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sweeping generalizations ITT
I honestly love to bike, but with my situation as it is, biking to school/anywhere else isn't very likely as I would need to bike about 21 miles straight to even reach the edge of town, and further to actually get to the places I need to go. So for the most part, I have to drive and bus - but I take to walking as much as I can and have no problem in doing so. Just like I have no problem with going down flights of stairs, or up for that matter.
I am out of shape, but it's something I'm working on fixing. For the most part I bike about 24 mi a day (12 in the morning, 12 at night) on an indoor exercise bike, since there's so much snow outside and I don't have the right gear to cycle in this weather.
However, when I go to the States in the summer time, I actually do bike to certain destinations if I can afford the time. I would rather much bike to all the places I need to go in comparison to using vehicles. The gas is costly, and biking provides me a way of exercising.

Though, to say that all cyclist are stupid is a bit low. If anything, society needs to be approached with how to make the roads safer for cyclists and allow for more lanes to be created for them. Cyclists do have rights to be on the streets if they have to - and it's really the driver's fault if they aren't paying attention to the road to create these collisions.

As it is in my city, there are parts that do have cyclist lanes, but the majority of it is without. I'm not even sure if we're supposed to legally ride the road and not the sidewalks. Something I ought to look into.

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