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The devil huh? emotion_awesome
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morgieneko's Wife


probably kenny tryna get laid
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Miyaka Hana
he gave me red stockings. o-o Should I be worried?
That sounds kinky emotion_dowant
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Sounds like the devil's looking to get some le sexay bootay for Halloween
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morgieneko's Wife


From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Hey kitty kitty,
I saw you a bar last night. Dancing. Around a pole. Your pole dancing was amazing, for so many guys to tape $20 onto your...
So. I came to send you something you left behind last night. Do you own a pair of... *open the gift to find out*
--devil's little helper


You got: Black & White Checkered Speedies Bottom
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User Image

I got black and white checkered speedies top
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I got one late last night.

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Yoo-hooo, It's me over here!
Yes, You guessed it, It's your lord and master of the underworld, Satan. I bought you some comfy briefs to wear in honour of me. Why yes, yes I am that self absorbed. See you on Halloween, Kidd.

Sincerely, The devil

Edit: inb4 some neo-elitist theory
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why won't they give me one ;-;
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- feels unloved -
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I like where this is going.
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Oh good, the anons are out. Now I have something to look forward to besides seeing alot of threads complaining about things when she should be helping ways to help or do something.
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I got this:

Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: The darkness is thick. Almost like it was made of something other than shadows. Do you see eyes in the dark?

Seeing that there was nothing else in the darkness, you jog forward to there you saw the twin lights. Thinking that it was probably a monster waiting to attack, you ready yourself to flee once you got to the spot you saw the eyes.

However, there is nothing there...nothing but this pin and a paper on the tree next to it.

You take the paper off to look at it better.

All you see on it is a bunch of no's written by a panicky hand.

Why don't you head over to your inventory and see what you got!
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Distinct Gaian

I don't think that's from your devil anon...what did you get?
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morgieneko's Wife


Magnus Shadow
I don't think that's from your devil anon...what did you get?
slendy tends to kill people so...

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