People change!: exclaim wahmbulance

I know i have attitude
I know i can be a b***h

But the thing is I only use attitude now when needed

And im only a b***h to this one b***h! Its a reasonable long story to act like that to her!She is jealous of my everything and everything!

She deosnt think I've changed but every one else thinks i have! Well there r these other 2 girl but screw that s**t!
So like 3 people my age dont like me!

Big deal.....
Haters gonna hate.... Potatoes gonna Potate!

I've changed!
I care... I honestly do!
Being this pretty,athletic, and rich u have got to change! Everyone loves me!!!!

I used to be a pretty big b***h you could say... But im a good girl now!

I get straight A's now and all O's in behavior...
I'm responsible now and i have more faith in God!
No one... i mean NO ONE can take this away from me!

No matter HOW hard you try! I get to be perfectly Imperfect in the Best of ways!

So u wanna hate and be a b***h... Fine by me! Just take it far way so far away i wont have to deal with it!!!!

Oh, you wanna argue? Well i have my Cap locks, ON!!!!!!