So kid says something about it being charity and shizbitz. So you punch him in the face and throw his stuff in the toilet?
You must have a wonderful reputation!
That b*****d deserved it. Sucks that you live in a country where pretty much anything gets into court... Here it wouldn't. XD But everyone's pretty much a p***y...

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