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Wheezing Lunatic

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Gimme Job Now ninja
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Distinct Phantom

Fire Emblem Kakusei
I don't think I'll get hired.

You have been hired at super uggo kawaii cake company, you job is to handle free samples that no body cares to take from you. You are ignored by everyone walking past, and you only get paid 2 dollars an hour. (You keep changing avis.)
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Devoted Wife

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Tipsy Genius

yeah right
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Magical Shounen

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Aluminom Soil
Fire Emblem Kakusei
I don't think I'll get hired.

You have been hired at a park posing as a unknown disney princess that no body knows, and all the people and kids ignore you. You get paid 2 dollars an hour.
This made me cry internally. smile
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Demonic Streaker

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I want a job. ; u;
Sneak Chamber

You've been hired by hollywood! You are a high end actor.. in your mind. You are only play a dead body in scenes in movies with your face being darkened and you being shot laying on the ground.
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Shy Sophomore

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Lonely Lover

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scary trip
hehe ok

You've been hired by an old man on the streets while you were walking home from school, He ask you are you into him, and reply no, and suddenly get bagged by him in his van and drove off.
My avi bleaches anuses
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Fuzzy Pumpkin

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finger me up a job, boss.

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