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I had over 46 million gold in items when I started this thread. I am now down to 27 million. That is success in my mind! I've have Many loyal regulars and 4 month of fun, but this sadly has to come to an end.
I don't have time to earn gold to give out, my Mods don't have time to give stuff out, unfortunately I have to end it to be fair.

Thanks for everyone that contributed over the months, you guys are fantastic. You all rock!
Enjoy all your prizes! Hope you all had fun.

Please PM me whenever you'd like, I may still be lurking around. But for now, I must go and face the real world.

-Epicfailpwnd. Signing off.


Page Prizes (lease be here 5 pages in advanced!):

12 - Winter Rose
25 - Snow Feather
33 - Siren Song
50 - Mythrill Halo
80 - Silver Laurels
101 - Azrael's Shadowgear

140 - Sassy Bass
185 - Elemental Spirits
230 - Pinky Pigglet

260 - Frolicking Pastel
300 - The Troll
340 - Shadow Spirit
380 - Grim Reaper
430 - Fitness Boot Camp

500 - Juno's Lace

570 - Impractical Gala

More TBA

Updates: 01/31/13 - Life is kicking my a** and I won't be sleeping for weeks. Ninja_Momma and Miss Ruckus have been provided with several prizes for the thread, Small and large. They get to choose winners while I am out. I will update things like the RGN and TEKTEK and such when I return!

11-12-2012 - Prize list updated. Bought some cool new prizes! Check it out!
1/06/2012 - Thanksgiving game added! Watch out for it!
10/27/2012 - Hurricane Sandy is predicted to hit where I live... and bad! Extended power outages and floods are being predicted... Therefore I may not be able to get on if I have to save my laptop battery to keep my phone charged until power comes back. I doubt it will be too bad, but if it does I will extend out all conflicted contests!

10/22/12 - I am having some life and college issues currently, Plus I am getting really sick. I may not be around much until things clear up. Please be patient! I will check back to update stuff at least once daily, maybe run a contest or two... don't know yet. Thanks.

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Sorry for the mess, I'm working on cleaning it up!

The Story: There is a story behind this thread. Many of the regulars on this thread were connected to a Contest/Game thread "Inspect the Deq" The owners of this thread were incredibly generous people and gave out MILLIONS over the 2 months the thread was alive. Unfortunately, greed took a hold of the thread and due to a mistake, the one leader of the thread got in trouble and the thread was closed. All the regulars were sad and lost, so I, being the head thread moderator, took it under my wing to pull the thread back alive.

That is what this is, a struggle to keep the spirit of I.T.D alive. I am not the original thread owners so somethings are different, but the basic concept is there:

A thread whose soul goal is to give stuff away, and have games to entertain and keep everyone having fun.

There are some awesome people here, so stick around and chat, contests and games appear all the time.

We have 4 people hosting contests here, so there is much to give! Enjoy your time here!


(I put updates about contest, prizes, information, new idea, announcements and such here.)

About Epic

Incase you wanna suck up to me ;D

My Face. [x]

My Fake Facebook
(for updates and such Via Facebook. I'll post new contest, reminders and prizes. Possibly even host contests.)

Well, Hi. I'm Epic. Yes that is a bit of a cockiness thing. Anyway. I've been on gaia since '04 and have gone through 5 main accounts. Started out as sweet_freind (yes, it's spelled wrong) back in '04 and moved up to this account. I have had 2 accounts banned. First one was because I was 12, second one was because I was given scammed items. I don't cry about it at night, so whatever.

I started playing this account in August again after a 3 year hiatus and had a big giveaway and gave away all my stuff except a couple small special items, my coco, and my penguin slippers. in 3 month I made 15 million gold, mostly from the old thread and generous people giving me stuff. That is where I get my funds for this thread from. I'm giving up a lot of it for you guys. So love me!

All my posts are in plain black text because I think it is clean and sleek and color texts as flashy. Deal with it.

Things I like:
I <3 profile comments
Avi Art. <3
Red Hair
Film - > I major in it in college.
Donations to this thread. ;D
Nice people.

That is all.

<3 us?
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Yes, unfortunately I need to have these. DON'T WORRY, they are basic rules, and no tricks:

1) ToS Applies. Like DUH
2) no cybering, harassing. blah..blah...blah
2) Say "HI" to new people. This thread is meant to be fun. Have fun!
3) No begging. For goodness sakes! You ask for something, you won't get it!
4) Like what you get, I try my hardest to make everyone happy. With multiple people running contests and such, mistakes happen. We have the right to give you whatever item/items we want, and no items if we feel you didn't deserve them. Sorry, but that the way it has to be.
5) Respect me and the others giving our stuff away. Seriously, is that too hard?
6) Respect EVERYONE.
7)No whining, cheat accusing, complaining, crying, yelling/captexting if you loose. Good sports only please. Congratulate winners!
8 ) I have the right to change, add and delete, rules, games, prizes, posts when I feel it is necessary!
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(Click To View Rules)

**I randomly "Gift Bomb* Where I send everyone in the thread at the time an item between 10-30K. Watch out for them! ;D**


These are games you need to wait for us to post about to win.

Fairy Catch

(A Ninja Momma Game)

"Quote This"

This are games you can do any time, anywhere.

Ninja's Aquarium Game

Official RNG
(Current number: 3653
Current Prize: Fitness Camp Bodybuilder
Closest roll: None yet
End Date - Feb. 10th.)


(Current Contest: Pirate Attack
Ends: Feb. 29th.)

Art Contest

New Contest! Low-No Art Skills require!
Wreath Decorating!
Win: Winter Rose!

Little Bit of Business...


User Image

Yes, Donations. I hate to ask for it, but it takes a lot to run a thread like this and unfortunately I am not as rich as the people that owned this thread before. We can only run as many games as we can fund. I am putting ALL my gold and everything I earn from here on out into this thread, I'm selling half my inventory and giving a lot of it away to keep this thread alive, but I can only do it for so long!

100% of donations go toward keeping the thread running. ONE HUNDRED PECENT! I have stopped questing of any kind to run this thread, so I will keep nothing for myself.

Why? Because honestly, the only items left that I want are a Ninja Headband and Golden Laurels... and I REFUSE to take that much gold away from running the thread. DO NOT send me trades saying it is a donation for my "quest" or whatever. It will go to the thread. My quest is gold for the thread D< Deal with it!

Wanna suck up and make me happy? Commission me art! The one thing I am sad I won't be able to buy is more art. So if you love me, or wanna kiss a**, Draw me, or commission someone to draw. I'd love you forever!

Otherwise, Donations towards the thread are MUCH needed!

We accept Gold and Items.

Wanna send gold? Send trade saying "Thread Donation" and I will buy new prizes for the thread.

Wanna send Items? Send Gift or Trade saying "Thread Prize" and I will add it to the list of prizes

Have an item you want a specific contest for? Send item with PM stating what you want the contest to be BEFORE YOU SEND THE ITEM, If I accept the contest, I will throw it up on the front page and you can then send the item.

Want to be recognizes for you donation? Tell me! I will write your name next to the item on the prize list, and contest it goes to.

Any Questions? PM ME! I don't bite, I sware.


Top Donator:

Margareee - 500,000g - RIG bundle

Other generous donators:
Anonymous - Most of the original items on the prize list
Taro Chai - Little Princeling, Electric Gun-tar (x3), FELINE-monkutan, Detective Kit + More
Miss Ruckus - Shadow Spirit, Love Wrapped, Luxurious Queen of Penticles
Aqua-lichi148 - 8,000g
Cutefaty - Princess Bird + 30,000g
Aeon of Forever - 300,000g + LOTS of items.

Fund Status: Very Low/Low/Medium/High/Super High/OMGBigContestComing
Last order of business:

User Image


User Image


Thanks Menou Rontu <3

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In honor of Chogori:
Clickable Tanks. Booty Grab your heart out!

Mix Tank- Mermaids/Grunny Sub/Lawnsharks
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Direct Link

Mini Monsters Mix
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Direct Link

Bladed Vases
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Direct Link

Mini Monster Bugs
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Direct Link

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Direct Link
Alpha Grams
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Direct Link

Kokeshi Dolls
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Direct Link

Our wonderful Artists of Page Banners:
THE BAD LADY - Art on Welcome Sign
Sir Elite - "rules" art
Feena95 - "howto" art
Pink C a n a r y - "Games" Art
Oragami Penuin_Donations Art

Want your shop/thread etc. here? PM me!
<3 reserved <3

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