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Pro-Choice, in any situation 0.43795620437956 43.8% [ 60 ]
Pro-Choice, only until a certain point 0.24087591240876 24.1% [ 33 ]
Pro-Choice, though I could never have an abortion myself 0.1021897810219 10.2% [ 14 ]
Pro-Life, no abortions should occur, regardless of circumstances 0.043795620437956 4.4% [ 6 ]
Pro-Life, But I will make an exception for rape, incest, and the life of the mother 0.1021897810219 10.2% [ 14 ]
Pro-Life, but I'll make an exception ONLY to save the mother's life 0.072992700729927 7.3% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 137 ]
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I believe the mother should be able to do whatever she wanted to. If she wants to abort, even if the pregnancy is in an advanced stage, she should be able to. If she wants to continue with the pregnancy, even with it's risks, she should also be able to. In conclusion, I'd be all pro choice here.
Gabriel of the sun

Sorry did not read your post just thought it was funny you were still speaking.
Do yourself a favor and zip it. Grow up and stop being a douche bag and accept everyone wont have your same ideals and i wont be politically correct about mine, if you like it or not.
Get over yourself or go to the chatter box moran. rolleyes

There's nothing being politically correct when I say wishing the government (or crazies) had the power to forcefully sterilize women when they have more abortions than you want them to is not pro-choice. It's some sick ideal you have that you're trying to glide under the radar under a more accepting label. Wishing the government had the power to take away reproductive rights when they use their reproductive rights is far far away from promoting reproductive rights. There are some beliefs I wont accept. This is one of them. Don't like it? Deal with it or you're free to stop replying.. cat_cool

You probably don't read at all. So no need to apologize, I'm not offended, sweetie. cat_pirate
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Steam Punk Adept
Hypothetical scenario, but one that occurs every day.

A woman discovers that, not only is she pregnant, but the pregnancy is Ectopic. This is an extremely dangerous type of pregnancy, in which the mother has a very high risk of death, and the fetus has an incredibly low rate of survival. The only option that guarantees the life of the mother is abortion. Do you believe she should abort?

The logical answer would be to abort. Why end two lives when one could be saved?

I'm for Pro-Choice and to be honest Pro-Life supporters make me sick. It's all well and good going on about how you should save the unborn child's life when abortion is legal in your country but I wonder would they be so Pro-Life in a country where it is illegal? Personally I think they should consider themselves blessed they even have a choice.

In my country it's illegal and regardless of whether you've been raped, the victim of incest, the child is going to die anyway or you have an ectopic pregnancy, doctors here will not remove it unless you are literally dying in hospital. Otherwise hundreds of people have to go abroad to have an abortion. Despite public demands the laws won't be changed for fear of falling out with the church. Up until about 20 years ago if there was a choice between saving a woman or her baby the church was given the decision, not the woman or her family and the choice was always to save the child.
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In any case where the life of the mother is in danger, her life always takes precedence over the fetus.

I'm pro-life, I guess. I'd prefer if people wouldn't get abortions, but it's absolutely none of my business and I will make no effort to stop somebody if it's their desire to abort.
Well it would be pretty stupid to go through with something if your most lilely going to.die and your baby is going to grow up without a mother. Im anti-abortion... but ******** that I wouldnt risk my own life for an unborn baby
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kleiner grabscher
Well it would be pretty stupid to go through with something if your most lilely going to.die and your baby is going to grow up without a mother. Im anti-abortion... but ******** that I wouldnt risk my own life for an unborn baby
And yet, there are people who completely define themselves on whether or not they can pop out a kid. There have been women who know they'll die due to pregnancy complications, but don't care because the only value their lives have is as brood mares.
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Gabriel of the sun
I am pro choice but extremely anti abortion, I don't think the government should have a say what so ever what i do with my body.

How does that work? Being Pro-Choice and Anti-Abortion is contradictory. O_O

On the other hand i think you would be naive and idiotic if you believe most abortions are to save the women's life or cases of rape and incest.

That's not what the OP was suggesting. He was suggesting a specific scenario, not that all abortion scenarios revolve around that concept.

The truth is most are done out of convenience. Now maybe this is just me but i think it’s morally wrong and selfish to end a developing human beings life because it some how puts a hinder on your career goals, life plans, or what ever .

Maybe if that is the case. If someone was using precautions when they wound up pregnant, I hardly find it selfish of them. They were trying to prevent it, after all. Maybe if they continuously have unprotected sex, I'd agree. But even then, I'm not one to deny someone else the right to do what they will with their own bodies. As for their career goals and such, if they want to wait to have kids until after, that's actually considered them taking responsibility.

We as people have forgotten that sex at it’s most natural and basic level is for pro creation and any consenting body making this decision knows what could be the out come. Why should a life be snuffed out because of your own irresponsibility. As an very sexually active American i will be the first to tell ya it's quite easy to not get pregnant.

Easy to get accidentally pregnant. You wouldn't believe how much work it takes, when you're actually trying to get pregnant.

I find it horribly ironic; I get pregnant despite contraception at the age of 18-19 (it happened either just before or just after my birthday. I'm thinking the former). Getting pregnant at 20? Took months and months of charting.

Anyway, enough about me. I'm not attacking you, I'm just pointing stuff out.

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