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We are seeking a thread artist. Please PM PukeFacedFreak with art examples for this paid position. 0.125 12.5% [ 1 ]
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Be nice, try not to fight, and NO QUOTE TOWERS! They annoy the $#!+ out of me. Same goes for posts that stretch the page horizontally. Also, it has always been my own personal policy that if you do not accept a trade within a month, I will cancel it. I am making this known due to recent harassment.


If you are in this thread bumping/rolling dice/doing the questionnaire - anything that should result in you winning gold - YOU WILL NOT GET IT if you do not heed my warnings (directly in this thread, and ONE PM warning). THIS IS NOT A ZOMBIE THREAD, THIS IS A TALKING THREAD. Don't bother staying if you won't chat.

*special thanks to digitalduckie for the wonderful art above and to Descry for his beautiful rubber duckies used as headers for the rest of the front page (and SweetieMemoirs for making the banners).

Navigate through the first page:
POST 1: Master Plan (outline and selected quotes)
POST 2: Advertise us and mentionable threads/guilds/etc.
POST 3: Gold giveaway info/winners wahmbulance GOLD PAYOUT INCREASED, DAILY BLOW OUT ADDED
POST 4: Dice Games wahmbulance PAYOUT INCREASE
Avatar contests wahmbulance SUSPENDED
POST 6: Entertaining Questionaire (500+) earn 20K, 60K or 100K

POST 7: Raffle guide/sales

PAGE 2: Records, history, and thread artist (final post). Go check it out.
Would you like to win free avatar art? CLICK HERE for details.

======== heart SELECTED QUOTES heart ========

"This is the best thread I have found on my many accounts. In two months, I've made friends, played lots of games, had a ton of fun, and made about 200,000g! Thanks PFF for doing this for us!" Narishkye

"Your thread has helped me over the past few months accomplish an avatar that I had been trying to get for years. I love your thread and the friends that I have made there. I hope that this thread is still here for more anniversaries. Thank you." lipsofanangel793

"DANG.There's a BUTT LOAD of ways to get gold in here." Skyorin

"283. What do you think of this thread? the wheel--&the printing press--&rock 'n' roll--&the computer--&this thread." queen_zeppelin69

"OMFG! I LIKE GOLD GIFTING AND FRIEND MAKING!!! This is perfect." chinico

"This has probably been the best thread ive been happy to have found on Gaia. I have been on others but yous has always kept me interested in Gaia, even tho much has changed the thread never will. I made more reliable friends, including you, that don't create drama and are happy with the way I am." Wakki Darkmoon

"Your thread ROCKS!! It's got the best giveaways and games. You've really made something special here." iHark

"This is one of the freakiest threads on CB. That is what makes it so special." Quiveez

"I was just looking around the CB for somewhere to hang out, and this thread was just like BAM! Come to me or I will eat your soul D< So I was all 'clicky' And its AWESOME! Really lovely idea for a thread, its everything you could want in one place!" [ S p a r k l e ]

"hmmm now that i think of it....THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THREADS I'VE SEEN SINCE 03 DAMN GOOD JOB." DJ PoYo LoCo

"From the looks of it, this thread is very organized and it has about every contest you could ever want!! I think I may have found a new thread that I'm going to be active in. ;] Love your thread PFF." Fuie-chan

"OMG!!! This is the best effing thread EVER!!! PFF, You rawk!" Cloudless Rainbow

"Wow, PFF! You are my hero! I have never spent more time reading a thread and its history more than this one. Your story about working towards buying your horns really inspired me! I'm going to work really hard for my goals now. Thank you so much!" W1NGS

"I admire you for your dedication to your thread, darling." A Deadly Seduction

"I appreciate everything PFF does for the Gaian community. And I love the duckies, haha." drschmitty

"PFF has given me loads of gold. Her thread is the best. I honestly don't go anywhere else when I'm on Gaia." Goddess Houseki

"...In all seriousness, this thread is a worthy cause to show appreciation for considering how much you do for the gaian community." Qwit
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exclaim SPECIAL EVENTS exclaim


exclaim GUILDS WORTH A VISIT exclaim
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Every 500 pages, there will be a 5k 10k 100k prize to the first person on that page. (ex: pg 500, 1000, 1500)
Also, 1,000g 5k 50k will be given to the first post on every 100pgs EXCLUDING the 100K pages.
((example: NOT 1,000 and NOT 1,500 but YES to 1,100 1,200 1,300 etc.))
banned from prizes: Belle Ofthe, Main Page Nitemare Headba


((click here for past winners))

pg61000 - TrIcK_plurr


((click here for past winners))

Ms Glaisil - pg60600
TheMajikRaven - pg60700
The Original Ravyn Raver - pg60800
hopeless-kori - pg60900
Starz-N-Madness - pg61100
TrIcK_plurr - pg61200
SuzyQBallBuster - pg61300
greeny tree - pg61400

Daily Gold Blowout
Each day, anyone who posts in this thread at least once will be entered into a daily blow out raffle. The time zone I go by is PST. You will have a chance to win 100K. A person may only win once per week but mules are allowed.
exclaim At the end of each week, the seven winners will be entered for a chance to win an additional bonus 50K.
exclaim At the end of the month, each blowout winner (depending on how many times they won) will be entered into a raffle to win that month's Monthly Collectible Letter. GOOD LUCK!!!

Collectible Letter went to deathbynight22
2 - Kyuui Kiwi declined
3 - Kyuui Kiwi
4 - Mr Basil Leaf
5 - shortielilac
6 - sakurakrizel
7 - Chilsvic

8 - Kyuui Kiwi
9 - Freakinspazmonkeys
10 - NeoLiya
11 - FossilxKing25
12 - cramshaft
13 - sakurakrizel
14 - Chilsvic

15 - CocoaPet
16 - TheMajikRaven
17 - Pretty When I Cry
18 - sakurakrizel
19 - deathbynight22
20 - Kyuui Kiwi
21 - Chilsvic

22 - Vice Admiral Alexi Stukov
23 - Pretty When I Cry
24 - Freakinspazmonkeys
25 - deathbynight22
26 - Chilsvic
27 - -Meuhmeuhcow-
28 - Pretty When I Cry

29 - Kyuui Kiwi
30 - Chilsvic
31 - Pretty When I Cry

Collectible Letter went to Pretty When I Cry
1 - Pretty When I Cry
2 - Kyuui Kiwi
3 - The Original Ravyn Raver BONUS
4 - Chilsvic
5 - sakurakrizel
6 - quayla666
7 - Zakiax

8 - Kyuui Kiwi
9 - The Original Ravyn Raver
10 - Pretty When I Cry BONUS
11 - Goddess Houseki
12 - sakurakrizel
13 - TrIcK_plurr
14 - GardeniaSky

15 - Kyuui Kiwi
16 - The Original Ravyn Raver BONUS
17 - Goddess Houseki
18 - Pretty When I Cry
19 - TrIcK_plurr
20 - (none)
21 - 0h James

22 - S1L3NT X13
23 - Goddess Houseki
24 - TrIcK_plurr
25 - The Original Ravyn Raver
26 - Goteks
27 - Chilsvic
28 - Kyuui Kiwi BONUS

29 - sakurakrizel
30 - Pretty When I CryBONUS

Collectible Letter went to Chilsvic
1 - HDMI
2 - Kyuui Kiwi
3 - Goddess Houseki
4 - TrIcK_plurr BONUS
5 - Pretty When I Cry
6 - sakurakrizel
7 - The Original Ravyn Raver

8 - hopeless-kori
9 - TrIcK_plurr
10 - FrostyPeaches
11 - Kyuui Kiwi
12 - lexie_k
13 - Pretty When I Cry
14 - sung tungs BONUS

15 - Kyuui Kiwi
16 - sakurakrizel
17 - Pretty When I Cry
18 - Inu MikoYoukai
19 - Goddess Houseki BONUS
20 - TrIcK_plurr
21 - Drehstuhl

22 - Goddess Houseki
23 - FrostyPeaches
24 - Kyuui Kiwi
25 - Drehstuhl
26 - Chilsvic
27 - sakurakrizel
28 - Pretty When I Cry BONUS

29 - Drehstuhl
30 - Kyuui Kiwi BONUS
31 - The Original Ravyn Raver

Collectible Letter went to virtualspud
1 - Drehstuhl
2 - FrostyPeaches
3 - TrIcK_plurr
4 - Horror Host
5 - Hugh J Boobs
6 - XxShadow CloudxX
7 - Robotic Pokemonfan BONUS

8 - Drehstuhl
9 - TrIcK_plurr BONUS
10 - Kaileestrophic
11 - Chilsvic
12 - Pretty When I Cry
13 - Josett
14 - Hosomi Okami

15 - Drehstuhl
16 - TrIcK_plurr
17 - sakurakrizel BONUS
18 - tennis lover forever
19 - Kyuui Kiwi
20 - MacaronPrincess
21 -Luewanda

22 - tennis lover forever
23 - sakurakrizel BONUS
24 - Luewanda
25 - TrIcK_plurr
26 - virtualspud
27 - Ijiserure
28 - Grim Bae

29 - Hosomi Okami
30 - Kyuui Kiwi BONUS

Collectible Letter went to Kyuui Kiwi
1 - Hosomi Okami
2 - Luewanda
3 - Kyuui Kiwi
4 - TrIcK_plurr
5 - Mistlle
7 - Awesome Show - Great Job

8 - Kyuui Kiwi
9 - TrIcK_plurr
10 - Hosomi Okami
11 - Fabled Twilights
12 - Ariapyon
13 - nssnss
14 - EmmaCross666

15 - EmmaCross666
16 - sakurakrizel
17 - Aorza
18 - FrostyPeaches
19 - jessica7813
20 - Fabled Twilights
21 - [NPC] Rina BONUS (unpaid)

22 - Eat Your Heart Out Babe (unpaid)
23 - Fabled Twilights
24 - sakurakrizel BONUS
25 - Little Hellion
26 - Kyuui Kiwi
27 - Pretty When I Cry
28 - NONE

29 - sakurakrizel BONUS
30 - Pretty When I Cry
31 - Zoeloveful

Collectible Letter went to Kyuui Kiwi
1 - FrostyPeaches BONUS
2 - nssnss
3 - Fabled Twilights
4 - Kyuui Kiwi
5 - [NPC] Liam
6 - Pretty When I Cry
7 - sakurakrizel

8 - sakurakrizel
9 - Kaelene
10 - Pretty When I Cry
11 - Fabled Twilights
12 - FrostyPeaches
13 - Kyuui Kiwi
14 - Anemic Veins BONUS

15 - nssnss
16 - Pokkle -Hunter-
17 - Deadncrispy
18 - Kyuui Kiwi
19 - Pretty When I Cry
20 - RoseofSweetness BONUS
21 - the sriracha bottle

22 - RoseofSweetness
23 - Kyuui Kiwi
24 - Pretty When I Cry
25 - Thungoldyia
26 - sakurakrizel BONUS
27 - Zoeloveful
28 - Hosomi Okami

29 - Kyuui Kiwi BONUS
30 - Fabled Twilights
31 - FrostyPeaches

Collectible Letter went to Fabled Twilights
1 - Zoeloveful
2 - Little Hellion
3 - Kyuui Kiwi
4 - lollipopsy
5 - Hosomi Okami
6 - xx opheliac xx
7 - Pretty When I CryBONUS

8 - Pinduckey
9 - jellykans
10 - Charm Sapphire
11 - Fabled Twilights BONUS
12 - Kyuui Kiwi
13 - Sanjian
14 - FrostyPeaches

15 - Hosomi Okami
16 - FrostyPeaches
17 - Kyuui Kiwi BONUS
18 - Pretty When I Cry
19 - Deadncrispy
20 - Taspira_Ash
21 - NONE

22 - sakurakrizel
23 - Fabled Twilights
24 - Taspira_Ash
25 - bibi-chan06 BONUS
26 - Pretty When I Cry
27 - Deadncrispy
28 - Kyuui Kiwi

1 - greeny tree
2 - Fabled Twilights
3 - iiHades
4 -
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Choose which dice game you'd like to play, and let it rip!
(to claim your prize, PM PukeFacedFreak the page # you won on with the subject "thread dice win" or something of that nature)
((you are allowed to win as many times as you'd like to try for))

banned from prizes: Belle Ofthe, Main Page Nitemare Headba

ACTION: Roll TEN 100-sided dice
OUTCOME: Total 100-119 or 891-1000 or lucky #: 547 (changes every win)
PRIZE: 100K (lucky # = 500K)
Miggles-the-Gidget, ynattirb73, Katasia, -o-Toxicity-o-, Vegifera, Ashuta, The Dream Eidolon, Deb_Sapphire, dragonqueen20, blinkythekinky, Clockwork Fidelity, Clockwork Fidelity, Clockwork Fidelity, Clockwork Fidelity, Clockwork Fidelity, dizkoqueen, YamiTyger, M o s h i n g Cigarettes, delmagi, MidnightBri_X, x-Celestia-x, x-Celestia-x, insane and broken, xiiao-girl, 0o0AnimeYaoiFangirl0o0, I-art-e-miza-I, ChibiRozu-Chan, Catastrophic Cherie, x-Celestia-x, Chrno-Rosette, anaphaseII, xXX_ichigo_xXx09, 0o0AnimeYaoiFangirl0o0, GeekyTanta, 0o0AnimeYaoiFangirl0o0, hikarahya, mixedmutt101, xXX_ichigo_xXx09, GeekyTanta, Tigerpanda13, Lonetrey, XxTara_Dark_MisstressxX, 0_Sylryz_0, 0_Sylryz_0, sora4ever, hellsingokami, AlainaArtist, AlainaArtist, AlainaArtist, AlainaArtist, Goddess Houseki, Goddess Houseki, Charm Sapphire

ACTION: Roll FIVE 12-sided dice
OUTCOME: 12, 13, 14, 58, 59, or 60
dragonqueen20, Fuie-chan, sunwolf713, Enchantress of Night, Nekoofdeath, hellohell69, MannyHo, Fira_Arnithe, meemo16, debomba, rockstarlaffytaffy, ceruleanFE, Dramamine_Dream, Springlir, Leaf Ninja Justin, dra2k4, dra2k4, dra2k4, Leaf Ninja Justin, MH_skater, xpashyx, MH_skater, dra2k4, MH_skater, T i f a, puellamagnampraedam, Tigra, Odysseas,-o-Toxicity-o-, The Doctor111, The Doctor111, fox914, Revenent Cloud, Revenent Cloud, Revenent Cloud, Zephyr Paradox, Vegifera, Zephyr Paradox, deathberryx, Deb_Sapphire, wendyclear-atticus, deathberryx, Fera Elemental, Vegifera, Fera Elemental, Revenent Cloud, Revenent Cloud, Zephyr Paradox, Revenent Cloud, Revenent Cloud, Fera Elemental,Zephyr Paradox, aeristilheartly1, Little Filly Girl, Little Filly Girl, Tojokasa3, Lilly_WarriorFairyQueen, Zephyr Paradox, Deb_Sapphire,aeristilheartly1, Clockwork Fidelity, Clockwork Fidelity, Clockwork Fidelity, blinkythekinky, dizkoqueen, Miggles-the-Gidget, xHeartDaeMonx, Narishkye, Narishkye, Narishkye, Narishkye, Smurfette x3 Cupcake, Smurfette x3 Cupcake, Narishkye, Narishkye, Narishkye, ceruleanFE, Narishkye, Narishkye, Kitaelia, scorde, insane and broken, cricketonwheels, Sakura-Sachiko Takahashi, Bella Cullen is meh, Evilblubunny, Narishkye, Narishkye, Narishkye, Narishkye, Apple373, ChocolateCoveredSkittles, 0o0AnimeYaoiFangirl0o0, Narishkye, puppyheartz, Orlando1210, Narishkye, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Narishkye, ChocolateCoveredSkittles, xJen.Reix, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Mezitra, Orlando1210, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Annie-morphs, Narishkye, My Mawmi, IrisWillow, Robin Luck, Robin Luck, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, yesmanyesmanisawsome, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, JawsWillBite, JawsWillBite, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae,`Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Poseidon1Zeus, Kyzanae, AkiKitazawa, Poseidon1Zeus, Poseidon1Zeus, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, orangelion, orangelion,Kyzanae, Grieving_wolf_daemon, JAB57, JawsWillBite, Xx_Random_Boners_xX, lonetrey, lonetrey, lonetrey, lonetrey, lonetrey, lonetrey, lonetrey, Aazuria, lonetrey, lonetrey, lonetrey, Kyzanae, Kyzanae, JawsWillBite, xXX_ichigo_xXx09, MH_skater, MH_skater, MH_skater, MH_skater, MH_skater, Kyzanae, SweetieMemoirs, lonetrey, stacyren, True Beautiful Darkness, lonetrey, lonetrey, lonetrey, newton_love_fernz

ACTION: Roll SIX 6-sided dice
OUTCOME: 6, 7, 8, 34, 35 or 36
Pwninator, Kitsune_914, Kitsune_914, Linear Claw, Enchantress of Night, xxsnowybabyxx, Satisfied Thirst, Orion8888, dra2k4, Wakkimus Warnerus, xpashyx, Katasia, Gothic-Flumm, delmagi, Kitsune_914, TsukiCho, peachywink, T i f a, FrostyPeaches, necrofantasia, Kyuui Kiwi, alguita, Miggles-the-Gidget, leonid1995, -o-Toxicity-o-, FrostyPeaches, dragonqueen20, VioletSpice, Tojokasa3, Miggles-the-Gidget, Niollan, RyuugaX, RyuugaX, FrostyPeaches, Miggles-the-Gidget, fox914, Danni_s Venemous Kiss RP,
RyuugaX, Danni_s Venemous Kiss RP, nibbleMYnutz, Fabled Twilight, cranberrygrape, MidnightBri_X, ejella, xiiao-girl, insane and broken, delicatewine, Terminal Fatality, vamninrate, Evilblubunny, bluedragon87, a_e_r_i_s, 0o0AnimeYaoiFangirl0o0, emochickbaby, sknsfan2009, Sayurii2008, a_e_r_i_s, Catastrophic Cherie, kaito_kun00, P Esario Banks, Tama-chan0930, Kyzanae, Catastrophic Cherie, Catastrophic Cherie, Kyzanae, kaito_kun00, XxTara_Dark_MisstressxX, Tama-chan0930, kaito_kun00, Tama-chan0930, MagicalSecret, emmrie0317, emmrie0317, AkiKitazawa, Sandbaek, ifsogirl88,ifsogirl88, Poseidon1Zeus, Jaiylin, Poisonous Eclipse, Mary-Lena, MagicalSecret, AkiKitazawa, AkiKitazawa, Tama-chan0930, Tama-chan0930, AkiKitazawa, noahownsyouXD, 0_Sylryz_0, Juelz50, Mistress_Janet, The Original Ravyn Raver

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^ Currently suspended due to low participation ^

heart heart heart


Wakki Darkmoon
As of January 2013

avatar contest: 92k
page prizes: 1296k
bump : 1105.1k
dice: 1635k
questionnaire : 2405k
retired games : 27.3k

big events:
Pg 10k celebration = 186k
pg 20k celebration = 155.8k
pg 30k celebration = 80k
pg 40k celebration = 165k
pg 50k = 665k
thread birthday
year 1 = 19k
year 2 = 112k? ***
year 3 = 210k
year 4 = 230k
year 5 = 1140k ***

total so far 9,523,200 (excluding raffles)
guestimated raffle totals = 4,000,000

wahmbulance GRAND guesstimated total = 13,523,200 wahmbulance


This total is a rough estimate. This total excludes random donations. A VERY big thank you to Wakki Darkmoon for providing us with this calculation.
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^ Currently suspended due to low participation ^


#1 (Cursed Cupcake)
#2 (Nekoofdeath)
#3 (-o- Toxicity-o-)
#4 (spiderman143swife)
#5 (Jeni Huntington)
#6 (queen_zeppelin69)
#7 (VASTChick)
#8 (Blat Blat)
#9 (Pretty When I Cry)
#10 (Spirit Pressure)
#11 (diemechon7)
#12 (Pretty When I Cry)
#13 (diemechon7)
#14 (0-Sekai-0)
#15 (Seduce A Stranger)
#16 (Queen-of-kraziiness)
#17 (Vamp Hunter D -RP-)
#18 (Ozzy502)
#19 (FrostyPeaches)
#20 ([F.R.E.A.K])
#21 (xX PocKet RagDoLL Xx)
#22 (Kusaragi)
#23 (FrostyPeaches)
#24 (Aurora de Silva)
#25 (Ynattirb73)
#26 (0o0AnimeYaoiFangirl0o0)
#27 (crazypieloverangel)
#28 (Om Nom Faerie)
#29 (Bipytron)
#30 (Crystalicespice)
#31 (LinkZeroOne)
#32 (Jaiylin)
#33 (Pleasantly Disturbed)
#34 (Hybrid4ngel)
#35 (Bipytron)
#36 (FrostyPeaches)
#37 (-TiMeLoRd_903-)
#38 ( Pheregames)
#39 (FrostyPeaches)
#40 (meggypie643)
#41 (SweetieMemoirs)

#1 (Pretty When I Cry)
#2 (Pretty When I Cry)
#3 (Kyuui Kiwi)
#4 (XxTara_Dark_MisstressxX)
#5 (queen_zeppelin69)
#6 (Kyuui Kiwi)
#7 (xXEverEndingXx)
#8 (Kyuui Kiwi)
#9 (Sapphire_Mystic)
#10 (diemechon7)
#11 (griiin)
#12 (Soy Crudo)
#13 (jsd173
#14 (Miggles-the-Gidget)
#15 (-TiMeLoRd_903-)
#16 ( Wakkimus Warnerus)
#17 (-TiMeLoRd_903-)
#18 (diemechon7)
#19 (-TiMeLoRd_903-)
#20 (Wakkimus Warnerus)
#21 ( Zayalin )
#22 (diemechon7)
#23 (Kyota_Izuma)
#24 (ynattirb73)
#25 (aroundTREES)
#26 (ii C o o k i i e s)
#27 (H e a r t b e a t i n g)
#28 (Hybrid4ngel)
#29 (ynattirb73)
#30 (sakurakrizel)
#31 (0o0AnimeYaoiFangirl0o0)
#32 (- H e a r t b e a t i n g)
#33 (- H e a r t b e a t i n g)
#34 (Coookiiiee)
#35 (Nekoofdeath)
#36 (Nekoofdeath)
#37 (Nekoofdeath)
#38 (Bipytron)
#39 (Grieving_wolf_daemon)
#40 (Da 1 N Only BCG)
#41 (Tama-chan0930)
#42 (Nekoofdeath)
#43 (Tigerpanda13)
#44 (Yunalyssa)
#45 (Enchanted Seduction)
#46 (SweetieMemoirs)
#47 (SweetieMemoirs)
#48 (SweetieMemoirs)
#49 (SweetieMemoirs)
#50 (Pretty When I Cry)
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Here are some questions you can answer, one per post.
I hope they're slightly interesting so that this isn't a chore, more so like an adventure. lol

MOST IMPORTANT RULE: You must try to chat when people are here. This is not a zombie thread, this is a chat thread. SO CHAT! I will send you ONE PM warning if I see you disregarding this rule, and after that if you still disregard this, I'll deduct gold from the amount you earn upon finishing the questions (it could be as much as half).

1. If you plan to do the 14hr or 24hr questionnaire, you MUST message PukeFacedFreak with the page # you started on as SOON as you answer the first question. Once finished, you MUST message PukeFacedFreak the page # you finished on.
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3. You can chat (it's suggested) while doing the questionnaire.
4. You can roll dice while doing the questionnaire.
5. You CANNOT bump while doing the questionnaire. If you do, all bumps are disqualified.

Take your time. Completing this questionnaire gets you gold for each post (535 of them) and I'll pay you 20K when you finish them all. PM me the page # your last post is on when you're done.

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1. Have you ever milked a monkey?
2. How do you milk a monkey?
3. What letter does your middle name start with?
4. How many toes do you have?
5. Do you shave the top of your feet?
6. When was the last time you cut your toenails?
7. If you were an orange, what would your name be?
8. Is the cup half empty or half full?
9. Who gave you that cup?
10. What the heck is a drama llama?
11. Pirate or Ninja?
12. When was the last time you blew your nose?
13. What is the saddest movie you've ever seen?
14. What is one movie that you can pretty much repeat line for line?
15. What is your favorite scene of your favorite movie?
16. Have you ever seen a shark for real?
17. When was the last time you vaccumed?
18. Pudding or Jell-O?
19. Do you own any vinyl records?
20. Do you own a web cam?
21. What was your favorite television show as a child?
22. Do you plan to have kids?
23. If you were a king or queen, what would your number 1 rule be?
24. What is a cult of personality?
25. Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
26. What is your favorite Disney movie/cartoon?
27. Have you seen The Labyrinth (the movie)? ((NO, not Pan's Labyrinth, David Bowie Labyrinth)).
28. What brand of toilet paper do you use?
29. What is your fetish?
30. What's purpose of a porpoise?
31. Have you ever been cow tipping?
32. If you could have a pet dolphin, would it be smarter than you?
33. At what temperature does a snowman begin to melt?
34. What would you do to protect a snowman you yourself built from melting?
35. What species is Goofy?
36. What game systems do you own?
37. Have you been to a superbowl party?
38. What would your super hero outfit look like?
39. Do you know what a poop noodle is?
40. Do you know how old PFF is?
41. Did I confuse you when I said PFF?
42. Do you donate to people?
43. Can I ask you why?
44. Why?
45. Are there mountains in your area of the world?
46. Have you ever been to the ocean?
47. Have you ever eaten a worm?
48. Have you ever burnt a bug?
49. Have you ever saved someone from drowning?
50. Have you ever taken your pet swimming?
51. Why do monkeys pee in their mouths?
52. Who spanked the baboon's butt?
53. What was the last movie you saw?
54. What color are the socks you're wearing?
55. What color is the underwear you're wearing?
56. What color is the floor/carpet under you?
57. Who can you see around you right now?
58. If you weren't on Gaia right now, what else might you be doing?
59. Do you like hash browns with gravy, onions, and A-1 sauce?
60. Did you brush your teeth today?
61. Honestly, how many days have you been wearing the socks you're wearing right now?
62. Do you own anything pink?
63. What is the color of the walls in your room?
64. Have you ridden a school bus?
65. Do you sing in the shower?
66. Do you pee in the shower?
67. Do you blow your nose in the shower?
68. Do you make spaghetti in the shower?
69. Are you tired of me asking about your shower?
70. What shampoo/conditioner do you usually use?
71. Do you have any piercings?
72. Have you ever egged a house?
73. If you could be a food, what would you be?
74. What was your favorite year of school?
75. Who was your best friend in first grade?
76. Do you know what Rocky Mountain oysters really are?
77. Do you know the definition of the word 'dork'?
78. Do you believe the loch ness monster exists?
79. Are you scared of insects?
80. Are you scared of clowns?
81. Ketchup or mustard?
82. Have you had Gumbo?
83. Have you had sushi?
84. Do you own any instruments?
85. Have you ever been pooped on?
86. What is your favorite grandma's name?
87. Do you eat dinner at one table with your family?
88. Did you ever want a pony?
89. Do you know how much freakin' food a pony eats?
90. What would fall faster; a pound of butter or a pound of sausage?
91. What was the last thing you ate?
92. Do you know what a hyperbole is?
93. Do you like math?
94. Do you write notes on your hands?
95. What is your favorite fairy tale?
96. Did you have a dream last night?
97. How many hours of sleep did you get last?
98. Did you wake up to an alarm this morning?
99. Do you drink coffee?
100. Do you believe in fairies?
101. Would you consider yourself awesome?
102. What is one word that you might say is your catchphrase?
103. Do your parents allow you to curse in front of them?
104. Do/did your parents make you do chores?
105. Do/did your parents pay you allowance for chores?
106. Are you listening to music right now?
107. If a duck and a coconut had babies, what might they look like?
108. Roughly, how many guilds do you belong to?
109. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
110. Do you set your clothes out before bed?
111. When was the last time you were nervous?
112. Have you traveled somewhere outside of your home country?
113. Do you have a ghetto booty?
114. Can you do the hustle?
115. How do you want to die?
116. What is your obsession?
117. Have you laughed so much it hurt?
118. Have you cried so much it hurt?
119. Have you cried on purpose to get out of something?
120. Have you tasted tears?
121. How do you make a crocodile cry?
122. What happens when you give a mouse a cookie?
123. When is the last time you colored something?
124. How old do you act most of the time?
125. Have you been punished for something you didn't do?
126. Have you ever hid your grades from your parents?
127. Have you ever stayed up for more than 24 hours?
128. Can you put your legs behind your head?
129. When is the last time you blew bubbles in your drink?
130. How often do you drink water?
131. How often do you exercise?
132. Have you ever made snow angels?
133. Have you ever built a sand castle?
134. Have you broken any bones?
135. Have you ever seen a ghost?
136. Do you remember your first crush?
137. Have you ever written something on a bathroom wall/door/mirror?
138. Have you ever gotten caught passing notes in school?
139. Do you like the smell of permanent markers?
140. Do you like the smell of gas?
141. What is your favorite smell?
142. What is your favorite sound?
143. Describe the feeling of sand/mud between your toes.
144. Have you ever made someone eat something nasty?
145. Did you spray yourself with a fragrance today?
146. Ice-cream: cup or cone?
147. Have you ever given a friend bad advice?
148. When was the last time you got your hair cut?
149. How old were you 5 years ago?
150. Do you remember the Alamo?
151. What do you think about cloning?
152. If you could go back in time, what time period would you end up in?
153. Where did the phrase "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse" come from?
154. Do you think someone has ever eaten a whole horse?
155. Do you believe in Paul Bunyan?
156. What is your favorite type of cheese?
157. What shirt are you wearing?
158. When was the last time you washed your sheets?
159. Are you picky about what type of milk you drink?
160. When was the last time you had to write an essay?
161. What was the reason for your last doctor visit?
162. Do you have any birthmarks?
163. What was the last CD you bought?
164. Who killed Roger Rabbit?
165. Who dunnit?
166. Do you know how to swim?
167. If you could have a super power, what would it be?
168. Birds or bees?
169. Have you been stung by a bee?
170. Do you know how to lasso?
171. Have you been fishing?
172. Have you caught any fish?
173. Have you kissed a fish?
174. Have you rubbed a lamp which resulted in a genie popping out?
175. Do you believe in a thing called love?
176. Can you find Waldo?
177. When is the last time you played with water guns?
178. Did you participate in WWII?
179. Are you scared of old people?
180. Do you know the story behind the children's song "ring around the rosy"?
181. If it was 7:00 pm, where might you be?
182. If it was 10:00 pm, where might you be?
183. Do you know any good Irish drinking songs?
184. Have you been camping?
185. Has a bear ever tried to eat your food?
186. Have you ever karate chopped a bear for trying to eat your food?
187. Have you ever had a tea party?
188. Which way does the cookie crumble?
189. Do you dip your cookies in milk?
190. Do you have certain ways to eat your food?
191. Are there certain things you can't/ shouldn't eat?
192. Have you ever been stinked by a skunk?
193. What's your favorite nickname?
194. How many rooms are in your house/living place?
195. Do you share a room with someone else?
196. Where is the computer located at in your house?
197. Can I pay you back Wednesday for a hamburger today?
198. Do you know what the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is?
199. Do you sing in the produce isle?
200. Is the grass greener on the other side?
201. Do you know what a 'muck-raker' is?
202. Do you know what a 'brown-noser' is?
203. Why was the Brown Eyed Girl never named?
204. Have you ever been on a boat?
205. Have you ever been on a plane?
206. Have you ever been on a plane... FULL OF SNAKES!?
207. Would you survive an atomic attack?
208. Can I have a hug?
209. Can I have another?
210. Will you take me home with you?
211. Have you ever changed a diaper?
212. Have you ever changed an adult diaper?
213. Do you usually make a lot of typos?
214. Do you use lotion?
215. Do you play any sports?
216. Do you watch any sports?
217. Could you survive a zombie attack?
218. Do you know how to shoot a gun?
219. Have you snorted pixie sticks (powdered sugar)?
220. Are you an organized person?
221. Are you questing right now?
222. Do you have a story behind your Gaia avi?
223. How high have you gotten in the avatar arena?
224. What can you do with a rubber band, stick of gum, thumb tack, and a balloon?
225. Have you ever gone apple picking?
226. Have you ever been to a bee farm?
227. Have you ever broken a mirror?
228. Have you ever shouted at the top of your lungs "Cowabunga!"
229. Who is your favorite comedian?
230. Do your parents tell you you're special?
231. Do you have a funny joke to share?
232. Is it true that you learn something new everyday?
233. Is it harder to swim in syrup than water or would it be the same?
234. Have you ever blown anything up in the microwave?
235. Have you been burned on the 4th of July?
236. What is your favorite salad dressing?
237. Who won the war in my pants?
238. Do your ears hang low?
239. What is one thing about your body that sets you apart from most others?
240. Can you pat your head and rub your belly?
241. Can you do a somersault?
242. Can you do a back flip?
243. Can you burp on command?
244. Can you burp the alphabet?
245. How far have you gotten burping it?
246. When did you learn to swim?
247. Do you have any cute baby stories?
248. Are you photogenic?
249. Are you hypoallergenic?
250. Who ever heard of a Snozberry?
251. What have you eaten today?
252. What have you been craving that you haven't had in a while?
253. What is your favorite food?
254. Could you swim in your favorite food?
255. Have you jumped on a trampoline?
256. Have you ever launched a snot rocket?
257. Have you been skinny dipping?
258. Have you been chunky dunking?
259. Chug-a-lug?
260. Have you slid down the hall in your socks?
261. Have you eaten a bug?
262. What's your favorite sushi?
263. What is your favorite fruit?
264. What vegetable would win in a vegetable war?
265. Do you watch Adult Swim?
266. What is your favorite channel?
267. When was the last time you ran through the sprinklers?
268. When was the last time you rode a bike?
269. Do you own a rubber ducky?
270. How old will you be in 3 years?
271. Do you consider yourself shy?
272. Do you consider yourself creative?
273. How many showers do you take in an average week?
274. What is on your desk right now?
275. What brand is your favorite pair of shoes?
276. Who is your best friend?
277. What is the scariest thing you've encountered?
278. Do you have a bf/gf at the moment?
279. Where are you right now?
280. What is your favorite TV show?
281. What is your favorite website?
282. What do you think of PFF?
283. What do you think of this thread?
284. Have you joined PFF's guild?
285. What do you think should be the prize for finishing these questions?
286. How many questions do you think should be listed here?
287. How many people do you think will finish this?
288. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
289. Do you have a jar of pickles in your house?
290. Can you FedEx it to me, please?
291. Have you ever met someone from the internet that you didn't already know previously?
292. What makes you tick?
293. If there was a cheese rolling contest, what cheese would roll the fastest?
294. Which way do you prefer your cheese; blocks/squares, shredded, melted, other?
295. Have you ever eaten stinky cheese?
296. What was the weirdest thing you've eaten?
297. Have you watched a TV show and thought "hey, I could be on that show"? If so, which one?
298. Have you been punched in the face?
299. Have you punched someone else in the face?
300. Have you punched yourself in the face?
301. What is the weather like in your town today?
302. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
303. If you could talk to mermaids, what would be the first thing you said/asked?
304. If you could have a pet dinosaur, which species would it be and what would you name it?
305. If you could meet anyone you wanted, who would it be?
306. What is one talent you wish you had?
307. If you could make your house out of a certain food, what would it be?
308. Do you like reptiles?
309. Do you think you're popular on Gaia?
310. How many people on your Gaia friend list do you know personally?
311. How many people on your Gaia friend list did you invite to Gaia?
312. How often are you on Gaia?
313. What is your favorite video game?
314. Paste whatever you have on your clipboard. If nothing, just say so. :biggrin:
315. When was the first time, if ever, you colored your hair?
316. What were you for Halloween last year?
317. What do you plan to do this year?
318. Do you think trick-or-treating is for a certain age group? If so, which age group?
319. What is the age that you can drive in your state/country?
320. Do you think people born on Halloween are evil?
321. What are you listening to right now?
322. What time do you anticipate your next meal to be?
323. What do you anticipate your next meal will be?
324. What's better, pen or pencil?
325. What color ink do you like using most?
326. When you color, what do you use (crayon, colored pencils, markers, etc.)?
327. Have you ever joined a protest?
328. What is the largest animal you have seen with your own two eyes?
329. What is the largest animal you have touched?
330. What large theme parks have you been to?
331. When was the last time you slid down a slide?
332. When and what was the last thing you broke?
333. Your belly button - inny or outy?
334. Have you gotten a manicure/pedicure in the last year?
335. When was the last time it rained in your area?
336. How often do you eat out (restaurant, fast food)?
337. When is the last time you got a bloody nose?
338. When was the last time you cried and why?
339. When was the last time you laughed and why?
340. What is one joke that never fails to make you laugh?
341. Do you like roller coasters?
342. Do you have a license to drive?
343. Do you have a license to kill?
344. Could I borrow it?
345. Which peanut butter do you prefer; chunky, smooth, creamy, etc.?
346. What is your favorite flavor jelly/jam?
347. What is your favorite breakfast food?
348. What do you usually make to eat when you're lazy?
349. Do you wash dishes?
350. What dish soap is used for your dishes?
351. What's the most expensive thing you own?
352. What're the most times you've skipped a rock (if any)?
353. What religion do you consider yourself to belong to?
354. How old were you when you received/gave your first kiss?
355. Gummy bears or worms?
356. What soap do you use to wash your body (bar, liquid, etc.)?
357. Do you prefer pants or shorts?
358. Which would win in a fight: a kangaroo or a panda bear?
359. What would be the finishing move?
360. Who/what is your favorite comic book character?
361. Is your current avi your goal?
362. What was the inspiration to your current avi?
363. Have you ever left the house without realizing you were still in your pjs?
364. Have you tried pickled pigs' feet?
365. If you were stranded with no food in a group of people, how long would you hold out until you resorted to cannibalism?
366. If you were stranded with no food in a group of people, how long would you expect to survive before they ate you?
367. If you woke up next to me, what would be your first reaction?
368. Do you know what PFF looks like under her lunar cowl?
369. Did you know PFF was a girl?
370. What do you like best about PFF?
371. Finish this sentence: Excuse me, half an hour ago ___
372. Finish this sentence: It was just last week that I ___
373. Finish this sentence: It wasn't me, I swear, it was ___
374. Finish this sentence: You think this sort of thing ___
375. Finish this sentence: Perhaps all it takes is ___
376. Finish this sentence: Curiosity ___
377. Finish this sentence: Pudding? No, no, I asked ___
378: Finish this sentence: You're doing it all wrong, look, ___
379. Finish this sentence: My bologna has a first name, it's ___
380. What does your dream house look like?
381. If you were a farm animal, what would you be?
382. Why don't you just shut up?
383. Have you ever been on a train?
384. Have you ever been on an elephant?
385. Have you ever been attacked by an animal?
386. Finish the sentence: Pedestrians are ___
387. Finish the sentence: The only thing I want to do right now is ___
388. Finish the sentence: Gaia is my ___
389. Finish the sentence: Gimme one second, I'm ___
390. What would you do with a million dollars?
391. Have you found these questions entertaining?
392. With that last question, wouldn't you think it would mark the end of the questionnaire?
393. Do you like endings with a surprising twist?
394. What is the last book you read?
395. Do you consider yourself mature?
396. What sort of creature is Kirby?
397. If a stranger gave you $50 and ran away, what would you do with it?
398. How many push ups can you do?
399. When is the last time you went swimming?
400. When was the last time you got 'all dressed up'?
401. Do you have a curfew?
402. Shaken or stirred?
403. Chocolate or vanilla?
404. What is your favorite genre of film?
405. What is your favorite genre of music?
406. Do you own a turkey?
407. Why/why not?
408. What is your mother's middle name?
409. What is your father's middle name?
410. Switch their middle names. Is it funny?
411. If you were famous and needed protection, how many people would you request protect you?
412. What would you call the people who watched out for you?
413. Does anything on your body hurt right now?
414. What color is your hair right now?
415. When was the last time you shaved?
416. Finish this sentence: Boys are made of ___.
417. Finish this sentence: Girls are made of ___.
418. Have you ever had a black eye?
419. What was the first CD you ever owned?
420. Do you still own audio cassette tapes?
421. Do you still own VCR tapes?
422. What do you think is the coolest invention?
423. If you could create your own invention, what would it do?
424. What is your favorite time of day?
425. What is your favorite time of year?
426. Where is your favorite place to shop?
427. What month is your birthday in?
428. Do you still (if ever) countdown the days until your birthday?
429. What brand of deodorant do you use?
430. Why type of toothpaste do you use?
431. Hard or soft toothbrush bristles?
432. What sort of hair brush do you use?
433. Can you name three countries with names that begin with K?
434. When is the last time you slept on a couch?
435. Can you tell me where the other slipper is?
436. What is your height?
437. What do you plan to name your first boy?
438. What do you plan to name your first girl?
439. What age do you plan to talk to your future child about the 'birds and the bees'?
440. Who was stupid enough to use the analogy of birds and bees? I mean come on... birds EAT bees!
441. What is your least favorite animal and why?
442. What color are your eyes?
443. Are you close to your family?
444. When you walk into your room, what is the first thing you notice?
445. Are you crafty?
446. What are carrots good for?
447. What is the most important thing you learned in school?
448. What is the most important thing you learned from your parents?
449. When is the last time you went on a trip/vacation?
450. Are you a good cook?
451. Would you rather have crusty boogers or a runny nose?
452. Do you like spicy mustard (Dijon) or regular recipe?
453. Pepsi or Coke?
454. What is your favorite brand/flavor of chips?
455. Do you believe in aliens?
456. Would you rather swim with sharks or be in a field with buffalo's during an earthquake?
457. Have you ever got an empty fortune cookie?
458. Do you have a certain way you open fortune cookies?
459. Fried rice or white rice?
460. Can you use chop sticks?
461. Have you ever seen what a woodchuck could chuck?
462. Do you think that camel's have nice humps?
463. Would you touch a camel hump?
464. Don't you think there is more than one Waldo?
465. Do you think someone touches you at night in your sleep?
466. Do you think any your neighbors own a weapon of mass destruction?
467. Are there funnier things in you than just your funny bone?
468. Have you ever called someone using a Banana Phone? Did it work?
469. Have you ever thought that someone was watching you and you turned around to find a squirrel, and could have swore it was smiling at you?
470. Do you own a camera?
471. Finish the sentence: "Snap, crackle, ___"
472. Finish the sentence: "Jesus was ___"
473. Finish the sentence: "I like ___"
474. Finish the sentence: "Aliens ___"
475. Finish the sentence: "Programmed to ___"
476. Finish the sentence: "a herd of rabbit ___"
477. Finish the sentence: "I couldn't be ___"
478. Finish the sentence: "Your feet ___"
479. Finish the sentence: "I wake up to ___"
480. Finish the sentence: "One day everyone ___"
481. Finish the sentence: "Pudding tastes ___"
482. Finish the sentence: "Ducks ___"
483. Finish the sentence: "Push ___"
484. Finish the sentence: "If my dog ran away ___"
485. Finish the sentence: "Pickles are ___"
486. Where is your ideal place to live?
487. What is your favorite thing in your room?
488. What keys, if any, are faded on the keyboard you're using right now?
489. What kind of computer do you own, if any?
490. What is your favorite flower?
491. Which do you prefer: paper clip or staple?
492. Which do you prefer: tape or glue?
493. Recite your favorite quote.
494. Change 3 words in your favorite quote to make it sound a little funny.
495. Are you good at drawing?
496. Can you sing?
497. What is your greatest accomplishment?
498. Who was the last person you talked to and what relation do they have to you?
499. How do you like your coffee?
500. What is your favorite beverage?
501. What would one find in your favorite sandwich?
502. How close is your house to the freeway/highway?
503. Have you ever been in an automobile accident? If so, whose fault was it?
504. Do you/did you name your stuffed animals?
505. Do you still have any stuffed animals, and if named, name them.
506. What was the name of your kindergarten teacher?
507. What was your favorite thing about kindergarten?
508. Would you take a bullet for me?
509. What was the highest temperature you had during a fever?
510. Which is it: beer before liquor, or liquor before beer?
511. What are twosies?
512. What was the time and weight you were born at?
513. Where were you born (hospital, ambulance, tub, etc.)?
514. Do you know what you want to be when you "grow up"?
515. Are you/were you in any sports in school?
516. If you met an alien, what might it look like?
517. Do you read the newspaper?
518. Do you watch the televised news?
519. How often do you use google?
520. Are you a registered e-bay user?
521. Have you ever bought anything online?
522. What color are your bed sheets?
523. What's under your bed?
524. Look up; what do you see?
525. Look left; what do you see?
526. Look right; what do you see?
527. Look down; what do you see?
528. Look behind you; what do you see?
529. What color are the walls in your bathroom?
530. What flooring does your kitchen have (ex: tile, hardwood, etc.)?
531. If you were a king or queen, what would you call your kingdom?
532. If you were a king or queen, what would you call your subjects?
533. If you were a king or queen, what would you require your subjects refer to you as?
534. What did you think about this questionnaire and would you suggest it to any of your friends?
535. What are you doing tonight? wink Wanna take me out? 4laugh

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RAFFLE R winner - Pretty When I Cry (Aquatica)
RAFFLE S winner - Miggles-the-Gidget (Gwee)
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RAFFLE W winner - rachuto (Pink Magical Giftbox)
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RAFFLE BB winner - Pretty When I Cry (Herme's Moon 1st gen)
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RAFFLE JJ winner - BlueWingxx31 (Coocoon 2nd gen)
RAFFLE KK winner - Chuckelo (Changeling Baby Boy) - unclaimed/cancelled
RAFFLE LL winner - hikarahya (Fallen Wish, 11th gen.)
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RAFFLE PP winner - hikarahya (Fremere's Guard)
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HOLIDAY RAFFLE 2009 winner - lonetrey (1,000gc)
RAFFLE SS winner - Toxicnessx (Grizzly Hoodie)
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RAFFLE XX winner - Freakinspazmonkeys (Elemental Wings)
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RAFFLE YY winner - Pretty When I Cry (Dark Reflection)
RAFFLE ZZ winner - Zoeloveful (zOMG! Rumble Box)

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