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you think the peak was in the early 2000s?? REALLY? I was thinking more like early 70s...

at least there is still metal
For every good, awesome, still-good-twenty-years-later song, there is a dozen or more s**t songs that make me bash the radio. There's an artist here named Danny who had a song called "In the Club" some two-three years back: it is basically about a club, go figure. In this song, the phrase "in the club" is repeated 16 times per chorus sung. 16 freaking times. And it was huge.

I, personally, listen to music that pre-dates the 90s (currently going through Styx albums) and would rather sit in stony silence in my car than turn on what is voted as "The Best Songs!" on the radio - and it is the same bloody songs on every station. Except themed stations of course.

All that said, there are gems today too. I'm very partial to Muse, Foo Fighters and Takida. It's probably because they don't have that whiny quality so many pop singers have today (looking at you, Bruno Mars).
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Say what now?
Ingrid Michaelson. The Weepies. Bon Iver. The Piano Guys.

What they play on the radio is rarely--if ever--quality stuff. Yes, it's catchy, but it's not that great. You have to look harder to find the gems.
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Honestly music is music ...i mean you cant really stop this its what the public wants and craves for...and your wasting your time by complaining how people listen to mindless music.
To be on point here i believe music is a way of expressing yourself...battling your emotions or just having fun.
Yeah these days there aren't enough things to be great full or happy about...with all the problems we face everyday...but let people be themselves obviously people listen to what they like and we change nothing can stay the same forever if you have a problem with how everything runs and turns out then :/ I'm sorry to say but your going to have a hard time trying to change that.
And some music these days DO have some way of expressing emotion in them...but for you its a different way of doing things.... and well people are different ~+*
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Try a different radio station, music channel or genre. If all of that fails, ask for recommendations or check out music festivals.
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There's still good music these days, you're just not looking or looking in the wrong places or not looking very hard.

Exactly. There's plenty of pretty recent bands that aren't garbage. People just don't look hard enough or give people a chance.
That's mainstream music for you. We're becoming these really new evolved (and super ignorant) consumers and we eat up the kinda s**t you find in mainstream music. I guess what you and I would consider 'real' music these days is nicely hidden so it cannot be found and corrupted. Whatever.

As long as creativity isn't dead, it's not a problem. Let mainstream music be listened to by the mainstream. I think the real issue here is that the people who actually deserve to have their beautiful music heard are not being given that opportunity to let their message be heard.
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Today's music is so generic in sound and in meaning that it can only be bad. Really, if a 17-year-old boy can get even remotely close to the top 10, you know the music is superficial and meaningless.
Most of the music I listen to is at least 20 years old, and I don't really listen to the radio, so the only time I hear any current music is when some moron is blasting it in their car on the way to school. Then I just turn mine up louder and see the look on the person's face as I drive by blasting Scottish punk or 80's power metal.

The only current music I listen to is metal.
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Every time someone claims that the music of yesteryear was far superior to today's music, they always seem to provide the same crap that people in the 70's and 60's was saying was crap compared to the music before that.
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My 9 year old sister listens to Indie.
My job is done.
It's hard to find music that just speaks to me these days. I dislike "rack city" & the songs you said & the songs just like those. They have no meaning. It's stupid. I usually listen to old songs. Or if I dig really hard, I can find a really good song.
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I just have to say I despise LMFAO.

When they were on American Idol my Fiance both thought it was funny in an ironic way because these contestants are competing in a singing competition where you actually have to be able to sing and then LMAO performs on the show. It shows people you don't have to be a great singer even good at it and you'll still get famous. How were they found anyway? On the internet?
Their grandfather invented Motown.

Oh okay, so they were related to someone famous. Still they can't sing >_<...

They are funny, though. Maybe they could be decent comedians?

True, they can be like a comedian band, which they pretty much already are. They are entertaining in that way.
Well, at least metal will always be great. And that's all that matters.
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Just because today's mainstream music is bad, doesn't mean all music is.

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