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Which do you hate more?

Otakus 0.053475935828877 5.3% [ 10 ]
Weeaboos 0.31550802139037 31.6% [ 59 ]
Americans who call themselves Otakus are the same as weeaboos 0.63101604278075 63.1% [ 118 ]
Total Votes:[ 187 ]
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to me, an otaku is an avid anime watcher/manga reader/gamer

and a weaboo is someone who is unhealthily obsessed with japanese culture and think they're japanese and want to be japanese and tell people that they are partially japanese, etc.

so they are kinda two totally different things.

to say that learning japanese or being an otaku is the same as being a weaboo is kind of like you are saying that all people who learn japanese or watch anime or use this site are all weaboos which is not true.

please know the difference.
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Well, I'd have to say weeaboos. Otaku I can handle, because they aren't running around spouting Japanese words and phrases(that they, most likely, don't even know the meaning of) as an attempt to be Japanese and "kawaii". Though, the fact of being crazily obsessed over something(in regards to otaku) is a bit much as well.
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Although I think the definition changes from person to person, but its pretty much what is stated above.
Personally, I also think that weeaboos tend to act "cute" and sometimes use Japanese words (ie desu, kawaii, etc) in the middle of english phrases.
I pronounce it wee-a-boo, so exactly how its spelled xp

On a side note, never seen any male weeaboo.

That too.

I've been my fair share of dude weeaboos.
They're just as annoying as girls.
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I've always considered a weeabo to be an individual whom utilizes basic Japanese words in casual conversation without knowing fluent Japanese. AKA: An individual whom has no desire to understand the language, but utilizes words like "Kawaii" because they think it's cute.

1」You are so sugoi, i like that desu.
2」 あなたわほんとにすごいです。

Most people use "Otaku" as a reference to their lifestyle, they're obsessed with anime, and as such live for it. I personally don't consider the use of the term"Otaku" to be weeabo specific. Just like "Schadenfreude" or "Yandere", it's a foreign word depicting a personality trait, or interest.

In the end to each their own.
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I don't hate either. I just think they're annoying.
Weaboos are the more annoying ones though. :
They are as scary and agitating as crazy, rabid fujoshis. ; ___;

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Using Gaia doesn't make one a 'weaboo', and in no way does someone calling themselves otaku make them weaboo either. As has been posted several times already on this topic, there is a significant difference between weaboo and otaku, and since it has been posted several times I doubt I need to point out what they are. The fact is, you're either otaku or weaboo (if you're any at all) When you expand from loving anime/manga with a passion to obsessing over Japan itself and using Japanese words in everyday sentences when you don't know the actual language and just, in a sense, trying to 'be' Japanese, then you have left otaku territory altogether and are a weaboo. I'm obsessive anime fan, and if I was living in Japan I would be called an otaku, but I DAMN sure am not a weaboo.

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