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Leigha Stargazer

I remember seeing on your profile.
Something about you moving a lot?
Crying Sleep
Narcissistic Tendencies

Go start now!

What makes me happy is making other people happy. I'm still trying to figure out how I could make a living doing that. I don't really have any other passions or desires. I dunno.
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Crying Sleep
The 8-Bit King

You, my friend, have a great taste in appearance when it comes to women.
psssh when it comes too looks yeah crying i always pick the crazy ones
-Predicted Failure-

Sounds like a solid goal, you know what you want I'll give you that.
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Loving the people who matter most to me and being loved in return. I don't think that's too much to ask for.
Serika the Vampire

I like your goals.
A secure life would be probably be pretty happy.
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Crying Sleep
Serika the Vampire

I like your goals.
A secure life would be probably be pretty happy.
And maybe a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter...that would be nice cool

Again with the Antlers?
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To have both true love & success I guess..
Ur Mouth On My Down South

No it isn't cliche at all.
I get it entirely.
If what you are saying is anything like what I'm understanding.
Seeing other people happy would make you happy?
I've honestly never fit in well with others and am typically not happy among the crowd but being able to watch the crowd itself be happy makes me happy.
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Crying Sleep

Again with the Antlers?

Love this goal.
Happiness starts with being happy with yourself.
A lot of people could stand to learn that!
Speak The Word

How are you going to touch their lives?
What do you plan on doing to make yourself stand out in their memory.
What will make them realize you've touched them?
black cocaine v2

Not sure what to say to this, hopefully your mom stops smoking and I hope you find happiness.
Crying Sleep

No, you must be mistaken. There isn't any thing on my profile about my moving, but I do move quite a bit. I wont be moving for a while (that I plan on/hopefully) after this move and if I do move again soon, it will be to an either smaller place or nicer place. The place I am in now is big, old and in rough shape. T:

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