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yes 0.8 80.0% [ 4 ]
no 0.2 20.0% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 5 ]
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alchemy sux, people new to alchemy cant do it cuz every one charges tons for lvl 1 components, I saw this item would cost 100k to make at least but sells for only 15k, gaia needs to add formuals where you can buy stuff from the npc stores and not worry about having to spend more then the items is worth. shouldn't we not we be able to actually alchemize items for once with out having to spend 3 times wut the item is worth once made

btw idc where this forum goes, move it if u want
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Do you know what a gold sink is?
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Do you know what a gold sink is?

That is not what he is talking about. The gold you use to buy a component from someone is not gold that is sunk. It is simply transferred, minus the 2% tax amount, from one person to another. He's complaining about that. He's complaining about how hard it is for Alchemists to even make their gold back after crafting anything.

A REAL gold sink has us buying tons of items from the Gold Shops (no CS items involved) to make items. There aren't that many of them.

He is also complaining about how some people will undercut because they are more interested in dumping items onto the marketplace rather than items being sold for enough gold to make back what was spent to make em.

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