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I do not like the fact that they can ride in the road like cars. I agree with your point. Sure people will be cautious towards a biker, however, that does not mean that the individual will be 100% safe. Yet these individuals know the risk that they are taking. So, if an accident were to occur they know the consequences of their choice. People make reckless decisions everyday and put themselves in all sorts of harm. So in the end it's the individuals choice to put their own life at risk.
I would also like to point out that nature as a whole doesn't follow any rules placed by the government. Therefore, you should stay inside a nuclear bunker and have food shipped to you.
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Cyclists can die in several well-placed fires along the ditch to the smell of burning diesel and whiny 90's songs fading out on the radio as the battery melts. They are vermin and we should build a fenced-in oval to contain them. The fence should be double. Fifteen feet tall. And electrocuted, uh, electrified.
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In my country it's illegal to ride bikes on the path, so while commuting I have to ride on the road.

Also, speak for your own stupid country, by and large moterist's follow the rules of the road very well and I have very few problems with them when I cycle.

If anything it's cyclists who need to learn the ******** what there doing on the road.


I, for one, think that if they ride in the streets, it gives you incentive to get your daily driver bonus points, because they done goofed.

the people in my country are fat and lazy. most 20 year olds can't even walk up one flight of stairs without getting tired. they get most of their calories from Starbucks(you think McDonald's is bad, Starbucks is worse. It's all ******** sugar. At least mcdonalds has some protein and some lettuce on those burgers), adn then they expect me to feel sorry for the because they feel sick.
I asked this girl once, "why are you taking the elevator down? it's only 4 flights of stairs(going down, not even going up)" and she's like, "oh, ,my back hurts". yeah, your back hurts because you're fat. start using the stairs.
and then you offer these people an apple or something, and they flip out and look at you like, "what makes you think I would eat an apple?" like you're terrible person for suggesting they eat a fruit. and they won't try new foods. I offered quinoa to them once, and they're like, "i'm not eating that! i'll stick to my white rice instead."

i'd hate to see what USA is like, because if my country is like this, and their country is the laziest country in the world, it must be unimagineable there

Reading that, I kinda took offense. I walk and ride a bike when its nice weather, and only drive when Im afraid for my life (For example, if there is a blizzard, or my way to work (walking/bike wise) is blocked and there isnt another way to work except for driving. Also, some people In (Im assuming thats where you are, dont freak if I get it wrong) the United states arent fat because they eat s**t like Starbucks, McDonald's and s**t like that. I eat healthy, but I have PCOS that ******** up and ravages my body, and one of the reasons why Im overweight slightly is because of it. Not because I eat whatever food.

On another note, Some bikers dont know what their doing, yet at the same time, drivers are just complete idiots sometimes. Other reasons are but not limited to: They cant ride on the sidewalk because of a law, Construction, their choice, no sidewalk, there is a bike lane. Also, they know the threat while driving on the road if its their choice, and as stated, some people on their bikes are dicks, and I have had them cut in front of me multiple times.
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the city wont build bike paths and its illegal to ride on the sidewalk

should i sit in my garage and go in circles?
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In Australia you have to ride on the road. There are people who are stupid on the road everywhere, and there's not much you can do except continue fining/ incarcerating them to discourage this sort of behaviour. All road users need to obey the rules. Bike riders need to stop at red lights, indicate, wear helmets etc., just like drivers need to follow the road rules.

...Also you could just as easily say that people who cycle on the footpath are stupid because they are endangering pedestrians.
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It's illegal to ride on the sidewalks here, and frankly I've had more respect shown to me when I ride on the road than when I ride on the sidewalk because with a lack of bike paths and shitty drivers, I DO feel the sidewalk is safer.

I've been outright stopped by a meter-maid who threatened me with a ticket, was nearly assaulted by an old man, and have received several very judgmental comments behind my back for riding on the sidewalks. Who'da thunk.

And ironically the one time I WAS hit by a vehicle I was on foot. Ho hum.
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Bikes are vehicles. Vehicles go on the road, so pedestrians can use the sidewalk safely. I don't see how entitled SUV's who can't wait until a passing zone to get past a bike should win because they're more powerful. That doesn't seem very democratic.
So where are people supposed to ride their bikes then? And what about others who aren't driving who are one road such as pedestrians and those on horses?
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we have a bike lane where i live so it's cool. but like on the actual street, yeah it's a pet-peeve of mine.because bikes don't have like you know BLINKERS and i don't know where they are going so it makes me nervous when i drive somewhere and someone on a BIKE is next to my car. but they aren't stupid so to speak but, please keep in mind if you are on a bike and decide to ride it on a actual street you make people like myself nervous because i don't want anyone to get hit. it's not the biker i guess but people on the road in cars you have to watch out for.
when i ride a bike i stay on the sidewalk or bike lane.
i don't care how experiences you are, and how you're experienced and all. that is besides the point. because the reality is, the people in the cars don't follow the rules of the road, speed, run reds, and they will run you over and kill you.
someone in my area on a bike gets killed by a car every month.

Except that according to the law, a bicycle is a vehicle and has a right to use the road just as much as anyone else.

So what you're saying is that you condemn vehicular manslaughter of bicyclist
i don't care how experiences you are, and how you're experienced and all. that is besides the point. because the reality is, the people in the cars don't follow the rules of the road, speed, run reds, and they will run you over and kill you.
someone in my area on a bike gets killed by a car every month.

I dont care how inexperienced you are.
If you are riding your bike on the side walk, you are NOT a law-abiding citizen, and you are putting children who can not be held to the same standard of awareness for obvious reasons at risk of being run over.
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While motorists are required, by law, to pass a test on road rules and a driving test, cyclists aren't required to do anything to prove they know how to operate on roads.

Also, motorists have to have identification (a license), and a license plate to make their car traceable. Cyclists, do not.

Seriously, why are cyclists allowed on roads at all???

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