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You're only looking at the music that is played 1000 times on the radio, there are good song's made today that aren't "pop"
well,i don´t really hate any artist,just that some sing some stuff that makes no sense,i end up hating the fact of actually hearing it,since when i go to class everytime some new song that doens´t make sense a lot of people come in hearing the sound with max volume on,it´s like,someone comes in,he/she's listening to the song,it ends,and coincidentally someone else steps through the door hearing the exact same song at high volume,honestly what i listen to is something like the ost of a movie or some games,some japanese in there too : )
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And some people think music peaked in the 80s. So.... opinions are opinions and everybody has one?
Mainstream music is a pile of ding is believable. Look somewhere else an you are bound to find current music that might hit the spot, the ones that are not played every next thing on the radio.
modern hiphop/rap sucks so bad they had to resurect tupac with a hologram
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there are many genres of music. if you're looking for singing, then go with country :/
but i know what you mean. i cant stand music that doesnt have a meaning, or they're about a type of lifestyle that i'm not about
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There are still bands like that. But a vast majority went to the s**t side of music ._.
This is why I haven't found any "new" bands that I like. I mean, new to me. but not new on the scene.
This is like the only example of post 2000 that I've found tolerable <_<
if you don't like "music today" then you're either not looking or not listening. there's more genres than ever before now and if you can't find something that you like there's something wrong with YOU. not the industry or musicians.
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modern hiphop/rap sucks so bad they had to resurect tupac with a hologram
I like Jedi mind tricks and Soul Kahn
I personally think our music had reached the peak of its existence in the early 2000's and i think it should of stopped around 2003. Why are all the "mainstream" songs so flawed and stupid? Oh come on who honestly likes a song thats pretty much "racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks?" we went from great compositions to mindless dribble.

Remember when people actually sang? Im not talking about stupid things like "oh baby, baby, baby". I mean actually sang how they felt about an issue, and had something to say in their music? Seriously who are the ******** idiots who promote our shallow backwards media?

Stupid pop music is nothing new.

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