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PrinceWatercress made a thread?

Welcome to the PrinceWatercress Bump thread...the topic where PrinceWatercress bumps over and over. This place can be used for chat and bumping purposes.

3nodding Rules 3nodding

arrow Feel free to post here if you want. There's no competition, just bumping. Besides, I would like to see more people post here.
arrow If you send me chain letters or spam PMs, I will report you. Don't think I will? Watch me.
arrow There will be no "bump bump bump bumpbumpbump..." posts here. Doing that tells people you're a n00b, and nobody likes being called a n00b. That, and those kinds of posts will be deleted. They may also lead to banishment from this board.
arrow Do not help me or anyone else bump. For example, if I type "bump 6000" and you type "bump 6001", you are posting a "trickster bump", and these are not tolerated on Gaia, since they are annoying because they can be used to cheat in bump contests (especially the case with people who have mule accounts). Do it, and your post is deleted. These can also get you banished from here.
arrow No flaming. I can't say that enough.
arrow No trolling. Since it involves inciting people to flame. I can't say that enough, either.
arrow No stretching the screen in any way. That is considered annoying, and results in post deletion. Also a banishment-worthy offense.
arrow Quoting the first post to get gold is a punishable offense in this thread. That also gets you instant banishment as well as post deletion.

exclaim Other Stuff exclaim

arrow I'll put some Gaia News in here whenever I get the chance. It's pretty much the same news you see as soon as you log in, but for those of you who are unregistered guests or not logged on and you happen to find this place whenever I'm posting, check it out.

arrow Be sure to look at the links in the fourth bump. There isn't much right now, but if I get some really important threads, I might put them there.

exclaim I'll put other stuff in this bump whenever I feel like it. But for now, this is what you see.

eek News eek


I have 10,000 bumps in this thread!

Even though a whole bunch of stuff was wiped out in that nasty server crash waaaay back in 2005, every bump is (believe it or not) legit. I checked around the time I hit 9500 back in December, when I checked my posts and noticed I had made more bumps than replies.

I checked shortly after finding out and after page 7, found myself just at 2500 bumps on page 7. After subtracting some obvious numbers, I came to the conclusion that 120 pages were wiped out, never to be seen again. Since there's now 550 pages as of this writing, add 120 pages (1800 replies), and you'll get the true numbers for page (reply) count, if you're curious.

Now that that's out of the way, all I can say is...this is only the beginning. Can't wait to see where this one-man bumping show goes. But I'm not done just yet...you'll have to pry the keyboard from my cold, dead hands to see that happen. ~PW


Well, it's 2011. And by the end of this year, this thread will be seven years old. My only regret is that I wish it saw more action...no thanks to IRL bullshit.

Anyway, I've posted my posts for today, and it's all for the first time in quite a while. The "20K posts" thread as well as the Achievements Thread, a snow day and a holiday have more than kept me busy.

Man, I wish I had more posts. Then again, Gaia isn't really a competition of sorts, now is it?

No doubt about it, 2011 is poised to be my year...but how...? ~PW
Just a lil confussing concept but................ok
bump 2

The Hall of Shame

If your name is on this list, and you post here after it's been entered, I'll call the mods to tear you apart. I'm not kidding.

Bio_Hazard_Evil - Posting a trickster bump in Page 190, and kept posting after I banned him.

Leoithne - Trickster bump.

muhammad - Quoting the first post. Longer post != more gold, champ.
what the ******** is bump!?!?! o_O i dont get it... sad
Just a lil confussing concept but................ok

whered you get the sonic sig?
bump 3

Just making another bumping thread. Feel free to join in. There's really no competition. Just bumping.

All right...I've now decided to go ahead and make the third bump a place to list the regular bumpers as well as links to bump, chat or quest topics, as well as other stuff.

Regular Bumpers


Here, There and Everywhere
Only Bump Topics, Chat Topics, and Quest Topics go here.

None yet.

Because this is now Ex-Bocks Thuree-Sehx-Zee.

Currently Gunning For:

Popular Thread Achieved 10/15/2010
Invisibility Achieved 10/17/2010
Mark Twain Achieved 10/20/2010
Megathread Achieved 10/21/2010

Please see my profile to see all I've gotten currently. I'll cross the ones on the Gunning For list when I get them.

Other Important Topics
Everything else.

I'm gunning for 1000 days without an avatar change. Maybe they should make an Achievement out of this that can only be obtained by the bland or slightly insane?
Completed. It's now in my signature.
bump 4

what the ******** is bump!?!?! o_O i dont get it... sad

BUMP is short for "Bring Up My Post". It actually brings up the topic, too, but who cares?

Old news...in size 7 text for archival/sanity purposes.


"A username and password are being requested by SITE REMOVED. The site says: " A session error has occured please verify your Username and Password. -Gaia Staff (c) 2010. …"

Thanks, hackers! Now I have to report my own thread because of you s**t! mrgreen ~PW


Well, 2009 was a better year.

Then came 2010.

Since I got myself fired for making a homicidal threat at work and getting sent to a medical institute the next day, and waiting for a month to die slowly, I'm now in a...let's just say I'm in a resting place. (The journal will tell you everything, in case you don't feel like asking.)

Anyway, I'm back. Yet again. And now I have over 6400 bumps.

As soon as I logged in for the first time in a year, I got an "Achievement" for being a Gaian. What is this? XBox 360? We have Achievements now to reign in a whole 2nd generation of Gaians? (Or should that be "3rd?" wink And some of the haters wonder why we're "in decline."

But like Wal-Mart (the last place I worked...thanks for not hiring me, UPS!), the more things change over time around here, the more they stay the same. Now I have over 2500 points in Achievements...and I'm beginning to sorta like the "new Gaia" now...right down to the Achievements. (Notice I stopped using quotations earlier.)

Anyway...time to get more gold. And get more out of Gaia, too. Which is why I'm using my third bump on this page (and this thread) for the first time ever! Check it out...I'm trying to get some achievements and probably help make some new ones...I hope. But for now, enjoy the view. It's only gonna get better from here. ~PW

12/31/2008: Happy new year, I guess?

I hope UPS hires me...I've been stuck at Back Yard Burgers for three years now as of last Friday...

God, this year sucked. 2009 isn't gonna be any better, as far as I can tell. ~PW

12/09/2008: Yesterday was the anniversaries of two unforgettable yet unneccesary deaths in the music industry.

Mark David Chapman, a John Lennon fanatic, shot and killed John Lennon in New York on December 8, 1980 with a five-shot Charter Arms.

Nathan Gale, a mentally ill ex-Marine, shot and killed "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott of Pantera and Damageplan live and on-stage while in a fit of insanity on December 8, 2004.

Now that that's out of the way...I've went on hiatus so I can relax and concentrate on other things for a while.~PW

12/05/2008: Right now, I'm not really doing much.

Though I am playing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, and trying to get my 50th video on YouTube started.

I really need to post here more often... ~PW

10/15/2008: So...what's Watercress been up to?

Besides the usual...I've been doing some things on YouTube:

I've been making YouTube Poops as well as a few "AMVs," if you want to call them that.

Now...on with the bumping. Also, new poll.~PW

04/24/2008: I just got this account back. Thanks a lot to Muscular Baby of the Gaia Staff for getting this all worked out.

And now to start bumping again. But first...where has PrinceWatercress been after all this time?

On 09/19/2005, I went to Basic Training for the Navy in Great Lakes, Illinois. That, of course, failed and on 12/12/2005, I made it back to Memphis after telling them I had ADHD (which I actually do, which made for a nice trump card for escape). After two weeks in Ship 17 aka the Seperations Barracks, I was back home. But they took away all my electronics, keeping me off Gaia, supposedly indefinitely.

One day I decided to go back to Gaia but realized that I had forgotten my password. After finally figuring out that I can get the feedback form to help me out with that, I decided to go for it and make a Hotmail account for the sole purpose of getting back my gold and items and everything and whatnot. After nearly a week of waiting after doing this at two friends' houses, I finally got PrinceWatercress back and am now using it with another mule account, WatercressMule (which I may change the name of pretty soon).

As long as I am able to get to other people's house, I'll be here some days but not everyday...until I can get my own place. Until then, I'll see this place whenever I can. ~PW

08/31/2005: I've just reached 5,000 bumps. I also reached 200k last Saturday as well.

In other news, I'm (more or less) almost in the path of Hurricane Katrina, which is now just a tropical depression, so I'm getting a lot of rain outside. It's not much of a flood, though, because I'm not really near the downtown area at all. ~PW

08/17/2005: A month without any updates. Whoa.

Anyway, I'm still here. But I still lurk around the forums almost as much as I did after the thread was archived.

I've now reached 4000, even though most of those bumps were killed off by the Thread Archiving Monster. I don't think I'll ever get them back, but who cares...

New poll. Now with one option action! ~PW

07/16/2005: Three months ago...Gaian thread #4,529,906 was derailed thanks to the [ Message Temporarily Offline ] glitch. The thread lay dormant for six months.

Now, after a friend of mine decided to post in it again (yeah, he found it in my sig, and it wasn't that hard to find) I've decided to bring it back from the dead after three months of inactivity. I'm bumping again.

Anyway, I now have Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, so that screenshot I took from April seems dated now. And my computer problems are gone (thankfully). But most obvious of these changes is that this threads is now 60% smaller than it was. Apparently, this thread is missing posts, and I don't know if the admins will help bring them back. Hope they do, at least for my sake.

Also, you can now you can delete the poll in your thread if you want to change it! This wasn't available at all back when I first arrived, and it was basically impossible to make a new poll after you got rid of the first (and what would usually be the only) poll you had. The admins have fixed that now, and I'm glad. So now the PrinceWatercress Bump Thread is another stop for all poll whores. Yay.

Anyway, all past news is now in the archives, thankfully. So...who wants to bump? ~PW

04/04/2005: Yay, I finally update for April. About time. Anyway, the March stuff is going to go to the archive after I post this thing here.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I finally reached 100,000 gold last night at 9:57 US Central Time. Excellent.

If that stupid [Message temporarily offline] crap gets dealt with and the last few bumps I made show up right, I'll bump here again. ~PW

03/26/2005: At exactly 10 PM Memphis time, I'm basically typing in the fact that I just made 250 pages of solo bumping. About time. ~PW

03/21/2005: I'm not dead!

Oh, and this is the best thread ever.

Also, I learned how to center today. Check out the first post now, peoples! ~PW

03/09/2005: Three. Thousand. Bumps. Yayness.

I actually didn't think I'd do it this quickly. Onward to four thousand!

Also, the quote of the update.

Yilanti Maydow
Why do you people think this is Chatterbox 2?


03/06/2005: I'm back, fools. My Internet connection decided to screw up on me, but it's all fixed up. I'm bumping and reporting spam again!

Anyway, all the news before my "demise" is now archived. ~PW

02/20/2005: muhammad has now become the second person to be blacklisted for basically being annoying. Since he decided to test the "longer post = more gold" theory that obviously doesn't work, he's gone. End of story.

I've now had to make a new rule on this thread that declares quoting the first post illegal because of him. You get the same amount of gold no matter how much you post. Thanks for attempting to scam buddy, I'll be banning you now.

On a lighter note, hope VO, Lord Lanzer, and Ling had an excellent 2nd Gaian birthday.

*looks back* I forgot to post facts for you guys. Since this is anniversary week, I might as well post other

02/18/2005: Be on Gaia at 9 AM for the 2nd Annual Gaia Ball! I might make an appearance... ~PW

02/13/2005: Dun dun dun. 200 pages! ~PW

02/12/2005: HAPPY NAKED DAY!

Anyway, this just had to be a fine time to completely disable the PM thing. Thankfully, there was a temporary reporting thread in Q&F. Very cool. It has now been fixed and is now back up. ~PW

02/09/2005: Ladies and gentlemen, Bio_Hazard_Evil is the first person to be put in the Hall of Shame for posting a trickster bump. I thought I wouldn't see this day, but it just had to happen. May his banishment from my board be a lesson to anybody who stumbles upon my board.

I don't do the three strikes law, people, because the stupidity of Gaia's newb population won't allow me to anymore...especially because of that damn 14G post, which I've busted more than a dozen people for posting in the past two weeks. THE PAST TWO WEEKS!

When someone tells you not to cyber, don't cyber. When someone tells you not to use a botting program, do not use a botting program. And when somebody tells you to follow the rules in their thread, follow their rules. Hopefully, I won't have to do this again, but I see myself reporting more people in the future for doing crap that they shouldn't be doing.

Oh, and one other thing...if you spam in the test forum with Chatterbox material and I catch you in the act, your a** belongs to the mods. Because I will report you. ~PW

02/08/2005: Patriots won again. Third Super Bowl in four years. Dammit.

Anyway, according to
Lanzer, there's been a compromise. According to his Work Diary, the more active your account, the more polls you can get 10g from. This means more for main accounts, and less for mules. I can agree with that. Besides, it's a lot easier than fixing the algorithm so that its 10 polls every 24 hours for everyone, anyway. ~PW

02/06/2005: The gold cap on polls is back. In other words, after answering ten polls, you can no longer get poll gold until 24 hours have passed. Damn.

Anyway, hope you've had a nice weekend. Super Bowl starts right now! ~PW

02/02/2005: It's finally fixed. According to Lanzer:

Added page spanning feature for trading, also addressed other problems. When you click on confirm or add gold it should register every time now. sweatdrop

Finally fixed after about three months. xp Yay. ~PW

02/01/2005: Alright...it's February! (Not Februrary!) So all the January announcements go into the news archive!

February 12th is Nakie Day on Gaia. So get nekked, dammit. And if you want to do undercover post/thread reporting by masquerading as a newb, going to another newb's thread, and sniping down all the flamers by reporting their posts, that's a really good day. I know I'm gonna do it.

February 14th is Valentine's Day. Yippee.

February 19th is Gaia's second anniversary. Really strange to know that Gaia has changed tremendously in such a short time. I might post fun facts about Gaia on that day. ~PW

01/26/2005: Just reached 150 pages worth of bumps. Yet another milestone in the history of the Prince Watercress Bump Thread. Let's power up to page 200, shall we? ~PW

01/25/2005: Quote of the update.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(click the pic to see it)

There you go. The quote of the update.

Also worth noting: I've now made it to the 2,000th bump. ~PW

01/21/2005: Wow. The way the problems such as threads in the wrong forum/subforum, stupid behavior such as cybering and harassment, and even the PM system have been changed for the better. Go check out the most recent message on Announcements if you haven't already.

All you have to do now is click on a button and you can report threads and posts without having to copy the thread URL and PM it to a moderator. You can even report individual posts on a thread the same way.

This is big. And it will certainly change Gaia in the coming months... ~PW

01/20/2005: Quote of the day.

Teh Hamburgler
Well...first off, don't beg for money or clothes if you're new. You will get flamed.
your new too dude

Actually he's been around just as long as you. confused
why does he look like a loser then?


01/19/2005: Today would have been Robert Palmer's 56th birthday...that is, if he didn't die in 2003...oh well... ~PW

01/12/2005: I was wondering why the site, then the forums, and then the posting were disabled one by one:

Gaia will be under routine maintenance from 2AM to 4AM PST on Janurary 12. The maintenance will prepare us for some of the new forum related features soon to come. wink Stay tuned!

Oh, well. I'll be bumping all day and quitting tonight, anyway. Also, the rules are finally updated. n00b-ish behavior will no longer be tolerated on my board. ~PW

01/08/2005: Apparently, I got untired of it. So here you go. The PrinceWatercress Bump Thread is back in session. ~PW

01/07/2005: Happy late New Year to you all. All the news from November and December are in my fourth bump, since it's all from 2004.

I won't be back until January 17th. I'm taking a short break from Gaia. Feel free to bump here until then. ~PW

12/30/2004: Ladies and gentlemen, this thread is one hundred pages worth of bumps. Over 1300 of them.

I'm going to bed now...~PW

12/26/2004: Funniest. Thread. Ever. ~PW

12/25/2004: Merry Christmas/Hanakkuh/Kwanzaa/holiday/non-holiday season.

I hope this does not stretch the screen...

High noon, Pacific Standard Time! Gambino's Mansion! He finally returns! Be there!

And while you're at it, click this link: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5180106 ~PW

12/24/2004: Only took me two days to get the presents. That was pretty excellent. They're supposed to be openable tonight, according to what I've heard, but they may not be able to be opened until tomorrow morning.

Anyway, it's done. 1000 bumps before Christmas has finally been reached.

Oh, and more thing...according to Lanzer's Work Diary...

Stacks of hard drives are being prepared for the bunch of new web servers that are installed. Hopefully they'll be ready before Christmas. That should push our web server count from 40 to 55.

Last night the forum database ran out of space again. We've reached over 100 gigabytes of messages, so for the time being many of the older messages will need to move over to another database to make space. Soon there will be a much, much bigger hard drive in place that can hold more than two terrabytes of information just for the forums.

With the new web servers having 25000 members on-line should be no problem. We're almost to the point where we can add more servers to support more users will not require changes to the software. All the development in the backend system will start to pay off pretty soon.

Wow. Just wow...~PW

12/21/2004: Carol to the people in the shops! Nine gift boxes in all! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

The rules are here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5099264

Should you find my topic, be sure to bump ten times, once every minute, to oversee the wait between carolings. I want reams and reams of bumps...because I'm asking you.

My progress (bold text = taken):

Ian (Barton Shop - Barton)
Agatha (Jewelery Shop - Barton)
Leon (Guild 'Guy' - Barton)

Moira (Durem Depot - Durem)
Vanessa (Hair Salon - Durem)
Edmund (H.R. Wesley - Durem)

Ruby (Hat Store - Gambino)
Sasha (Gambino Outfitters - Gambino)
Meredith! (The Bank - Gambino)

Good luck! ~PW

12/20/2004: The Christmas event had better be good...
Anyway, 'tis the season for Christmas threads on the Chatterbox. And Christmas is this Saturday. WHOO-HAH!

***WARNING!*** Gaia Online will be down briefly at 9:30 AM Pacific Time. But you didn't have to read this to find out...

Yet another update...lurking gold has returned! Now we get gold normally again!

One more thing...I'm going for a thousand bumps by Christmas! This will be fun! That means I'll have to bump 30 times everyday until Saturday. But I can still pull through. ~PW

12/18/2004: For a while yesterday, there was no posting gold given out. That's finally fixed, though. We still have to contend with no lurking gold and avatar body problems, however. ~PW

12/17/2004: Okay...now that I've got your attention, I have some bug alerts.

* People's arms are starting to disappear. Look at this thread if you don't believe me.
* Lurking gold is gone! I'm not getting gold for lurking, and I'm sure a bunch of people aren't either.

I'm mentioning these to xbillxdt of the Chatterbox Bar so that the general populace of Gaia will learn of this. ~PW

12/7/2004: Today is the 63rd anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Just so you know.
I may not ever do another poll again, since the poll keeps getting eaten every time I edit this post. What's the point if it keeps disappearing?
Also, if anybody sends any chain letter PMs or spam PMs to me, I will report them to a purple mod. No exceptions. I'm getting sick and tired of it.
FOR THE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T SWALLOW THAT INFORMATION: Send me chain letters and spam, and you will be dealt with.
That is all. ~PW

12/4/2004: Gaia has released Marketplace v2.0! The stores are now with a vengeance and they're a whole lot better. Go read the announcement to see what they did with it. Now go sell something!
Also...there seems to have been some sort of hack attack on Gaia. When I started running around the place, I got this message which was nothing more than a white screen, and on the upper-left hand corner was a message saying "H4ck3rs ..... S8ldier". Turns out Gaia got hacked last night. Do not PM a green mod...they're already working on that now.
There was also a really weird image that involved a picture saying that purple monkeys would take over Gaia. *laughs* Fortunately, that's been taken care of.
Anyway, don't let that so-called hack attack ruin your day...go to the marketplace and buy something! Because Lord Lanzer would want you to! ~PW

12/3/2004: I put up a new poll on Monday.
Also, no fishing until further notice. They're working on the bugs that came with Gaia Fishing 1.1, since Lanzer and Co. have found some more. I knew they'd still have problems after that. ~PW

12/1/2004: The arcade at my school put in a brand-new Tekken 5 machine today! Yay!
Fishing news - Most of the glitches in Gaia Fishing that involved glitch gold and/or lost fish are fixed now, so if you lost your fish, there's a really good chance that your fish have been given to you by the Gaia admins and mods. If you still find a bug, call a moderator. I don't want to worry about hearing any more mass bannination stories caused by Gaia Fishing.
Braids news - Almost 500 signatures. The number of signatures for the petition have almost doubled in two short weeks. duo_shinigami_maxwell had no idea that this would become very popular. So if you haven't signed it, do it now! ~PW

11/28/2004: Ladies and gentlemen, I have brought this to the attention of ShyRomance (one of the purple mods). It's official. This is spam:

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email message and any accompanying data are confidential, and intended only for the named recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient(s), you are hereby notified that the dissemination, distribution, and or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. If you receive this message in error, or are not the named recipient(s), please notify the sender at the email address above, delete this email from your computer, and destroy any copies in any form immediately.


Importance: High
Please Be Extremely Careful especially if using internet mail such as
Hotmail and so on. This information arrived this morning from Microsoft
and Norton.Please send it to everybody you know who accesses the Internet.
You may
receive an apparently harmless email with a Power Point presentation "Life
is beautiful. pps" . If you receive it DO NOT OPEN THE FILE UNDER ANY
CIRCUMSTANCES, and delete it immediately. If you open this file, a message
appear on your screen saying: "It is too late now, your life is no longer
beautiful " , subsequently LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC and the person who
sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password. This is
a new
virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon. AOL has already
confirmed the severity, and the antivirus Software's are not capable of
destroying it. The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself

PWN3D. Nice try, you moron, but AOL and Norton would have caught on by now and figured out the removal procedures of the virus by now. They're not that stupid, and neither am I.
From this point on, if anyone sends me this, they get reported to a mod. Because they're apparently gullible enough to believe that there is an unstoppable virus. There is no such thing. ~PW

11/27/2004: I have now made some use of the third bump, which contains a list of regular bumpers as well as important (read: bump, chat, or quest) and miscellaneous topics. This will make the thread a lot more useful, entertaining, and easier to navigate to and from.
Don't forget, you can always suscribe to this thing, and also find it in my sig (along with duo_shinigami_maxwell's braid petition). I post here in mass droves everytime I'm on Gaia, so come on down.
Oh, and the only way this place could be even weirder is if a mod or admin popped up here to say Hi. Everyone who found this thread would have a field day with it. xd Anyway, have a nice weekend...~PW

11/26/2004: Wow. Yesterday was excellent. Thanksgiving topics and polls in the Chatterbox, Jurassic Park on TNT (which was really good, BTW), and the earning of 2K in one whole day. There was also a lot of bumping when I was here as well, which explains it.
Apparently, we've all heard of the new donation items for November: the Ice Gauntlet and the BTK (Bit Too Kool) hat. Go get them now!
Also, starting today, I'm now using the second post to announce the people who have either given to or benefited from...heh, heh...the PrinceWatercress fund. If you've either gotten a trade from me for your quest or you've given me something, you're honored here in the second post.
Oh...almost forgot...if you use the trade function as a means to tick me off...you go into the Hall of Shame. This is where the people who try to make fake trades as well as "flames via trade" with me to tick me off. If you've got any common sense, you'll know not to blaze a path there.
That's pretty much it. Have at it at bumping... ~PW

11/24/2004: Apparently, somebody decided not to follow of the ToS. According to Lanzer:

Recently, there's been an unfortunate event. With the release of Gaia fishing, the fishing store had a glitch which allowed a user to gain a very large amount of gold from typing in false data. If no action was taken, the extra gold that was flooded into the economy would make the prices of items sky rocket and ruin Gaia's economy.

As part of Gaia's rules and regulations, anyone who hacked or cheated in any way will be permanently banned from Gaia Online. This includes the cheaters, themselves, and any accounts that received gold from the cheaters in a one way trade. Questionable trades are also being investigated at the moment.

This incident had unfortunately took a lot of engineering time away and, as a result, certain updates might need to be postponed because of it. Cheating hurts the development of Gaia. It also hurt fellow members by ruining the Gaian economy. We urge all users to please consider the consequences before trying out a glitch or any way to cheat on Gaia.

Let's look at that first sentence in the last paragraph again, shall we?

This incident had unfortunately took a lot of engineering time away and, as a result, certain updates might need to be postponed because of it.

All 1.17 million users now have to wait longer for the Gaia Battle Arena as well as other things we're so desperately wanting, simply because someone had to be a moron and take the low road for Gaian Gold. We might even have to wait longer than necessary for braids because of this.
Speaking of braids, be sure to click on "Click here for braids" in my signature for a petition you can sign to help get braids on Gaia for both guys and girls. It's already reached over 350 signatures. Bye for now... ~PW

11/23/2004: NEW CLOTHES! See the news on the Gaia Online home page for details! ~PW

11/22/2004: No, I'm not dead. Neither is this thread. I'm just really busy right now. Trying to get a job, registering for classes and whatnot. I'm still doing my homework as I'm writing this. Anyway, this thread has been changed from "Topic where PrinceWatercress bumps over and over" to "The PrinceWatercress Bump Topic". I don't why I didn't think of naming it this earlier. Hopefully, I can get another poll up and I'll know that people actually come back here again...I'm still a little ired up that the post editor ate my last one. ~PW

11/20/2004: Gaia Fishing is here! Get your bait and rod at the fishing shop near Bassem Lake, and go to the nearby Bassem Lake, the Port of Gambino, or the Durem Reclamation Facility and fish away! Be sure to equip your rod!
Oh, and when I edited this post to put in the news, it ate my poll, and I can't make a new one because the poll system's screwed up (I think). ~PW
bump 6

C'mon, somebody bump with me. And click on the link in my sig if you want braids on y'alls avatars. Over 260 sigs as of this writing.
bump 9

Cool...another visitor...

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